Amazon Product Photography Tips: Get Glamorous Photo Like Professionals

Did you ever notice the craze for Amazon product photography? In a platform like that, e-sellers vie for listing their products, intending to appear first than others.

As part of Amazon product image requirements, sellers want to ensure that their images aren’t trailing them behind. That’s when you- a professional come in.

As a photographer in the commercial field, it’s your job to ensure you are handing over the best version of your work. To do that, you need to know-

Why Do Amazon Sellers Look for Commercial Product Photography?

Why Do Amazon Sellers Look for Commercial Product Photography

Product photos influence 75% of shoppers. Image mismatch to product causes 22% or e-commerce return. That’s why online businessmen look for professional e-commerce product photography.

As a professional photographer for Amazon, you can help your targeted clients (Amazon seller, businessman) in-

Having a Positive First Impression

When we see a low-quality or pixelated image, do we pursue it further? No, we skip. Quality images help customers to have a good impression of certain products and attract them.

Improving Customer’s Experience

Images help online shoppers to virtually test the product. Visually appealing images pique customers’ interest and make them confident to buy the product.

Helping Increase Conversions

1.66 billion digital buyers are there; how do they buy products? Yes, with viewing images and reading product descriptions and reviews. But Their initial decision comes from images. Thus, it increases conversion rates.

Elevating Brand Authority

Quality image has powers; it showcases a brand’s professionalism and presence, and dominance. Posting quality images plays a vital role in elevating people’s perception of a brand.That’s why your images need to be of good quality. You can ensure clients satisfactory quality images at an affordable cost by taking a professional photo editing service.

How Sellers Get Their Products Displayed On Amazon?

How Sellers Get Their Products Displayed On Amazon

For product listing at Amazon, it has transparent guidelines among which high-resolution images have been given priority. As online shoppers don’t have the advantage of the tangibility of products, a qualified clear image works to convert them as buyers.

So, have your products photographed from different angles to make the purpose as understandable as possible. After that, with your uploaded visuals and well-written product descriptions, Amazon displays your product. Visuals include-

Hero Image

hero image for Amazon product listing

The main or leading image that pops up first is known as amazon’s hero image. It introduces viewers to the product by appearing on the search page, the browse page, and the detail page. Only 1 image serves as the hero image for Amazon product listing.

The better quality and obvious the product appears in the image, the more consumers’ attention that product gets. They believe good products have good images, so such images bring positive responses.

Additional Image

Additional images are known as supporting images. Apart from hero images, sellers are allowed to upload 8 images of which 6 images are shown. After entering the product page, these images can be seen. These images complement the product and create picturesque thoughts among potential buyers.

For additional images, sellers generally include-

Infographic Image

Infographic images are those that show information and graphics together.

Lifestyle Image

Lifestyle images are those that show products used in real life.

Angle Shots

Shots that are taken from different sides like- front, back, top, bottom.

Feature Shots

If any products include any specific feature or quality that can be labeled as unique considering the similar products, we call such shots ‘feature shots.’


Manuals with products are also shot for online buyers to see.

Product video

Sellers can show complete functionality through videos as well.

What Product Photography Equipment Need For Amazon Product Photography?

What Pieces of Equipment Do You Need For Product Photography?

If you are starting a photography business commercially, having a whole photography studio setup would do good in many ways. But still, you can run your business without having one if you have the necessary basic equipment.

Here are some must-have pieces of equipment that have been listed below-


A wide range of cameras is available. Don’t pick the one most pricey. You need to consider your expertise before buying. There are entry-level cameras as well as expert-level cameras for product photography. Before you own one, do research, seek reviews; you can even buy a pre-owned one for trial.


Even though lens-making materials are nearly similar, there are variations in quality. Same speech as choosing a camera- do your fair share of research before deciding the best camera lens for product photography.


Ensure enough lighting in your shoot spot. Your subject needs ample light to have the best look. Natural light is the main source of lighting; even so, the availability of artificial lights is needless to say. For artificial light, you can use Strobe, LED Lamps, Fresnel Light, Light Box, and so on.


