Sweet Me Photography Reviews – Pros, Cons, and Alternative

Sweet Me is a popular in-house newborn photography service in the US. It makes an incredible photo session. You don’t need to go outdoors because its photography team will create a colorful studio at your home.

In this composition, you will get a vast idea about Sweet Me Photography, similar to its professionalism, service quality, pricing policy, pros and cons, why professionals choose this company, and so on.

What is Sweet Me photography?

Sweet Me is a home-photography service for newborns. It captures a baby’s first-day pictures. Moreover, it feels amazing that you don’t have to go to the studio with your infant to make this snap. You can get the full service while staying home.

Carla Stephan, the CEO and the founder of Sweet Me, established this company in 2014. For the last 8 years, It has been serving infant photography to more than 40 cities in the US. A great number of local employees work under this company and make sessions in their own states and cities.

Sweet Me will produce a sessional studio with colorful props in your house. It will maintain all kinds of safety and security for your baby and the family. So, no threat of getting infected with a contagion or facing any problems with your new baby.

Is Sweet Me photography legit?

Sweet Me is a legit photography company that achieved a 5star rank from customer reviews. It provides quality services maintaining price affordability. By looking at other company pricing policies, you will find out why Sweet Me is less expensive.

When maximum photography providers start their pricing above thousand dollars, Sweet Me offers the entire home package at $395. It’s quite amazing you know. It also saves the money you would spend on the studio journey.

As a professional photography service, its shutterbugs and studio-makers are gentle and affectionate. They will capture photoshoots with care and patience. You will feel friendly and pleased during their service time. That’s why the Sweet Me service is so legit. Let’s watch behind the scenes at a Sweet Me session-

Sweet Me photography review – How good are they?

You can find lots of infant photography services in the US. But to mention a good one, first of all, you should articulate Sweet Me photography. Because it is a customer-affectionate service provider.

It maintains unique photography poses, simple booking policies, and reasonable pricing with delightful quality services. While browsing the online reviews of Sweet Me, you can find that people are fond of it.

How does Sweet Me photography pose newborns?

Sweet Me photography pose newborns

Making poses for newborn photography is not easy because it matters to the baby’s comfort. However, Sweet Me photographers assign numerous impressive poses without making any hard on the baby. Here I am mentioning the top stylish poses for infant photography.

Wrapped Pose: It means a pose when a newborn is wrapped in a towel or cloth with an amazing looking. A wrapped pose is highly popular for new baby photographs because it warms the baby and protects it from cold. You can make flourishing poses by wrapping the baby in different styles.

Womb Pose: This pose is also known as the taco pose. This pose shows the baby’s charming facial expression and its cutesy hands and feet. The womb pose is much simple and safe compared to the other poses. Every parent seems kin to this pose.

Chin on Hand Pose: This pose looks so pretty and innocent that parents are so excited to take a shot on it. The baby’s chin on its hands and its sleeping eyes will give you divine peace. You can take a prop or bed to create this pose.

Newborn Props: Props are extraordinary means to make newborn photography pose. Every father and mother desires to make a photoshoot on props. Because it provides a different feel and looks, which makes a fascinating memory.

Parent Pose: This is the most popular pose for infant photography. Because no parent exists in the world instead of taking shots with his/her baby unless it’s a financial fact. Every mother loves photography holding her baby on his chest. And the father loves it putting the baby in his arms.

Family and Sibling Pose: Imagine a scene where a newborn is laughing or screaming in the arm of its elder brother/sister. Or you can imagine a family photograph in which a baby is captured with his parent, grandpa, grandma, and siblings. People take photographs in this pose because it creates a greater memory album.

Including these amazing poses, you can find more options to create a good photograph for the baby child, such as a side pose, frog pose, and so on. Sweet Me photographers, accept all the poses you will choose.

How long is its entire photography session?

Sweet Me usually schedules sessions every day of the week. Its full photography session takes about 2.5 to 3.5 hours, which is a long schedule. That’s why it usually starts the session in the morning.

They strongly suggest the customers not to arrange any other appointment on the same day. Because due to the newborn situation, the session could take a long run.

How do you book Sweet Me Photography?

The booking process for Sweet Me photography seems very simple. You just need to fill up a short contact form where you have to submit your name, email, zip code, cell phone number, baby’s due date, and an optional comment.

After completing the submission, they will contact you. And the rest booking process will go ahead as the mutual conversation.

