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Cut Ecommerce Products Return With Custom Color Correction

Offshore Clipping has a team of experienced, dedicated, and trusted photograph color correction specialists.

Our Photoshop experts will assess your total content, make color, brightness, and tone saturation adjustments, and provide a well-balanced, vibrant color balance optimized for online publishing and appropriate for printing.

This color-matching service will upgrade the quality of your old photos and restore damaged, pixelated, or vintage photos. Make your digital photos presentable with professional photo color correction.

Photo Color Correction Services We Provide

Color correction is one of the most sought services in the e-commerce industry. As e-commerce sellers have product variations, they need to show each of them. Addressing their needs, we offer a diverse range of color adjustment services that meet their expectations. Here are some of our services.


Photo Color Changing

Do you have products of different variants, Do you need them to edit them into specific colors? You don’t have to edit them one by one. We can assist you.

As most e-commerce products have color variations, for example, clothes; we have our designated service for this. Our exclusive photo color correction service is curated for you, we will adjust the color variation for you with just a single photo.

  • High quality & resolution photos
  • Project privacy & security guaranteed
  • Edited by professional Photoshop experts

Photo Color Correction

For online business, color mismatch is responsible for a big portion of product returns. To avoid business, look for a professional photo color correction service that ensures the color as the original products.

Our process includes white balance, sharpening, color contrast, saturation, and color gradings adjustment. Thus, your digital images get the right natural-looking glow-up the same as the original one.

  • Exact color matching
  • Enhanced product image
  • Flaws & distraction removal

Texture Replacement on Product Photos

The goal of texture replacement is to alter a texture to another, keeping the same light, objects, and scenario. By replacing the existing one with your sample texture and removing the earlier substances, you make your texture apparent and your image authentic.

Our texture replacement service is provided by the experts. Their vigilant and conspicuous method ensures your product image quality improves and the subject looks more genuine.

  • Eye-catchy product images
  • Temperature and light adjustment
  • Time saving & fast delivered

Photo Color Matching

Every photoshoot ends with several photos. One of the vital factors to consider here is uniform appearance. Otherwise, viewers will be confused. We get photos of the same product that came out differently. If this scenario is troubling you too, our photo color correction services will be your saviour.

Under this service, we adjust colors in a way that keeps the product’s original color similar across all images. We ensure uniformity by matching, adjusting, or replacing those color issues and optimizing those for e-commerce.

  • Focus on source of light
  • Adjusting color palette
  • Adjusting any distortions

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When You Need to Color Change Your Images

Correct color conveys the product accurately. As a result, viewers don’t feel deceived or confused. So you need to use a color change photo editing service in the following situation.

You have several product variants.

With one single photo, you get multiple variations of photos for your product, saving the cost of photography investment.

Product images look different from the original ones.

If the raw image isn’t showing the right color, you need to hire color correction experts to edit the image to bring out the natural look.

You have several projects to take care of.

Color correction is tactical but repetitive work. When you have other projects, hiring professional photo editors will help you focus your work and increase efficiency.

Large volume of images needs to be colorized.

We can simplify your work process and deliver fast. If you bulk order us, you will receive a handsome discount as well.

Decrease Product Return Rates

One of the major reasons many buyers return their product is the difference to look at. Right color adjustment helps you increase conversions and decrease product returns.

What Do You Get From Our Service

It’s not all about work; we care about your project. That’s why ensuring the delivery of quality service is essential to us. This is what you get from us-

  • Free Trial
  • Fast turnaround
  • Client service 24/7
  • Privacy assurance
  • Bulk discount
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Smooth ordering process
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Top-quality and professionally edited photo
  • Emphasis on clients’ demand and perfection

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Our Professional-Grade Color Correction at Your Service

To maintain photo consistency and ensure uniform appearance in human eyes, you should take image color correction services. 


Offshore Clipping is your partner in need. Apart from our regular service, we work on customized Photoshop color correction and bulk color matching services. We guarantee you 

  • Quick Solution: By assigning us your project, you can get ample time and resources to utilize in others. Our fast turnaround ensures your bottlenecks get freed up.
  • High-Quality Images: Your product images will be sharp, clear, and natural looking for online shoppers to understand at a glance. 
  • Operational Cost Save: Our competitive pricing is aimed at new and striving businesses. Also, you can claim a ‘bulk discount offer’ by ordering large volumes. 
  • Access to Expertise: Our color correction specialists are experienced and extensively skilled as they frequently work with international clients. You can expect no less than guaranteed. 
  • Security Assurance: Under our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) policy and protocols, your project and related content stay confidential forever. 

Feel free to reach us with any of your requirements and get images that outshine competitors. 

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