Eivan’s Photography Reviews – Is Eivan’s Photography Legit?

One’s biggest day in life is when they tie the knot and exchange vows of an enduring marriage. When it comes to planning this big day with amazement, you might never want to compromise a single moment of picture composition.

On this occasion, you must want to be perfect, all of the arrangements of flowers, bridal boutiques, catering services, and the list goes on. However, you must put capturing the priceless moments at the top of your list of priorities, and this is where wedding photographers come into play.

Today, We’re going to review the most well-known Eivan’s Photo and Video, which has been reigning for almost 30 years in the US wedding photography market and list some alternatives of it.

Let’s walk you through it.

What is Eivan’s Photography?

Eivan’s Photography is a team of talented and experienced wedding photographers. They delivered high-quality and creative videos and photography for almost 30 years. Their basic principle is to capture the wedding couple’s every magical moment so that they can cherish it forever.

Here, wedding photography shares the lovebird’s special day story. A story that a couple can share with their friends, family, children, and even grandchildren can be a priceless treasure that they never want to lose.

It is about capturing the moments, the emotions, the smiling moments of the bride and groom maids, and seeing the emotions of the bride’s family, who shed tears for parting and look on with pride.

Is Eivan’s Photography Legit?

If we have to respond to this query, our answer will be “Yes”. They are extremely professional and experienced. Their booking process is comparatively easy and safe; even their pricing level isn’t stressful.

On your big day, Eivan’s photography artistically captures the newlyweds’ everlasting treasure at reasonable pricing. In a high-pressure environment, their skilled photographers give clients visually imaginative images.

Though they don’t have extra time to retake the shots, they sharpen their photographic skills and use their quick thinking to handle all the arising issues. They have knowledge of how bridal magazines frequently feature ostentatious attire, far-off locales, and entertaining and dramatic themes, which the newlyweds’ are likely to demand.

Eivan’s Photography Review – How Good Are They?

In terms of reviewing their quality of photography or videography and the process of booking, these are moderately easier. In the entire United States, you may find lots of wedding photography agencies.

Wanna know? Why is Eivan’s photography good?

Because they are very skilled at documenting the entire wedding session, which vividly depicts the real feelings of the bride and groom’s family, even so, they offer a minimal starting point that will be beneficial for your wedding expenses.

Check out their offered photography services-

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List of photography services Eivan’s Photography provides

Photography services are not just for taking pictures. There, you’ll require additional services like manual background design, proper studio setup, color correction, blemish removal, image enhancer, photo retouching, and many more.

1. Wedding activities

wedding photography pictures captured by eivans

During wedding celebrations, a variety of customs and rituals from various castes, religions, and even the most unheard-of events can be seen. As a wedding photography company, Eivan’s captures all of your wedding’s precious moments. Some majors are-

  • Wedding
  • Getting Engaged

2. Photoshoot types

portraits view happy bridal groom

Each wedding has its uniqueness and its own kind of experience. The location, the client’s preferences, and the price point must be all factor into the photo shoots. So as wedding photographers they offer these kinds of photoshoot sessions. Such as-

  • Bridal Portraits
  • Day After Session
  • Engagement
  • Trash the dress

3. Photo & video styles

best friend wedding, maid of honor, bridal party photos

Photo and video styles vary depending on how many tactics are known by the photographer. So there, we can see from Eivan’s portfolio that they are knowledgeable in most of the wedding photo and video style categories. Some are mentioned below-

  • Artistic
  • Classic
  • Documentary
  • Dramatic
  • Lifestyle
  • Modern
  • Vintage

4. Photo & video features

After your wedding photo sessions, you must need a hard copy and digital copy of your precious moments, as well as any cinematography or videography. Additionally, they provide you with additional ways to keep your treasures close at hand. These are-

  • Digital Files (JPG, JPEG, PNG, and so on)
  • Drone
  • Online Proofing
  • Photo retouching
  • Printed Enlargements
  • Second shooter
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Wedding Albums

How do you book Eivan’s Photography?

The process of booking is very easy because while entering their website, you find a check for availability, a schedule, and a form to contact them. After the submission of the form, the rest of the process goes ahead as a mutual discussion.

Eivan’s Photography Packages and Prices

While planning your wedding and its expenses, you might be perplexed when that hampers your budget. If you’re thinking of affordable wedding photography solutions, there is no doubt that Eivan’s can be a more affordable choice. Their wedding Photo package started at $1299, and the highest range at $4199.

Does Eivan’s Photography have a promo code?

Yes, they provide promo codes where they offer a good discount on their services. This promo code can save you a good amount of money.

It varied based on their provided packages and some collaborative wedding vendor sites, including The Knot, Wedding Wire, CouponArea, and Knoji.