Sweet Me Photography locations

Sweet Me tries to take sessions in almost every state and city in the US. To keep you on the right track, here I am going to mention all the locations Sweet Me covers.

Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC- all these states and their cities include Sweet Me services.

Sweet Me photography prices

Sweet Me receives $395 for a single newborn session. This package contains 8 digital images from the consumer’s choices with various poses and looks. Moreover, the consumers can buy extra photos.

For a newborn twin session, this company charges $695. This package contains 25 digital photos from the customer’s choices with various poses and looks. You can also purchase additional photos through extra payment.

Sweet Me photography prices

Watch the Video: Sweet Me Photography Package Ordering Instructions

Does Sweet Me photography have a promo code?

A promo code usually means an offer code by the company to the consumers. By getting it, a customer can accept discounted prices during online purchases.

Sweet Me photography also provides promo codes. It is varied depending on their offering process. You can save money getting promo codes from it.

What is Sweet Me Photography responsible for?

As a professional photography business, Sweet Me is always aware of giving the best services. It takes all kinds of responsibility to make a great session. They will bring the necessary equipment for makeup and studio creation, such as different props for color, lighting, backdrops, etc.

Its shutterbug team initially prioritizes the baby’s health and safety. They also make the poses with a soft hand so that the baby could not face any trouble. Besides, they make the session full of courage and affection, which gives the baby and its family joy and happiness.

6 Reasons why professionals choose Sweet Me Photography

As Sweet Me is a convenient infant photography service, you will find a lot of reasons behind professionals choosing it. Here I am mentioning 6 considerable reasons that will help you so.

Professional photographers

Sweet Me photographers are professional because the company attentively selects the best newborn photographers who have passion and expertise in baby photography. After the selection process, all the image-takers get trained in the Sweet Me styles.

That’s why photographists provide high-quality pictures, and people choose them by and large.

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Unique photography poses

A perfect pose makes the photograph more accurate and outstanding. Sweet Me belongs to some specialized picture-takers who are highly experts in taking photoshoots with different poses and angles.

From wrapped and taco pose to frog and chin on hand pose, Sweet Me photographers are adroit in all of them. Also, they can capture pictures according to your chosen poses.

Easy to book

Sweet Me booking process is just a five-finger exercise that you don’t have to face any trouble. Just filling up an online short form and submitting it will complete more than half of your booking process. And the rest will fulfill Sweet Me’s authority.

You just need to respond to them by providing the required information and dealing with them.

Affordable price

Sweet Me provides affordable newborn photography services while maintaining its quality. It currently demands $395 for a newborn session and $695 for twin baby sessions. Compared to the others’ it is reasonable, and here you don’t have to pay through the nose.

It could be the best option for you to take a baby photography service at low prices.

Convenient service

Providing in-house newborn photography is not a piece of cake because it needs great effort. Despite that, Sweet Me provides convenient services. Its studio making and photo shooting capacity are aristocratic and delightful. They also take a long time to make a convenient session.

Besides, all the newborn photographers of this company capture shots with care and affection. You feel friendly during their session making.

Provide professional-quality prints

Sweet Me photography consistently provides professional-quality prints because it never compromises its proficient services. It believes in customer satisfaction and making them happy.

It always offers extraordinary print quality that amazes customers. That’s why it gained a five-star rank in the marketplace.

Pros and Cons of Sweet me photography

Provides service at affordable prices.Only for home photography service.
Service available all over the US. 
High-quality photo print. 

Sweet Me Photography Alternatives and Competitors

Sweet Me is a prominent newborn photography service in the US. Moreover, you can find more alternatives and competitors of Sweet Me in numerous states and cities across the United States. Here are mentioned some of them.

Naturally Newborn

Naturally Newborn

Services: Maternity, Newborn, Boudoir, Motherhood, baby.

Cost: Average cost varies between $1500 and $5000

Studio: Stunning studio facilities with professional makeup and accessories.

Others: Offers mid-week minis, and free digital images with print purchase.

The Naturally Newborn company attained greatness for its high-quality photography. You will find numerous services in this company such as maternity, newborn, boudoir, motherhood, and more.

It usually receives from $1500 to $5000 per session. It also provides mid-week minis with lower prices. You will find here free digital images with print purchases.

Naturally, newborn usually takes the schedule 4-6 weeks in advance. This company also maintains high security and safety for the customers in its studios, allowing only one family in a single day.

Website: https://naturallynewborn.com/

NYC Newborn Photography

NYC Newborn Photography

Services: Maternity, Newborn, and Motherhood.

