Clipping Path Pricing – How Much Does Image Clipping Path Cost

The e-commerce space is becoming more complicated day after day, and brand demands high-quality images to skyrocket their businesses. Forbes states that 70% of consumers switch brands without hesitation for better product quality.  

That’s the reason you may plan to hire a reliable clipping path company that has an in-house professional team. However, before confirming one, you need to consider the clipping path pricing structure to pick the best solution. 

With this note, you’ll acknowledge several pricing factors, ways to hire the best service, and many other tactics. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

What are Image Clipping Path Services?

Image clipping path or deep etching services are a digital way to cut out an object or item from the background or photo accurately. For example, cut down model or product photos from magazines or newspapers in a digital. For edge-by-edge product image clipping, it uses the Adobe Photoshop pen tool.

If you want, you can create a transparent and white background to showcase your products online that gives an attention-grabbing outlook at a glance. The photo cut-outs’ main purpose is to improve the e-commerce product’s quality, i.e., color corrections, photo retouching, replacement, or image background removal.

After having a clear idea about deep etching, let’s check out clipping path pricing different factors in the next section!

What are the Factors that Influence the Clipping Path Pricing Cost?

Clipping path pricing factors depend on image complexity, service provider expert level, delivery time, and additional services. In the hope of helping you, we’ve mentioned several factors with detailed information:

1. Clipping Path Pricing Based on Different Types

Not all clipping categories demand the same prices, so the pricing clipping path for each varies a lot. As you know, every image has its different editing techniques, and the pricing guidelines depend on it, such as:

● Basic Clipping Path ($0.089 – $0.35

The basic clipping path allows designers to remove object backgrounds and create transparent or white backgrounds for selling products online. In a basic photo cutout service, graphic designers deal with fewer curves. That’s why the service is considered a low cost clipping path service. 

● Simple Clipping Path ($0.45 – $0.79)

A simple clipping path or photo cutout service is involved in dealing with a few curves and edges in products or items. Compared to basic clipping it is more complex and requires a bit more time. For example, 

  • Simple jewelry accessories
  • Vehicles
  • Simple clothing item
  • Handbags, cups, etc.

● Medium Clipping Paths ($1.25 – $1.39)

The medium clipping path cost is comparatively higher than the simple path. It is used for complicated edges and multiple-hole objects. Here, expert designers use manual methods to ensure every path cut-out is perfectly done around the item. For example,

  • Shoes, 
  • Clothing items with more complicated shapes and curves,
  • Bicycle wheels cut out, and others.

● Complex Clipping Path ($2.49 – $2.95)

A complex cutout is applied for very complicated edges, multiple object holes, or different levels of transparency. It requires advanced-level professionals and is time-consuming, too. For example,

  • Multiple clothing items
  • Furniture sets
  • Stollers, and many others.

● Super Complex Clipping Path ($6.45 – $7.99)

This category path pricing varies on complex clipping cutouts, with additional paths requiring professional designers. Here, every product or item consists of a high number of anchor points, large holes, and complicated edges. For example,

  • Machines
  • Wire furniture
  • Group of product items need color changes in specific areas
  • Bracelet or chain, and others. 

● Compound or Multiple Clipping Path ($10.90 – $12)

The multiple Photoshop clipping path involves three to four different techniques to remove multiple and complex edges or curves. Here, to give a product or item a natural and realistic look with perfect finished editing, OC’s designers use image masking. Item lists are:

  • Multiple cutout furniture
  • Mesh or net objects
  • Complex jewelry (interlinking pieces) or chains, and more.

2. The Ways to Calculated Pricing Structure

Sometimes, world-class or renowned photo editing agency offers different Clipping path pricing structure considering:

● Hourly Paid Rate

The appx hourly rate is $6.00 to $45 or more, depending on image complexity, Photoshop skills, and others. If you hire entry-level or freelancers who have limited editing knowledge, the price will be less. However, experienced professionals who deal with complex and detailed edits may demand $500 or more per hour. 

