Ghost Mannequin Effect: Shortcut to Success in Online Clothing Business

Ghost mannequin effect, also known as invisible mannequin effect, is a technique of clothing photographers to present their photographs with a hollow man look.

Most of the retailers and online clothing business ventures prefer the Ghost Mannequin effect on their product images as it helps them to catch their target customer easily and offer them the maximum possible details of their fashion products through images.

How does the Ghost Mannequin effect affect product photography?

Ghost Mannequin effect can influence viewers to select their garments over other regular images.

In the era of online business, product photography is undoubtedly an important portion of business for both entrepreneurs and customers. Product images help the entrepreneurs to attract the maximum number of customers.

For an example, if you start uploading raw images of your products which have been captured with amateur hands then you will definitely get lesser response from the customers as they will not consider your products to be among the good ones. At the same time, good product images can attract more customers as it will give them a positive vibe about the product.

Ghost Mannequin is an effect that can influence the customers to focus on the product.

Your customers will be able to concentrate on product images fully if you apply Ghost Mannequin effect on your product images.

How to shoot Ghost Mannequin pictures?

Ghost Mannequin is a format of photography where photographers should be extra careful about their work.

Photographer, who is trying to get Ghost Mannequin effect on his product images, should always make sure that his/her model has properly tied-up hair. The model should also be cautious about his/her body language.

A perfect body gesture of models while shooting garments with Ghost Mannequin effect should be like the image mentioned below:

Perfect body gesture of models

Besides, you can also buy dummy mannequins for getting the effect. In that case, the color of the mannequins should be considered carefully. According to experts, white-colored mannequins are better for the effect as it does not produce any reflection of camera lights. Black mannequins create the reflection of the lights. Besides, the shape of the mannequin is very important. Try to match your garment’s size and mannequin’s size as this will affect the output of your work.

How to apply Ghost Mannequin effect with Photoshop?

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to add Ghost Mannequin effect in your images with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

First of all, you will have to open your file in Photoshop and create multiple layers. It is always better to name the layers as it would help you to mention the layers separately later on. Then fill up the backgrounds with white color as that you can merge the layers and make the ultimate background white whenever necessary.

After this, select the product in your image by using the Selection Tool. Refine your mask and remove all the background from the selected image. Click “OK” in the “Refine Edge” dialogue box to see the product floating freely on the white background you made earlier. To give your product a clean and nice look, you can further refine the mask at this point. Here comes the foam board image. Repeat the previous steps again with the foam board option.

Now create a new layer, select out the product and create and refine your mask and remove unnecessary parts of the foam board layer. You should always remove unneeded parts of the mask. And, finally, in the end, you should add shadow and save the file.

This is where your work finishes. You will get a Ghost Mannequin effect applied image.


Ghost Mannequin Effect (FAQ)

Q: Why is it called “Ghost” Mannequin effect?

A: Because editors cut out the mannequin from the dress which makes the mannequin or model invisible.

Q: Why should I add the effect on my garments’ product images?

A: This allows the photographers to shoot straight-through to the label, reducing the amount of digital editing required to produce a “Ghosted” image.

Q: Can all the mannequins be ghosted?

A: Any mannequin can be ghosted. Select any mannequin and then ask your editor to cut out the mannequin from your image.

Q: Which mannequin should I use for best poses?

A: The answer should definitely be “symmetrical” poses.

Q: Can I apply Ghost Mannequin effect to all my garments’ photographs?

A: Yes you can. But this would require different formats and editing tools.

Q: Is this too costly?

A: Not at all. This is affordable if you find the right place to get your work done. You can visit to see their offers.

Ghost Mannequin effect is a unique way of getting more and more customers on your site if you are into garment business. This effect can be showcased on your products through specially organized photo-shoots or by editing. However, to achieve your goal of getting maximum customers online, this effect is highly effective and every entrepreneur should consider using this on their online stores.

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