Creative Product Photo Background Ideas That Trending on Social Media Right Now

What else can allure the consumers to buy your products from your E-commerce store? You may consider your products or customer service!

You should know that merely products cannot satisfy your consumers. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of expertise in this field.

Buyers nowadays want to get as much information about products online rather than visiting a physical store. A visual representation can capture their attention easily. It just takes two seconds for people to determine whether or not to check out your products once. Because people form quick visual judgments, creating the first impression can only promote your position to the audience.

In the most visually-heavy networking sites marketplace like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, prioritizing the product photos’ background will set your product apart from the crowd and allow it to shine on social media.

We’ve got some creative product photo background ideas that might help to make your products worth buying. Let’s dive in.

What is the product background?

Product backgrounds are those that can be used to aesthetically highlight companies’ products. As an e-commerce merchant or store owner, you must ensure that your product photographs are both well matched to your niche and well-decorated with creativity; only a creative background can highlight your products’ greatest features.

Once Paul Graham says, “You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to you.”

In accordance with the comical yet powerful remarks can guide you that only aesthetically perfect product photographs drag your buyers towards you. If you consider this remark, you can totally perceive how essential the product background is to you.

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Product photo background vs backdrop: What is the difference between them

When it comes to taking a product photo in an appealing manner, you must first pick the background and then design a backdrop to click the product images in a convincing way. Well, you’ve assumed that background and backdrop are the same things; you know, just a thin line separates them.

Hence, To discover the distinctions that may help to clarify your muddled thinking. These are-

  • The section of the entire scene that lies behind the main subject is considered to be the Background.
  • The Backdrop would be any surface, such as paper, fabric, wood, or anything, that is displayed behind the subject to highlight it.
  • Any shot absolutely depends on the background.
  • It conveys mood and emotions into photographic frames.
  • The background might be distracting.
  • The backdrop is not distracting and even draws the viewer’s attention to the main subject.
  • What basically you have in your background that does not clash with your main subject.
  • The backdrop affects the image’s main themes by creating the composition stand out.
  • With lighting, composition, and colors, the background creates an ideal storyline to captivate the audience.
  • Backdrops illustrate the great scope by using several themes, colors, and textures.

Why is background in photos important for product photography?

Background in photos tells a lot about your brand and the quality you give while showcasing your items in front of the customers.

Though selecting a background is the first stage of product photography, there are no hard and fast rules. However, when deciding on a new purchase, 75% of online shoppers make decisions based on product photos. It’s a great chance to press the consumers’ pain points with the aesthetically visual content.

There are several reasons why the background in images is essential for product photography. As follows-

  • Scope to add creativity to product images.
  • Grab the attention of potential customers.
  • Different backgrounds can drastically change the perception of the size and color of your product.
  • Vintage Color and texture background can contribute to shaping your brand awareness in an effective way.
  • Background in product photos creates great product visibility. The busy background doesn’t make your product eye-catchy.

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What background colors to consider for a product photo?

When it comes to background colors for product images, a soft color palette is always the preferable choice. Because soft neutral and pastel hues may help you concentrate on your main theme. The color of your product backdrop has had a significant impact and undoubtedly drawn customers to your websites. Bright color backdrops may not always be helpful in diverting customers; instead, a white backdrop is the safest alternative.

If the focus moves to the busy backdrop, the audience may become bored, and the sale of these items may drop. As a result, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Shopify widely used white or neutral backdrops to clearly highlight their products to shoppers.

If you’ve wanted to know, ‘How do I choose a color background?

At first, you must focus on educating yourself on color psychology. Because Color psychology is an excellent marketing strategy to be aware of. Nobody can pull you down if you grasp it completely. According to the studies, Color can boost a shopper’s interest in reading product details by up to 80%.

For example, If you have brightly colored product packaging, you may use a neutral background to emphasize the product’s youthfulness and attractiveness.