● Flat Rate Pricing Structure

The flat photo editing price defines you as paying a fixed and predetermined price for every image. This pricing structure will not be considerable for image complexity or processing time. However, the best option is to contact the company to get their flat rate pricing plans.

● Project Fees Pricing

From basic or multiple clipping paths to photo retouching prices depend on the image volume and companies’ pricing policies. If you have a rush, you may pay on an hourly basis. So, before assigning your bulk or small image editing projects, you need to consult with your chosen agency.

● Service Packages

Some agencies may offer different service packages for clients to choose from. For example, OC offers 4 packages for multi-clipping paths, i.e., 

  • Basic clipping ($1.19) – 12min 
  • Simple ($2.49) – 25min
  • Medium ($5.99) – 1hr
  • Complex ($10.99) – 2hr

However, in this pricing structure, you’ll notice several options and upgrades too.

Clipping Path Service Pricing Calculator

● Retainer

When a client pays in advance, ensure that your services are available to them for a certain period of time; it is known as a retainer. The retainer fees will start at around $1K or more per month. Most of the time, permanent clients or long-term projects apply this regularly. It also depends on the client and the agreement.  

3. Special Pricing for Bulk Orders

Clipping path pricing for bulk orders depends on company or agency policies. There are also different factors that companies count for offering discounts on your bulk orders, such as:

  • Volume-based discounts
  • Fixed rates per image
  • Percentage discounts (on the total cost) and
  • Long-term contracts.

Note: With Offshore Clipping, you will enjoy up to 33% discount on your bulk orders. For more details, you can contact them. 

4. Turnaround Time (TAT)

In this criteria, you need to consult with your selected professional photo editing agency because of the detailed pricing structure, such as:

  • Standard (from 24 hours to a few days varies on project complexity and orders).
  • Rush (might be around 1.5 to 2 days, depending on company policies).
  • Same-day (it will be expensive compared to others)
  • Weekend or holiday (companies may charge extra fees and require more discussions).

5. Additional Associated Cost

If you demand other services like color correction, shadow creation, and more, companies will charge extra fees per editing. Sometimes, additional revisions with different photo editing require you to pay more. So, it’s wise to contact your outsourced photo editing agency for in-depth information.

What to Look for When Choose an Affordable Clipping Path Service?

Conversion rates increase along with more revenues” – it’s the ultimate goal of all sizes or types of businesses. As per Forbes, 70% of consumers switch brands when they find a higher-quality alternative. 

To avoid this situation, you may hire the best clipping path service provider that ensures good hands and high-quality edits within an estimated time. So, before hiring a freelance photo editor or the best photo editing company, you need to consider several factors, including:

Cost & Payment

First on our checklist for ensuring the best clipping path service provider is the price and payment system. You must have a budget to stick to it. As you know, pricing depends on image complexity, TAT, and bulk amount order size. But OC is an affordable clipping path service that offers you a flexible pricing structure.

For example, OC’s basic clipping paths start at $0.35 (min time 5 min). So, it’s crucial to check out pricing details per editing services and extra charges. Some clipping path providers may offer you packages and service plans for complex edits or offer discounts for bulk order sizes. 


You can look for samples or done client works given on their sites to verify editing image quality. Also, you can ask them any questions to understand their skills and service details. For example,

All these questions help you to justify their Photoshop skills and hand-drawn clipping path quality. 

Turn-around time

When you have tight schedules and lots of project pressures, time management becomes a crucial thing. At this point, you feel the necessity to hire a clipping path service that works with you. But as you know, to meet tight deadlines, agencies may charge additional fees.  

So, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the TAT pricing structure. At Offshore Clipping, you can choose different plans over the discussion. We already mentioned the plans earlier. OC’s Photoshop experts bring your unique brand visuals to life within the estimated time.  

Maximum order size

Are you thinking about seasonal businesses or big product launches? Choose a clipping path provider who can handle bulk orders without compromising image quality. That’s the main reason you invest in them, right?

