What is High-End Photo Retouching – A Complete Guide

Photography has now become one of the top priorities of the business world. Be it products, fashion, or clothing photography. And not just for online business, offline business requires high-quality images too. Along with photography, the photo editing industry is rising too.

High-end photo retouching is mostly done on human figures, which takes the images to a professional level. Many photographers and editors look for a complete guide on what is high-end photo retouching. And a solid understanding is necessary for both clients and photographers so that they know the limit of their work.

This guide is all about high-end retouching. You’ll know everything you need in one place. Let’s get started!

What is High-End Photo Retouching?

Most people, even those who don’t work with images, are used to the term photo retouching. But if you go deeper, there is something more into it. High-end retouching is professional-level Photoshop work that changes an image to its best.

High-end retouching is basically correcting images. Now, this correction means a lot of things. Like, changing the body shapes of models, clearing the skin, correcting eyes, manipulating colors, and many more. Oftentimes, clients demand very extensive changes in images. And in this case, high-end retouching is the solution.

Basic Photo Retouching VS High-end Retouching – What is the Difference?

Many people don’t have a clear idea about what’s basic retouching and what’s high-end retouching. But this often creates trouble between client and photographer to be specific on to what extent the images will be edited. If someone mentions high-end photo retouching, it includes much more than just basic works.

So, what’s the difference? You might sense some from the names themselves. Basic retouching includes just the primary editing of an image. Like, light and color correction, removing blemishes, fixing shadows, removing stray hair, smoothing skin, whitening teeth and eyes. You’ll see the changes in the image, but it won’t seem like a huge difference.

On the other hand, high-end retouching includes much more than that. From restoring old or damaged photos to changing body shape, you just name it! All are there. Correcting color and gamma, compositing images, changing perspective, manipulating colors, removing distractions, etc. It’ll also do skin toning, removing spots, wrinkles, blemishes.

The main difference is that high-end retouching is actually very high-level work. You can manipulate an image to whatever extent you want, which is limited to basic retouching.

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Most Popular High-End Photo Retouching Trends Right Now

Photo retouching has several diversified trends that are used every day in different sectors. Photographers and editors usually have to go through almost all the trends while working on an image. Here are some of the most popular trends in 2022 –

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1. High-End Skin Retouching

High-End Skin Retouching

High-end skin retouching is the most common trend of photo retouching. Skin retouching is mostly used by portrait photographers. Other than that, if any image has models, it’ll require skin retouching. To do skin retouching, it’s mandatory to remove spots, blemishes, pimples and make it as smooth as possible.

The purpose of usage high-end skin retouching: High-end skin retouching used for destroying the skin texture that help preserve a natural, clean and dynamic look.

Best high-end skin retouching software: Adobe Photoshop, Luminar, and PortraitPro

2. High-end Beauty Retouching

High-end Beauty Retouching

Beauty retouching is done by both fashion and portrait photographers. This is often done on makeup. To do high-end beauty retouching, one must have a good sense of makeup and beauty. Beauty retouching includes removing tiny facial hair to correct the shades of makeup.

The purpose of usage high-end beauty retouching: High-end beauty retouching used for stretch beyond skin and hair, often requiring precise color adjustments.

Best high-end skin retouching software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

3. High-end portrait retouching

High-end portrait retouching

Its name says that this is for portrait photographers. So, it includes all kinds of portraits, from fashion to professional to environmental. And while editing, one should understand the differences among different types of portraits. Portraits need special attention to the eyes. Other than that, skin, beauty, hair retouching all are part of portrait retouching too.

The purpose of usage high-end portrait retouching: High-end portrait retouching used for photographs color and tone correction.

Best high-end portrait retouching software: Luminar, Adobe Lightroom, Photolemur and PortraitPro

4. High-end Hair Retouching

High-end Hair Retouching

High-end hair retouching is important if the image is for fashion photography. But it’s a must if this is for hair products. To edit hair, a few things should get enough attention, like removing stray hair, making hair straight, maintaining the pattern, shining the hair, etc.

The purpose of usage high-end hair retouching: High-end portrait retouching used for rework in order to improve hair.