Modifiers ensure even and moderate light, cut harshness, unnecessary shadows. Softbox, Scrim, Umbrella are the most used modifiers among professional photographers.


Commercial photography requires a single color background, and it’s not always possible to have that in place. That’s where backdrops work wonders. A wide range of backdrops like boards, fabrics is available on e-commerce sites.

Amazon Product Photography Tips

Amazon Product Photography Tips

As a product photographer for amazon, there are several spots to be cautious of. You will be responsible for the whole arrangements and settings; therefore, ensure your preparations are at their best. These must include the following steps, which you can consider as tips of precaution.

Arrange Essential Photography Equipment.

Have your emergency equipment prepared beforehand. These include- camera, lens, tripod, battery, memory card, lens cleaning kit, etc. Having a well-equipped camera with the necessary equipment is vital considering that it will help you to capture products in a client-craving look.

Get the guide: Creative product photo background ideas

Set The Right Exposure.

Exposure affects photographs in several ways. Mismatching these can negatively impact the image. This depends largely on exposure triangles-

  • ISO– Start with the lowest ISO settings.
  • Aperture– Set f-stop in between f/4 to f/8 for proper aperture settings.
  • Shutter Speed– Lower shutter speed for static products and vice versa.

Even Lighting for Product Photography.

For photography, lighting plays an essential role in commercial product photography. Depending on products, light and shadow will vary; for example, the lightings for diamond jewelry and leather shoes will never be the same.

Select Appropriate Background.

Amazon product photos are taken on white background. Therefore, it is suggested to refrain from using any background other than white. However, if you have no choice, you can take a professional background removal service later.

Avoid Wide Angle Lenses.

A wide-angle lens isn’t a suitable choice for professional product photography for Amazon. This lens makes objects near look big, and objects far away look small, making the objects look distorted in some cases. For commercial product photography, this creates an imbalance, which is a big no-no.

Have Correct White Balance.

To make the product in the image real and more authentic, color combination is important. White balance renders the white and other colors evenly an image. The lights you are using in your images can cause some harsh or uneven rays, such as natural light can create blue hues. That’s where white balance works out.

Allow Shadow If Necessary.

How much influence shadows have on a product image is unimaginable! It has led businesses to seek drop shadow services. Shadow helps to highlight certain parts while lighting is spread over other parts. Thus, it makes the product real-life usable and visually pleasing.

Use Macro Mode For Tiny Products.

For shooting tiny size products like some jewelry pieces, use the macro mode. DSLR cameras are the best for professional product photography. It allows you to take extremely close-up shots. Thus products in the image show details sharply, no matter how distant that is.

Retouch Your Images.

Who doesn’t know the importance of photo editing? A slight retouch can change the whole scenario. As a commercial photographer, you may not have much time to do the work by yourself, hence consider hiring freelance photo editors or outsourcing retouching services from experts.

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Professional Amazon Product Photography FAQs

Q: What is Product Photography?

A: Product photography is the work of taking photos of products for commercial purposes.

Q: How do I become an Amazon product photographer?

A: To become a product photographer for Amazon, first hone your skill in product photography. Then marketize your expertise to reach the targeted audiences.

Q: How much to charge for product photography?

A: It depends on your expertise. Generally, professional product photography can cost more than $ 400.

Q: Which camera is good for product photography?

A: Here are the top 5 cameras suitable for product photography-

  • Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K Digital Camera
  • Nikon D750 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera
  • Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera
  • Nikon D7500 20.9MP DSLR Camera

Q: Which lens is best for product photography?

A: Here are the best 5 camera lenses for product photography

  • Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens
  • Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens
  • Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens
  • Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens

Final Verdict

Online photos are the only scope for sellers to show their products. This is the part that can make or break a seller’s target.

So, as a photographer, if you want to make happy clients, master the photography skill, follow the tips mentioned above and edit product photos for amazon to ensure quality images.

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