However, remember e-commerce optimized product images boost sales and revenue. So, be focused on every edit to ensure a premium standard that instantly impresses your targeted clients and customers. 

Customer support team

Statista states that 88% of mid-market business leaders admit communication is the pillar of successful outsourcing. The scenario is not different for you. That’s why pay attention to finding out how your selected clipping path service company communicates with its consumers. 

If they have communication issues, you’ll face many difficulties in meeting your deadlines and fulfilling clients’ requirements, too. Suppose you partner with the best photo editing company in the USA, but you work in Indonesia. If they don’t have 24/7 email or contact support, you’ll face communication difficulties. 

Customer reviews

It’s always a good and safe strategy to check out clipping path service provider reviews (Google reviews, Trustpilot, and others) before confirming partnerships. Also, go through testimonials and quotes on their official website. 

With these reviews, you get an idea about past customers’ experiences and determine the service’s reliability and authenticity. A trusted partner sincerely cares about your business goals and guarantees a flexible approach. 

Free trial 

A free trial is undoubtedly the best way to check the path clipping service providers’ quality. With this, you get an idea about their photo editing technologies, time management, and customer support. Though it’s free, sometimes it may take time, depending on your assigned tasks. 

Get a Free Trial within 25 MB Image Size

After acknowledging different hacks for choosing the best clipping path agencies, it’s time to focus on business types.

How to Get a Quotation for Clipping Path Pricing?

Want to verify your selected photo editing companies’ hand-drawn, pixel-perfect, and high-quality Photoshop services which you’re looking for? Or do you want to discuss the total project cost, bulk image discount, and more? 

Professional ones ensure to respond within 45 minutes or less after submitting your request. You can access the quote form from the CTA by mentioning “Get a Free Quote” or a “Navigation bar.”  

After that, the process is pretty simple to follow. Here is how to request a quote for OC photo editing services for your upcoming image-editing project.

Step 1: Place your personal and business details

Inform the photo editing outsourcing agency about your personal and business details, such as name, phone number, email ID, and website URL (if you have any). With these details, OC’s expert client handling team knows who you are and where they send your requested quote. 

Step 2: Select photo editing services as per your business requirements

Each image editing service has its specialties and pricing structure, too. By choosing one or more editing services, you can help them prepare an accurate quote for you. It also mitigates back and forth and ensures faster image delivery.

Step 3: Provide a message with detailed instructions to meet your desired level

Now, you need to mention your editing complexity so that professional graphic designers understand what kinds of edits you need for your eCommerce business or others. 

Also, you can set a deadline, and the pricing will vary on this. If you want, you can mention other complementary services, such as –

  • Straighten crop and set margin (helpful to meet Amazon and Walmart marketplace requirements).
  • Resize images,
  • Background type, and more.

However, you can also declare how many images you need to edit.

Step 4: Upload your images or Drag & Drop files

In this stage, you need to upload your product images by browsing files from your PC or Drag and drop them to the quote form. You can use JPG, PSD, PNG, PDF, RAW, TIFF, or CR2. 

Step 5: Bulk order process 

If you have a bulk amount of product image files of more than 25 Mb, you can upload those via the Cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer).

See, all steps are simple and clear enough to place a quote request. Now, it’s time to check out some key factors of selecting an affordable clipping path service provider.

Request Your Custom Quote & Get in 30 Mins

Who Needs a Clipping Path Service Provider?

As per an Etsy survey, 90% of buyers admit that quality product photos are a “very important” thing for influencing purchase decisions. Poorly clipping or editing images breaks your reputation and trust among your consumers. That’s the reason most industries outsource from the best photo editing agencies, including:

Professional Photographer

There is a proverb that, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. When it comes to Amazon product photography, shoe product photography, or others, high-quality image is a must thing. That’s why professional photographers focus on capturing in-depth details with their important features and spend less time on editing.

However, they mainly outsource clipping path services for:

  • Separating subjects from the background to give a professional visual.
  • Enhance and manipulate product photos to give artistic and creative effects.
  • Allow you to focus on your important photography works by fixing minor issues or making adjustments.