Eivan’s Photography contact & locations

Eivan’s photography makes an effort to conduct sessions in almost every state and metropolis in the country. The more widely they provide services, the more thriving their business becomes. They even provided the option of a destination wedding. Here we mention the locations where Eivan’s photography conduct their session-

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Sacramento, San Francisco, Washington, and many more—all these states and metropolises are covered by Eivan’s.

If you want to contact them, go to their website, fill out the form, and within a moment, they will respond to you. There you’ll also find their contact number and main office address.

Pros and cons of Eivan’s Photography

  • HD-quality wedding film & high-resolution digital files with an affordable price point.
  • Delays in shipping and handing over the final product are reported.
  • Unlimited coverage locations, photos, and videos.
  • Excellent quality service is guaranteed.
  • Well-mannered and honest.

Eivan’s Photography Alternatives

One of the notable wedding photographers in the US is Eivan’s Photography. Additionally, you might discover more alternatives in other states in the United States. Here are a few of them-

Milou & Olin Photography

milou & olin photography

Services: Bridal portraits, Day After Session, Engagement, Destination wedding.

Cost: Starting range $3,000-$5000.

Photo & Videography Style: Artistic, Documentary, Dramatic, Lifestyle, Modern.

Others: Digital files, online proofing, printed photos, wedding albums, and printed and online proofs.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/milouandolinphotography/

Website: https://milouandolin.com/

Over a decade ago, Olin started her journey as a wedding photographer. With the utmost care, devotion, and impeccable attention, she expertly captured the stunning imagery of fashionable couples.

From the beginning of the procedure to the end of the wedding, all experiences are documented in her fine-crafted wedding albums. She and her team have excellent photographic skills and are knowledgeable about both modern and traditional photography. The starting price range is reasonable, making it possible for you to plan your special day.

Kylie Compton Photography

kylie compton photography

Services: Bridal Portraits, Day After Session, Engagement, Trash The Dress, Destination Wedding
Cost: Starting range $3000-$5000.
Photo & Videography Style: Artistic, Classic.
Others: Digital Files, Photo, Second Shooter, Social Media Sharing, Wedding Albums.
Website: https://www.kyliecomptonphotography.com/

Kylie is The Knot awardee wedding photographer. Looking at her portfolio, you can see that she has a very unique and refreshing style.

Her approach to wedding photography is based on the idea that memories of your biggest day, your parents’ emotions, and the moment you accept your partner as your spouse are more important rather than the outfit you wear or the aesthetics of the venue.
While you and your spouse sit and gaze at this priceless treasure, those moments will always bring life to those memories.

She and her team can depict your beautiful adventure artistically. She and her team have a moderate starting range of their photography services.

Artisan Events

artisan events

Services: Bridal Portraits, Engagement, Destination wedding.

Cost: Starting range $2000-$3000.

Photo & Videography Style: Artistic, Classic, Documentary, Lifestyle.

Others: Digital files, Film photography, Online proofing, Photo & Printed enlargements, Printed Proofs, Second shooter, Social Media Sharing, and Wedding Albums.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artisaneventfloraldecor/

Website: https://artisanevents.com/

Artisan Events creates timeless and inspiring love stories over the course of two decades. The company’s founder, Amanda, is skilled at making their artwork come to life for wedding photos. Even their newborn portraits are superbly captured. They have the most talented cinematographers who will follow them and flawlessly carry on their legacy. She and her team are prolific artists who know how much devotion is required for photography.

When you look at their portfolio, you’ll see that they have already recorded 1500 stories of newlywed couples and even worked with famous celebrities. But the starting range of their service is comparatively lower.

FAQs on Eivan’s Photography

What extra services does Eivan’s Photography offer?

Just like any other wedding photographer, they also provide retouching, color adjustment, and other post-production services—even a photo booth. Don’t forget to ask if these services are included in the package or need to pay additionally.

What is Eivan’s Photography’s style of photography?

They specialize primarily in wedding photography, but they are also well known for other more traditional photographic styles like portrait, traditional, illustrative, fine arts, natural, photojournalistic, and black and white.

Where is the main office of Eivan’s Photography?

Eivan’s Photography’s main office is in Mokena, Illinois, United States.

Do I have to pay a travel fee for my destination wedding?

Yes, Of course. You must pay a travel fee depending on where the wedding is taking place. If you want to bring the wedding photographer to your destination wedding, you will need to pay for their lodging expenses too.

Is Eivan’s Photo & Video a good company to work for?

Probably yes, If you look at their review on Google, it sounds like they gave the best efforts on their previous projects. Additionally, they are always available for new discussions and are more flexible and easy to work with.


Working with Eivan’s photography is comparatively more reliable, and he can document your priceless moments and the journey of togetherness. The majority of people are reviewed in a positive manner.

Comparatively speaking, they charge less than other wedding photographers. They have the talent to artistically capture the newlyweds’ priceless moments, as you can see from their portfolio and social media search results. Hiring them as wedding photographers can be your great choice.

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