How to Get More Easter Sales? Easter Marketing Ideas

Want to increase more sales through a single event? Festivals are the doors.

There are several hundred festivals celebrated throughout the year. And as an e-commerce business owner, you can pull off your selling by targeting those.

One of the most popular festivals for Christianians is Easter Sunday, the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated with joyfulness amidst music, flowers, gifts, candle lights, and so on.

It is a great event to boost your Easter sales. If you can target your audience through connecting with their religious values and relevant offers, promotions; chances are you are going to make it.

Want me to tell you how? Stay tuned.

For starters, let’s know the brief story of Easter Sunday.

History of Easter Sunday

Roman people crucified Jesus. According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ came back to life 3 days later on Sunday. From that day onward, Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon.

To commemorate Jesus’ advent to life, some churches offer religious service late at night on Saturday. It is known as the “Easter Vigil.”

This festival includes non-religious celebrations like Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny as tradition.

10 Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Your Easter Sales

Holidays, festivals are busy occasions. During those days/ seasons, every single online businessman and e-commerce owner come up with their exclusive deals of the year. Therefore, you get a window opportunity to connect with your potential audience.

Your target is to grab their attention to make the sale. To do that, you can either go for a new plan or revise the existing one in a new way.

Before that, take a look at these 10 Easter marketing ideas to adjust or add your ideas.

Idea 1: Re-search Your Consumers

Easter carries a sentiment of joy and re-life; indeed a special occasion for celebrators. So consider the day’s worth to them. Understand their feelings, emotions. Put yourself in their shows- which of their needs you can fulfill that adds happiness.

When you do so, try engaging with them. For example, many brands bring special offers for ‘1st time buyers’. This can draw the attention of new potential audiences and convert them to buyers. It is a smart technique to get an enormous response and helps to connect with more audiences.

Idea 2: Beef Up Your Preparations

Let’s start preparing. It is wise to start 1 month beforehand to have enough time to come up with a well-designed plan. Your initial plan should include-

  • Theme with which you can proceed

A theme is good enough to help you go through the entire process. Spread this theme across everything from your story, slogan to your packaging, from your social platform to your messaging.

  • Right message to convince potential viewers

What do you want them to know? And why would they care?
Your overall Easter campaign has a purpose of serving and of gaining. So, create a message that precisely conveys that part.

  • Offering something they need or desire

Normally, occasions have their own glamour. During this time, people buy a lot. What more do people need that you can offer? Give it a good thought. This can be an interesting prize, or a necessary product, or saving money.

Idea 3: Hold Events and Contests

Almost all types of brands hold something on occasions because people find those enjoyable and participate. So, if you run out of ideas, take a look at your contemporary brands.

There is a lot to do, such as arranging events, campaigns, contests, quiz games (like egg hunting) to encourage them to participate or purchase.

Those who will win or answer correctly have some special giveaway or gifts for them, for example-

  • Cash discount/ Rebate
  • Free shipping
  • Combo pack
  • BOGO Offer (Buy One, Get One)
  • Daily essential commodities.

This increases the chance of cross-selling and upselling as well.

Such arrangements excite people and convince them to connect more with your program and with your brand in the long run.

If you sell on any e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon, e-Bay, etc., you’ll find that the competition gets even stiffer during the holidays. This happens even with your own business website.

However, you can be one step ahead by taking advantage of the few weeks before the holidays.

Stock up on products, optimize your listings, take inventory, optimize your website, run speed tests, etc.

The only way to beat the competition and make this holiday as profitable as possible is always to be prepared.

Idea 4: Go for Omni Channel Platforms

Omnichannel is a type of multi-channel marketing approach which is connected to all channels. Through this approach, you can ensure a uniform and seamless message delivery across all channels you are using.

a. Offline Platforms

Offline is the traditional marketing platform or channel. It is more like a local approach as it includes-

  • RadioTelevision
  • Print media
  • Physical stores
  • Pamphlet and Flyer
  • Billboards, Posters and so on.

Depending solely on offline media isn’t recommended. Instead, combine both traditional and digital with other channels for marketing your product to get more responses this Easter Sunday.

b. Online Platforms

Online platforms are the most suitable platform to promote and spread globally. So, use online to your advantage.

How can you use online platforms to promote your brand during this Easter?

1. Social media

Social media is the most common platform. Over 3.6 billion people are using social media. This is where your relevant, targeted audience has already stayed put. You need to reach them.

Use both unpaid and paid advertisements.
Update festive-oriented posts.
Include stories to connect the audience.

2. Videos

Videos are another connective option. Apart from youtube, now almost all platforms (social media, blog posts) allow video and video ads.

3. Google Ads

Google ads are the perfect place to promote a brand. It is a type of paid ad; you have to pay them to show your product or service upon searching a particular keyword.

4. Referral program

This is an exact example of ‘word-of-mouth marketing. It is a marketing tactic through which existing customers are incentivized to refer the product or services to his/her own network.