E-commerce Retailers 

Forbes states the global e-commerce market is expected to reach $6.3 trillion in 2023. If you want to be a part of and increase your revenues, there is no alternative to high-quality product images. 

By hiring a professional image editing company, e-commerce retailers get an advantage in several fields, such as:

  • Display the best features of products on a clean, white background or a transparent background.
  • Professional crafted jewelry photo editing helps to represent the perfect shapes, sizes, and real colors.
  • Realistic shadows to product images build trust among your consumers.
  • Maintain brand consistency and professional outlook across your eCommerce store or your official website.

Advertising and Marketing Agency

Who wants to avoid building a strong social media profile to drive more traffic and grow their business? Social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram, and others value highly polished images. You must notice Netflix’s Instagram ads highlighting product images with in-depth details. 

Also, businesses outsource photo editing services for many reasons, such as:

  • Make changes to objects’ real color, style, patterns, etc.
  • Retouching images helps them to create an authentic and credible brand image among their consumers. 
  • For promoting a car, professionals help to showcase its sleek lines or the powerful engine. 
  • Help to create a mood or emotion by adjusting lighting and other aspects of an image. 

Real Estate Company

As per Statista, the real estate market is expected to reach almost $613.60tn, whereas 89% consider high-quality property photos. That’s why real estate owners hire professional photographers and skilled photo editors to post-process their real estate images that give an inviting, realistic, and vibrant look. 

Other advantages are:

  • Industry-expert photo editors work with the latest editing technologies and software like Photoshop. 
  • Highlight the best outlook by adjusting the sky color or removing unnecessary objects and so on.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to give an appealing and memorable view to your target seller’s eyes.

FAQs About Clipping Path Cost

What is the basic clipping path?

A basic clipping is applicable for straight or rectangular products with minimum or zero curves. The technique is useful for removing or changing object backgrounds. For example, a wine glass, a bottle, plates, and others.

What is the difference between a clipping path and a clipping mask?

The difference between clipping path and clipping mask lies in background removing techniques from an image. Let’s check out below for more details!

1. Path clipping employs fewer lines, tiny curvatures, and straight circular or rectangular forms. 
Layer masking employs complex images with multiple curves, turns, intricate soft edges, lines, and sharp details.

2. For selecting paths (closed vector shapes to separate a part) designers use a pen tool around the object.

3. This editing technique involves with Photoshop background Eraser tool, magic eraser tool, and color separation technique. 

3. It is suitable for straightforward edges i.e., boxes, simple accessories, ornaments, etc.
The technique is used for dealing with hard edges and complex lines i.e., hair, fur, etc.

However, both editing technique is suitable for eliminating background from e-commerce items, online shops, and others to make it more natural, professional, and appealing.

How do you ensure the privacy and security of my images?

Before hiring a clipping path service provider, go through their privacy and policies, including:

● Ensure they meet all your requirements, 
● File transfer techniques, 
● Securities of sharing your photographs with others.

Are revisions included in the pricing of clipping path services?

The answer depends on your hiring service provider and selecting a pricing structure. Some clipping path agencies offer a little for a certain number of image edits; others may not. With Offshore Clipping, you enjoy unlimited free revisions for greater quality demand. Try a free trial now to check their perfection.

What file formats support clipping paths?

Clipping paths are used in image editing to create complex shapes, mask products, or model images. Some common file formats support clipping paths, such as:

● PSD (Photoshop Document)
● PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
● TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
● SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
● EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
● PDF (Portable Document Format)


Now, at the end of this article, Clipping Path Pricing, we hope you’ll easily set your photo editing rates that add benefits to your business. Remember to follow every step of hiring or outsourcing a photo editing agency to find the best fit. 

By hiring a professional, you will easily stay ahead of your competition, earn consumers’ trust, and boost your revenue, too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s give the best and most realistic look of your products.

Ruzel Hasan
Ruzel Hasan

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