O’Connor Photography Review – Pros, Cons, and Guide

You are probably familiar with the term O’Connor photography. But do you really know what type of service it provides and how legit it is? Well. In this article, I will provide a straight and truthful O’Connor photography review, including its service types, pricing plans, packages, pros and cons, and alternative services.

To get the wise guideline, read this content and make your goal.

What is O’Connor photography?

O’Connor Photography is a famous school photography company in the USA which started its photography journey in 1959. Their photographers are specialists in school photography and provide high-quality photography services to preschools, elementary schools, and middle schools.

If you live in the USA, you can easily get O’Connor photography services for any purpose. This well-known company has two local studios in Valencia and Lancaster that have provided guaranteed quality customer service for more than 60 years. Because all the photographers of this studio are well-trained and professional to ensure you excellent high-volume imagery.

Moreover, this customer-friendly company is committed to its clients, maintaining their privacy and all the image editing and manipulation tasks it completes in its private lab. You can book it for both traditional and digital photographic products.

Is O’Connor photography legit and wise to choose?

You already got a brief description of O’Connor photography. But it still might dig some queries in your mind, like how legit O’Connor photography is. And, You might ask if it is wise to choose.

Well, to provide an honest O’Connor Photography review, I must say, of course, it’s legit. Because its digital studio and professional photographers ensure customer-affectionate quality services at affordable prices.

Moreover, this company provides specific packages and discounts for particular schools with indoor and outdoor photoshoot facilities. It’s the most effective reason for many schools to hire this company.

Types of photography services O’connor photography provides

types of photography services o'connor photography provides
Image source: O’Connor photography

You already know that O’Connor Photography provides different photoshoot services, including lifestyle and school photography. Here, I am giving an in-depth review of their service types and categories.

Schools photography

schools life photography

O’Connor Photography is well-known for providing quality photography services to preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. You will get high-volume photoshoot services for different occasions.

Fall Picture Day

Fall picture day mainly happens for making school ID photos and yearbook portraits. On this day, the school usually takes class group and composite class photos for the starting session.

O’Connor photography offers numerous packages at this time. It contains various professional photography teams who skillfully integrate school data and make the picture day fun and entertaining.

From the beginning to completion, they arranged the entire photo session hassle-free, maintaining a quick turnaround time. Also, they use digital data for accuracy and rapid turnaround time.

This is the reason for the school putting trust in O’Connor Photography.

  • ID Cards
  • Yearbook publishing Cd’s
  • School Fundraiser Photo booth
  • CDs for ID card replacements and security

Lifestyle photography

O’Connor photography provides different lifestyle photoshoot services for academy life. You can get their services for numerous events like convocation, rag day, and more. Here are some details of their services.

Spring Pictures / Fundraiser

Spring pictures are captured mainly for those students who would like to participate in the fund-raising programs for their schools. These types of images are usually casual and stylized with a theme.

You can hire the O’Conner team for your school’s spring picture day. Their “ChromaKey” technology will provide endless choices. Moreover, they return a percentage of the sales to your schools.

The more school photo services you can get from O’Connor photography.

  • Special Events.
  • Composites and class groups.
  • School Fundraiser Photo booth.
  • Service Strips and cumulative files.
  • A wide selection of portrait packages for parents to choose from.

O Connor Photography Location – How do you contact them?

O’Connor photography is famous all over the USA for its photography services. You can hire it for your school life photoshoots anywhere in the USA. This professional company contains two studios, AV Studio and SCV Studio, located in Lancaster and Valencia.

Here are details of their studio location that you can contact physically.

AV Studio

o'connor photography location at 42231 6th st w, lancaster, ca 93534

This studio is located in Lancaster, and its address is 42231 6th St West Unit 202, Lancaster, CA 93536. Their normal business hours are from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Moreover, you will find the studio open on Saturday also, but from 10 am to 3 pm.

For any contact, you can call: 661-940-5657

SCV Studio

o'connor photography location at 24749 avenue rockefeller unit b, valencia, ca 91355

SCV studio is located in Valencia, and you can reach it by the address of 24749 Avenue Rockefeller Unit B, Valencia, CA 91355. This studio’s normal business hours are 10 am-6 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, it is open from 10 am to 3 pm. For any contact, you can call: 661-257-3838

O Connor Photography pricing

O’Connor Photography charges different pricing according to photoshoot service types, such as classic family portraits and lifestyle photography. It also varies depending on their session categories, such as basic, signature, and premium. Here are the detailed pricing rates of O’Connor photography.

Basic Session

Their basic session pricing rate is $499, where the tax and YB publishing fee is not included. This session basically covers 1 hour and a half session where you get 30 minutes in the studio and 1-hour location shoot 25 miles from the studio. The more facilities in this session are:

  • 5 images from your session, including copyright.
  • You can mix and match 3 units of your choice: 1-8×10, 2-5×7 & 4-4×5’s.
  • It will include your own web gallery and 25- 4×8 Graduation Announcements.

