Get Realistic Clothing Images Through Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services.

Want your model or mannequin edited out from your clothing product? Hire invisible mannequin services from industry experts. Remove distractions and add volume to your apparel products within your budget.


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Ghost Mannequin Effect-The Best Way to Display Apparel Products

Good product images are a must to stay competitive in a virtual battle. As part of the fashion industry, clothes need stylish exhibitions.

Offshore Clipping revitalizes your clothing products in photos with a ghost mannequin effect service for apparel items.

We finalize the work by splitting the process into objective and subjective steps. As a result, the output is obvious for the audience to see how the apparel actually fits a life-like figure.

Ghost Mannequin Services We Provide

High-quality product images always matter. Let your clothing products shine, with Offshore Clipping. We add volume and a vibrant look, removing flat & plain appearance. So the end results will attract potential clients with realistic, dynamic, and fascinating views of clothing products.


3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

This effect creates the appearance of a product that performs a full rotation so that customers can view the apparel upfront. The 3d view ensures customers that they see a realistic depiction of the fit of the garment.

It helps your product get volume, make it lively, and how it looks after wearing. Altogether, your viewers get to see a realistic appearance of the product and pique their interest to try your products out.

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  • 3-step quality control

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Apparel that requires the backside to be shown, under our bottom joint service in Ghost Mannequin, we can do that. Here in this part, we conjoin 2 images into one and thus make it complete to look at.

This effectively removes the lower half of the mannequin so that customers can get a better sense of what the bottom of the garment looks like – free of distractions. This effect is very useful for displaying dresses, sweatshirts, etc.

  • High-Quality Images
  • Complete Manual Process
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Neck Joint Manipulation

Clothing photos with a mannequin is distracting, so when it gets removed, a gap arises. By joining the front and back parts in the neck area, a real look of the clothing can be given.

In short, this is a combination of multiple images of a garment. By applying this effect, we remove the mannequin distractions from the shoulder/neck region to make the garment visible completely. The service is required for tank tops or low-cut blouses.

  • Customized service
  • Stick to requirements
  • Transparent Pricing

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

For an online business, clothes need to be visible completely. This includes every subtle part visible or invisible, such as sleeves. To show the inner portion of the sleeve, mannequins’ palms/hands need removal.

Sleeves joint service is required to add sleeves or remove the mannequin from the sleeves and is applicable for full-sleeves, short sleeves of t-shirt, jacket, sweater, etc. Thus this effect ensures that the sole focus is on the product.

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  • Fast Delivery
  • Done by experts

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How Ghost Mannequin Services Helps Your Apparel Business

Our ghost mannequin photo editing service is the most effective to create a 3d look for your 2d clothing images. It appears as a human body, as natural as possible, helping customers envision them wearing them. The pricing starts only at $0.48!

Cut down model cost

Hiring a model to do a photo shoot is pretty costly. By adding a 3d mannequin in your clothing images, you can get the cost saved and yet have eye-catchy photos at hand.

Enliven apparel photos

We make your clothing photos lively by adding texture, volume, color, etc. So when you receive the edited images, it is ready to battle your virtual competition.

Display cloth in a 360-degree view

With the Photoshop invisible mannequin, you can rotate your clothing product in a clock or anti-clock direction; show any products in full view from both the front and back end.

Entice customers at once

ghost mannequin, different from the model or mannequin, sparks curiosity among the viewers. By publishing such images, you can hook them immediately with your product.

Influence on the buying decision

Not having anything to display other than the cloth, ghost mannequin photos capture the whole attention. Viewers can uninterruptedly analyze the product to decide to purchase.

What Do You Get From Our Service

It’s not all about work; we care about your project. That’s why ensuring the delivery of quality service is essential to us. This is what you get from us-

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  • Emphasis on clients’ demand and perfection

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Why Choose Our Ghost Mannequin Service for Your Business

Our bulk editing helped many of our clients cut up to 57% of operational costs and showed affirmative responses to the output.

Our team of graphic design experts is well-trained to comply with your requirements. Thus, our service ensures

  • Provide premium quality service
  • Optimize for potential viewerss
  • Highlight and draw attention to the product
  • Retains uniform and consistent image look
  • Reveal your brand authenticity and professionalism
  • Meet e-commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay) requirements

We focus on perfection and every little detail. Thus you get your requirements fulfilled and your goal achieved.

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