Cost: From $1100 to $4000 in varied session categories.

Studio: Dashing studios providing classic makeup and accessories.

Others: Women-lead business that contains a better understanding of women’s feelings and choices.

From maternity to motherhood, NYC Newborn Photography continues a long journey with customers. It contains stunning studios and makeup facilities, which provide classic and intimate portraitures. To highlight the curves of pregnancy, it gives maternity gowns and silk fabrics.

It provides four-category sessions where it receives $1100, $1800, $2500, and $4000 according to the mini, classic, signature, and luxe categories.

It is mainly a women-led business company, and its professional photographers properly understand women’s feelings. Thats’ why they provide a peaceful and satisfactory photoshoot from first to last.

Website: https://www.nycnewbornphotography.com/

Jessica Doffing

Jessica Doffing

Services: Newborn, Cake Smash, Milestone, and Mugshots.

Cost: $325 to $1570 depending on the session time and categories.

Experience: 8 years of professional photography experience.

Others: Provides photography, editing lesions, and mentoring.

Jessica Doffing is a popular newborn photographer in Austin. She provides newborn, milestone, cake smash, and mugshot photography. She has 8 years of infant photography experience, including 30 years of working experience with children as a mom and teacher.

Jessica Doffing accepts different prices for different session services, such as for newborn sessions $700 to 1100, for milestones $550 to $1570, for cake smash $600, and for mugshots $325.

During the photography sessions, Jessica maintains a strong safety for the baby and its family. She also takes photoshoots with care and affection so that clients feel friendly. Moreover, Jessica also provides photography editing, learning, and mentoring for the newcomers.

Website: https://jessicadoffing.com/

Lindsay Walden Photography

Lindsay Walden Photography

Service: Newborn, Maternity, Milestone, Family, Under Water, and more.

Cost: The booking fee starts at $325 and collection pricing starts at $2900.

Specialty: Focuses on creative and innovative photography like underwater portraiture.

Others: Mentoring and teaching photography.

Lindsay Walden is an award-winning international photographer, who offers services mainly in Colleyville, Texas, near Dallas/Fort Worth. She provides expertized photography in newborn, maternity, milestone, family, and other sessions.

Lindsay starts booking prices at $325 and collection prices at $2900, but it’s not fixed. For knowing details, the better option is to contact her online.

Lindsay always accentuates innovative and extraordinary photography making. Her studio makers and professional makeup facilities make the session more glorious and delightful. Moreover, she also mentors and teaches new photography learners.

Website: https://lindsaywaldenphotography.com/

The Shelby Studio

The Shelby Studio

Service: Maternity, Newborn and babies, family, personal branding, and more.

Cost: Their session fee is $300, and the collection fee starts from $1299.

Studio: Amazing studio with makeup and wardrobe facility.

Others: Contains a great photography team.

The Shelby Studio provides maternity, newborn, family, headshots, and high school senior photography services. This studio includes a great photography team where every member is an expert in his sector.

The Shelby Studio determines the session fee as $300 and the collection fee as $1299. But according to the session durability and photo quantity, it will be flexible.

Its modern studio, as well as outstanding makeup and wardrobe facilities, mostly amaze people. You just have to go to their studio, and they will complete the rest.

Website: https://www.theshelbystudio.com/

FAQs on Sweet Me Photography

What type of retouching does Sweet Me perform on the session images?

Sweet Me mainly retouches baby images removing scratches and spots. It also maintains the baby’s natural beauty and cuteness.

Does Sweet Me provide exclusive photographs?

Sweet Me is a leading photograph provider. It contains several experts who take stunning shots and edited them exclusively.

Can I give any tips to my photographer?

Of course! You can make a newborn session because Sweet Me allows sessions till a certain time if they have a free time frame. You can make a successful schedule.

My baby has already been born. Can I still make a session?

Of course! Sweet Me photographers are so gentle that they will follow your instructions and will capture pictures in compliance with your desires.

Does Sweet Me maintain proper health and safety?

No doubt! Sweet Me always prioritizes health and safety for your baby and family. Its photography team cleans and sanitizes all the equipment and props before every session.


Sweet Me is a legit infant photography service in the entire US. You will get stunning and professional newborn photography sessions while staying at your home. People are fond of this company because of its quality service at affordable prices.

It also maintains top health and safety for the customers. I hope you got the proper suggestion about why you should choose Sweet Me for your infant photograph.

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