Even the black background highlights luxury objects such as jewelry, cosmetics, and gadgets, making details stand out. It has a sleek and sophisticated look and offers a dramatic impression. It is now up to you to decide which colored background you want.

Top trending background ideas for product photography

Visual content is effective in striking consumers’ minds. So, every product photo must be convincing; otherwise, it will distract your consumers. Photo background ideas might be your ally in the E-commerce world. When you look at trends on social networking sites, that blow your mind how visual content may have a positive influence on sales.

Instagram has been swamped with artistic product image backgrounds in its Insta store. According to Insider, 72% of Instagram users have shopped they saw on the platform. Now, you are genuinely aware that capturing clients without aesthetically attractive product photographs is pointless.

Even on Pinterest, the visual search engine, you’ll discover a lot of product photographs that can divert your consumers to your websites. People who use Pinterest weekly are 40% more likely to say they enjoy purchasing, and 75% of users are more likely to claim they’re constantly shopping in accordance with the company’s Feed Optimization Playbook.

Let’s search out some ideas for photo background for products that must assist you in diverting the customers toward your e-Commerce retail store.

#1. Taking product photos with white background

taking product photos with white background

Choosing a white background highlights every detail of your products precisely. There are some aspects why you choose it-

  • Your shooting products on white background must be the least distractive from the audience’s eyes, and even you can add emphasis on the product details.
  • Promote a consistent flow of product photos on your product page; it is the best solution. Having the same background, the photos of your website look more organized than using colorful background. That’s why most e-commerce giants showcase their products on white background.
  • Post-production features are well contrasted with a white background because it makes your product visibility better. Half of the editing work is already done.
  • White background helps to create a strong brand presence.

Moreover, It can be best used for bright colors and loud patterns in product photos. Any sort of photography, such as culinary apparel, books, and wedding stationery, uses a white background to create a minimalist and refreshing look.

#2. Slate color background

slate color background

The slate color background creates a killer look in product photography. If you are an avid eCommerce retailer who prefers a stylish look for your product photographs, choose this-

  • Highly- textured background for creating cool and classic photos.
  • A Hyper-realistic surface that can create a dramatic look.

It is usually used for flay lay food and cosmetic product pictures that give off irresistible feelings.

#3. Wood background

wood background for product photography

The wood background is a must-have for product photography. It gives off a rustic look and an innate connection to the natural world.

  • Extremely expressive.
  • A grained texture provides depth and dimension.
  • Vividly facilitate the separation of the backdrop from the subject.

It is beautifully created a woody effect when styling with clothing and travel products.

#4. Concrete background

Concrete background for product photography

The light-colored objects look great against the concrete background. Combining props generated an air of elegance with surprising contrast. Wedding stationery and beauty products look great against this background.

#5. Subway tile background

subway tile product photo background

Subway tile has a professional, fresh, and trendy feel. It’s a popular background for food, apparel, and book photography. If you want to get an ultra-luxurious look, consider photographing your subjects with this tile background.

#6. Shiplap background

Shiplap product photo background

The shiplap background is essentially earthy, traditional, and simple. It provides you with precise product details without drawing attention away from the main theme. Its hyper-realistic surface enhances the aesthetics of your product. Flat-lay product photography with this background of food and clothing is convincible.

#7. Lush view background

lush view product photo background

A stunning landscape adds natural vibes to your product. But ‘Would it be okay to shoot the product outside?’ That can’t be a great opinion always! The lush view background changes the inside space by bringing nature. Food and apparel products are beautifully photographed with it from any angle and in a flat-lay format.

#8. Marble background

marble product photo background

A convincing background may give things a classy look. The marble background surface comes in a matte surface combination with pastel, white, or neutral variants. This gleaming surface is excellent for photography of food, cosmetics, and clothing.

With its beautiful aura, it has the ability to quickly capture the attention of consumers. It creates a chaotic marble feel, and the consumers couldn’t help but click out the photo.