Best high-end hair retouching software: Luminar, Adobe Lightroom and PortraitPro

5. High-end Fashion Retouching

High-end Fashion Retouch

Fashion retouching is the combination of all these we’ve already talked about. Skin retouching, hair retouching, beauty retouching are all included in fashion photography. On that, there is some extra. For instance, fashion photography often demands manipulating body shape too.

The purpose of usage high-end fashion retouching: High-end fashion retouching used for manipulating an image to create a more satisfying but natural result.

Best high-end fashion retouching software: PortraitPro, Luminar, and Adobe Lightroom

6. High-end Product Retouching

High-end Product Retouching

Product retouching is easier than other trends of high-end retouching. Product photographers, as well as editors, businessmen need product retouching often. Color correction is an essential part of product retouching. Additionally, removing dust scratches is part of product retouching too.

The purpose of usage high-end product retouching: High-end product retouching used for eCommerce image to grave attention for customers. These types of retouching includes clipping path, color correction, retouching, background remove, etc

Best high-end product retouching software: Adobe Lightroom

Best Software for High-end Photo Retouching

There is plenty of software that offers high-end retouching. Undoubtedly photoshop is the best software that you can ever use to do high-end retouching. But apart from that, there is other software too that works quite well in high-end retouching.

Have a look at the list –

  • Adobe Photoshop – The best program for photo retouching
  • Adobe Lightroom – The best program for color correction
  • Luminar  – Best for User-friendly interface
  • ON1 Photo Raw – Best for artificial intelligence portrait editing
  • GIMP – Best for advanced manipulation
  • Portrait Pro – Best for High-end retouching
  • DxO Photolab 4 – Best for ISO invariant
  • Alien Skin Software’s Exposure XS4 – Best for image masking

Here’s another retouching expert – Retouch4me. It’s an AI-based Plugin that can retouch your image automatically. It has a really good setup, and the work is impressive. You can try checking it out.

How To Learn High-End Photo Retouching – The Best Ways to Master True High-End Retouching

High-end photo retouching is something that requires a lot of practice, concentration, and dedication to master. It takes time to know and be an expert at everything related to retouching. Here are two ways to master this skill –

Learn High-End Retouching from Tutorial

Learning from tutorials is probably the easiest way. This is because tutorials are available everywhere. The only problem is that you’ll have to find out the best tutorials and plan all by yourself. There won’t be any specific guidelines, and obviously, you won’t get any certificate or recognition that you’ve completed this. You’ll have to prove it with your work.

Get High-End Retouching Course

Another way is to learn from curses. Courses have some benefits. Like it’ll give you proper guidelines and step-by-step direction on how you should go through the process. So many courses are available online along with offline ones. You can learn from Skillshare, Udemy, CreativeLive, or Linkedin Learning.

The only negative point here is, you might have to pay for good courses. And you’ll get certificates in return too which you’ll help you to get jobs. You can check Photographycource.net too for the course.

To be honest, the best way is to learn from both. Collect as much information as you can. The more you’ll practice, the more perfect your images will be.

High-End Photo Retouching Service – The Best Places to Get High-End Retouching

Photo retouching might take a lot of time of yours. On that, it’s best to get the images done by experts because this is professional-level work. Without having enough knowledge and skill, it’s not possible to deliver quality work in this case.

Right now, the best high-end photo retouching service that is available online is Offshore Clipping. We have years of experience in the photo editing industry. Even we offer you to be sure of the quality of their work by giving you a free trial. So why not try? It won’t cost a penny anyway.

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Q: Does high-end editing include changing body shape?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Q: Who needs high-end photo retouching?

Ans: It is mostly used for fashion, portraits, and clothing.

Q: What is the best way to learn high-end photo retouching?

Ans: Combine online courses and tutorials is the best way to learn high-end retouching.

Q: Is there any automatic process to do high-end retouching?

Ans: Photoshop has a plugin called ‘Retouch4me’, which works automatically and is quite good.

Final Words

At the end of the day, your images will carry your reputation. Without continuously producing quality images, you can’t maintain a long-term relationship with clients. Images are the first interaction between clients and products. So it’s important to keep the focus on producing the best quality images possible.

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