5. E-zine

You can use ezine to promote your products/services as well. There are options for paid advertisements, a pop-up which is a good platform to work.

6. Email

Create personalized email- this is indeed an effective strategy. So, when you are sending a mail or newsletter, include their names, details and appreciate their interest in you. As it is for Easter, the mail can have greetings, along with the information you are giving. Doing so will make them feel you value and honor their loyalty.

7. Content

A survey said that 85% of buyers prioritize User Generated Content (UGC) as authentic.

Launching a new product? Or, offering discounts or gifts? No matter which platform you use, prioritize your content part as you are going to need it everywhere.

  • Update your product descriptions.
  • Use/create festive special hashtags.
  • Bring festive in everything including story, ads, newsletter, mail copy, social media posts, web-contents.
Use paid ads, social media and referral programs

Idea 5: Partner Up To Draw Attention

What do you think about partnership? This is more like having your cake and eating it too. With a single program in mind, you approach to form a partnership and market your product to attract viewers.

There are many ways you can do it, here are some-

a. Ask for sponsorship.
b. Team up with brands having a similar target audience.
c. Endorse celebrities.
d. Link up with social media influencers.

Partnering up is going to have a huge impact on your brand during and after the event ends. It is a short-term approach with long-term benefits as this helps a brand to engage with a broader range of people. This way, consumers can trust and get a sense of comfort from the brand.

Idea 6: Customize Your Store

If you are an online seller, you have a website/own store. Want to sell products successfully online through connecting more audiences?

Celebrate festivals in your store. It will have a psychological impact on your targeted clients. In addition, celebrations encourage and engage people. So, decorate your virtual store for Easter as well.

These changes should be applied to the following factors-

a. Banner & logo

Have festive special banners and logos updated to your store? Include necessary info and decorate to give it an iconic look.

b. Contents

Tweak your content syncing with the product/service. Show your offers, discounts, or other gifts through your content. Ensure your content is delivering a similar message across all channels.

c. CTA ( Call to Action)

Include festival special CTAs. It works to spirit up buyers to purchase or act.

d. Live chat & pop-ups

Got live chat and pop-ups in your store? Make them personalized. Include wishes or greet the viewers with those.

Ensure your changes are compatible with the mobile version as well. Having a mobile-friendly campaign is a good way to find the ideal audience among 2.5 billion android users.

Idea 7: Ensure Customer Service

Happy customers create sales, help a company grow and sustain the competition. However, offering a product or service isn’t going to help alone. Ensure improving client service so that they receive what they asked for appropriately.

Statistics show that, in 2020, 47% of consumers switched brands due to poor customer services. Things are bound to get winded during festivals. If you can’t ensure good services, you are going to mess up a big time.

What are the ways to deliver good client service?

  • Train the Customer support team
  • Be responsive and respectful
  • Maintain positive vibe
  • Pay heed to clients requirements
  • Ensure even service in all platforms

Idea 8: Drive Them To FOMO

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out, a marketing strategy to create a sense of anxiety of missing something important, which is limited to a time or number. Marketers use this to create urgency of a situation or event so that the maximum number of the target audience can reach.

For Easter, you can come up with something similar and exciting, such as a 50% discount for the top 50 participants. This is definitely a great way to re-target and increase sales for festivals.

Idea 9: Star First, End Last

When should you start marketing an event? Start preparing a month ahead. This will allow you plenty of time to think things through and sort those out.

It’s better to launch your program/event first. This will help you get attention and have the upper hand as people love to have offers, discounts, gifts vouchers. And close your program as late as possible. The longer your program runs, the chances are the better engagement rate.

Idea 10: Have Fun With Your Work

Festival targeted campaigns aren’t always about competing or going with the flow- your campaign can be unique only to have fun. Easter is meant to celebrate; let’s make sure you do not sound too salesy.

Get plenty of fun with your purpose. An enjoyable process creates a merrier output. However, the fun should be limited to fun, not to hurt or disrespect by any means. You can invite people to share their celebrations or people of other cultures to share their views.

Easter Sales FAQs

Why is the festive season important for business?

Generally, products make their most sales during festivals. So, businessmen need to plan beforehand using these times of the year.

How much money can you make during festivals?

During festivals, business owners can make more profit; in some cases, record-breaking ones.

How do you advertise on Easter?

Use the above-mentioned omnichannel platforms to advertise your product or services on Easter.

What are some things that businesses do for Easter?

Businesses announce offers, gifts, coupons, discounts, contests, competitions, and so on for Easter.

What is an Easter egg in marketing?

In business or marketing, Easter eggs mean secret features, jokes, or hidden messages.

What should I post on social media for Easter?

For Facebook posts on Easter, wish-type content should be more engaging.


And there you have it. Five ways to help you make more sales this Easter. While you implement these tips, keep in mind that you should also keep track of your website’s progress.

If you’re looking for more marketing strategies that you can use during holidays, check out the recent guide we put together about the “Holiday Promotions: 31 Seasonal Marketing Ideas to Help You Get More Sales.

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