#9. Textured Background

Textured background food product photography

A textured background can add visual components to the images, making them seem more consistent with the main subject. You may use them strategically to enhance specific areas of your product image or to make a flat surface appear 3D.

It might develop a retro style to increase its exposure to buyers and produce a nostalgic sensation at times. It is commonly used in cosmetic, food and clothing photography.

#10. Seamless Background

seamless product photo Background

Paper and cloth seamless backgrounds are both featured. It is quite inexpensive and effective for practically any product. A versatile seamless background delivers high-quality, non-reflective, and smooth surfaces that are ideal for commercial photography and product photography. Those seamless background photos are widely trending on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more.

What to do if you don’t have a seamless product background?

Even though your product photography backgrounds miss the mark to get seamless, you should consider post-production services. The post-production service is basically to make visually adjusted images.

Each digital camera can produce high-quality images. So the acquired snapshots are mostly eye-catching, but a closer look at a photo may reveal an odd, unbalanced impact or an unequaled vivid colored background.

However, if your product photographs are retouched and corrected with a great background, shoppers will be forced to look at them many times, and perhaps your sales could increase rapidly! Make sure that the sooner you get things right, the better the outcome you get.

The e-commerce market is vast; if you want to compete strongly, you need some professionals who suggest which product photographs provide the greatest results.

Offshore Clipping could be your business’s rescuer in this challenging route. Because we provide Ecommerce standard photo services that help to compete, such as-

  • Combining image backgrounds
  • Generating a translucent backdrop
  • Altering or replacing a mismatched background color
  • Removing undesirable objects or watermarks and a variety of other services.

You may have thought that everyone else does the same thing, so Why us?

Since you can surf on our website that we have previously done a lot of client works throughout the world like the UK, USA, France, Australia, Canada, and many more European countries. So there are more reasons instead of this why, such as-

  • Quick turnaround
  • 150+ certified experts team
  • Affordable pricing rate.
  • Generate eCommerce standard photographs
  • Enhance the product’s visual representation
  • Assure our accuracy in the tasks assigned to us.
  • Remove distractions from the background and focus on your main subject

The product photo background must be flawless; else, it may be harmful to your business. So decide on the best strategy to make your goods stand out.

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Important FAQs of product photo background

What background should I use for product photography?

A white background is a secure option, but the mild and neutral shade also works well for most product images. The cool color background makes neutral-colored objects stand out while photographing them.

What should I use for a product background?

A product background needs to use a white or colorful backdrop, some wooden, glassy, or floral props, lighting with a sideways softbox, and a digital camera on a tripod. Try to add some creative styling ideas with these elements to enhance the pictorial quality of your product.

Why do photographers use a white background?

The white background is tasteful and might help to minimize the amount of light that falls on your product. This emphasizes product visibility. It will convey grandeur and, at the same time, professional vibes.

Which type of backdrop is often used in a photography studio?

Canvas and Muslin are often the most used backdrop among Seamless paper, Fantasy cloth, Vinyl, Velvet, Velour, and many more. Backdrops can be distinguished according to the subject and the photoshoot location.

Do photos look better on a black or white background?

A white or neutral background is always the ideal option for any sort of image, but especially for product shots, because it contrasts nicely with the photos. When taking portrait photography, a black background provides a lot of intense focus on it.

Why do photographers use green backdrops?

Photographers may quickly replace the background of a photograph with a green backdrop and add imaginative animated elements to it. For Instance, TV weather forecasters stand in front of a green backdrop; weather maps and other items are added by their scene staff members.

Final Words

Your product photo background may make or break your impression in the realm of E-commerce. Make sure your product images are worth getting a consumer’s click. Otherwise, you will be unable to successfully showcase your brand.

Our creative product photo background ideas that trend on social media blog posts provide you with several examples of how and where these backgrounds can be applied effectively.

To succeed in business requires time but following the social media trends and upgrading the background of product photos must increase customer interaction.

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