Terms and Conditions of Offshore Clipping

Welcome to Offshore Clipping Terms and Conditions page.

These terms and conditions act as a legal agreement between Offshore Clipping and its clients and will assist in resolving any misunderstanding that may likely occur.


To use any of our offered services, users may need to register. Therefore, it is requested to provide authentic, accurate information. Otherwise, this agreement will be considered a failure to comply. As a result, the account of the user will be terminated.

The users will be in charge of and liable for maintaining their account, password, and every activity. If it appears that there are suspicious activities or a breach of security is occurring inside the account, users are to report immediately to Offshore Clipping.

Intellectual Property

The property includes copyright, trademark, features, functionality, and original material (images, text, graphics, buttons, etc), which are protected by the International Copyright Laws. Except for the ones that users have provided, Offshore Clipping is and always will be the sole owner of these properties.

Therefore, none of those properties can be used, shared, modified, or downloaded as a whole or a part for any uses without the prior direct approval of the company. Only authorized persons are permitted to do so.

However, these won’t be as stringent for the following causes:

  • If anyone is using them for personal and non-commercial uses.
  • If anyone uses our material by acknowledging our rights.


Our payment gateways are Paypal, Payoneer, Master Card, and Visa Card. At present, we don’t have any payment dividing option. Therefore, clients have to pay completely for a specific service.

Delivery Policy

The photo editing service will perform as soon as you confirm an order. And, the delivery process will work in accordance with the terms applicable to the services you purchased. Our standard delivery time is from 24 hours to 48 hours. However, if you need an urgent delivery, we can provide it using our fastest delivery package.

Refund Policy

Our utmost priority is to ensure high-end services to our clients. In the process, we make adjustments as much as we need. Our clients will get free revision 5 times for our services on their projects. If the project isn’t up to the mark, we issue a refund of up to 100%.

Please note that the refund won’t be applicable for cases like:

  • If anyone changes requirements halfway
  • If the edited version is the same as the approved samples
  • If any clients cancel the project without any issue

If any valued customer applies for a refund, we will back the refund ASAP; however, generally, it takes a minimum of 60 working days.

For example, if one of our clients ‘A’ isn’t satisfied with the results, we will go the extra mile until s/he is satisfied. Even after endeavoring 5 times, it’s not acceptable that we will sit with that client and mutually discuss the refund percentage.


We don’t comply with the following circumstances:

  • Violating the law or legal right
  • Harm, exploiting person or organization
  • Impersonation to other company
  • Brutality or inappropriate images
  • Adultery images which can make sexual harrasement in the society.

Also, we expect you to agree that you will not

  • Use any manual or automated process or other means to monitor or copy our materials
  • Use any software or device that hinders the process of our work
  • Introduce any technologically harmful viruses-like materials.
  • Take such actions which may damage our company’s reputation.


We honor other people’s rights to their intellectual property. We maintain conscious action on the properties we use so that there are no copyright issues arise.

Even so, if you believe that a copyrighted work has been published on our website, send us an email to contact@offshoreclipping.com with your claim and a thorough explanation.

We are protective of our contents (images, text, videos) that have been and are being published from time to time. Therefore, deception or violation of our intellectual property may hold the relevant one accountable legally.

Third-Party Website

Our third-party website includes but is not limited to Google Drive, Dropbox or Wetransfer, and OneDrive. Those third parties we use have their specific regulations.

Users will be regulated by and subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policies. They have the right to enforce any law upon the users that the users accept and agree to.

Offshore Clipping doesn’t control or isn’t responsible for any of its policies, contents, actions, features, or materials. Therefore, it’s strongly advisable to read those third-party privacy policies.


The agreement between Offshore Clipping and its clients will remain valid till the termination.

Offshore Clipping reserve the right to terminate contact and suspend your access to the portal without any prior notice upon any breach of an agreement or for any other reasons. If you want to close your account with us, you can do so by discontinuing.

Offshore Clipping will not be held liable if clients terminate their contract or Offshore Clipping suspends them. For such cases, the refund policy won’t be applicable.


Upon consent, each party acknowledges that they will keep the secrecy of any information of a confidential nature (business secrets). They shall not use the information only for their own purpose. The breaching of confidential information will lead to legal procedures.

To work on our client’s projects, we generally need the information of name, email address, and some personal details that are related to the work procedure. We use such data to send emails and offer support. For any details, reach us at: contact@offshoreclipping.com.

We guarantee the assured privacy of our client’s projects; without their direct and written consent, we don’t share any information. Also, we use cookies to analyze the webpage traffic so that we can improve our website and offer the best customer experience. Please, check out our Privacy Policy to know more.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding our services or the terms, please reach us at contact@offshoreclipping.com.