Signature Session

The signature session usually charges $599, where tax and Yb publishing fee is not included. In this session, you will get 2 hours with a photographer, including 30 minutes in the studio and 1 hour and a half location shoot within 25 miles from the studio. The more facilities you will get in this session are:

  • 5 images from your session, including copyright.
  • Pick 4 poses from your session and MyPix 5 Drive
  • Your own Web Gallery & 25- 4×8 Graduation Announcements.
  • 1-11×14 + Mix and Match 4 additional units of your choice: 1-8×10, 2-5×7’s & 4-4×5’s.

Premium Session

The premium session pricing is $799, where tax and YB publishing fee is not included. This session includes a two-hour photoshoot with a photographer; you will get 30 minutes studio photoshoot and 1 hour and a half outdoor shoot within 25 miles of the studio location. It also includes-

  • 10 images from your session, including copyright.
  • Pick 5 poses from your session plus MyPix 10 Drive
  • Your own Web Gallery & 25- 4×8 Graduation Announcements.
  • 1-16×20 + Mix and Match 6 additional units of your choice: 1-8×10, 2-5×7’s & 4-4×5’s.

Note: It’s a general pricing rate of O’connor photography. For more info, you can check their pricing list.

Does O’Connor photography provide a discount?

O’Connor photography is a customer-affectionate photographic service that always maintains an affordable pricing policy, including numerous attractive packages and discount offers. When you visit their online ordering page, you will see different packages according to the particular schools.

How do you book O’Connor Photography?

You can book O’Connor photography both online and offline. The second way is easy and harmless. You just need to follow their guideline and fill up the booking form step by step by providing accurate information.

  • First, log in with an existing account.
  • Get the username sent to your email.
  • Password: Your Student’s Last Name.
  • A user name is a number; see the email.

It’s safe and easy to visit this page to make an online booking for O’Connor photography.

How do they deliver the image?

To get photo delivery, you need to fill up the customer forms, which is known as the digital image delivery form given on their website, where you have to select the options and submit relevant information, such as-

  • Parent’s Name
  • Delivery Option
  • Package Ordered
  • School and Event
  • Cell Phone and email
  • Student’s/Subject First Name
  • Student’s/Subject Last Name

Reasons why professionals choose O’Connor Photography

When it comes to an honest O’Connor photography review, I have to say that it’s legit and prudent to hire.

O’Connor is a famous photography service in the USA that provides quality services by their expertized photographers. Here’s a short summary of why professionals choose O’Connor photography.

Quality Service

O’Connor ensures quality services with high-volume imagery of different types and categories. From fall picture day to graduation announcements, they cover all these events with prominent services and perfect sessions.

Professional Photographers

This photographic service contains a number of professional photographers who are experts in taking shots perfectly according to the environment and event types. Rather, they are so humble that they help the customers take the perfect poses with harmonious behavior.

Digital Studio

O’Connor photography has two digital studios that are prepared to serve enchanting photoshoots. Moreover, they also provide outdoor and indoor photography services within 25 miles of the studio location.

Pros and Cons of O’Connor Photograph

Every good and successful fact contains comparatively both negative and positive views. Here are some pros and cons I got while making an unbiased O’Connor photography review. You can check it.

Digital Delivery ServiceService is available only in the USA
A percentage will go back to your schoolOnly school and lifestyle photography service
Use Art Professional Digital Imaging Lab 

O’Connor Photography Alternatives

There are lots of school life photography services in the USA. If you want to look for some alternatives to O’Connor photography, you can find several services. But from my view of points, here I am mentioning two more photography services for you.

Ray O’Connor photography

Ray O’Connor photography is a popular photo service in the USA established in 1973. This company basically provides both photography and video production services in Long Island and the metropolitan area.

This company gained people’s trust and love through its 50 years of versatile services, including social engagements, weddings, sports, travel, and commercial photographs. A considerable number of professional footballers, basketball players, models, and travelers hire this company for portraits, headshots, and commercial photos.

Moreover, Ray O’Connor photography started its video services about 30 years ago, which also achieved massive trust and fame for providing corporate videos, documentaries, and infomercials in the Long Island area.

O’Connor bros photography

O’Connor bros photography is also a trusted photography service in the USA. But in August 2021, Honest Light photography purchased O’Connnor brother’s photography and took its authority.

This company has been serving professional school portrait photography with honesty, skills, and professionalism. Sean Engle, the owner of this company, has 11 years of photography work experience with the Simi Valley Unified School District.

So, you can choose this company as the alternative to O’Connor photography and can put trust in it.


O’Connor is a professional photography service in the USA, which has won people’s trust and satisfaction with its continuous photo services for 60 years. In this content, you get an in-depth review of O’Connor photography with its pros and cons. I hope now it’s easy to make a positive decision to take services from this company. So, go forth, and take service.

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