Ecommerce Product Photography Guide: Everything You Need to Know

When you sell products online, you sell pre-product images. At present, e-commerce photography serves as a way of communicating with customers. So, it must convey everything about the product. Amidst the many advantages of online shopping, one of the biggest drawbacks is that the customer cannot touch the product and product images are the only options for them to check.

So, you can start an e-commerce product photography business as a side hustle. To succeed, this requires less capital and it’s easy to start if have good guidelines along with better e-commerce image editing solutions. By which I mean paying heed to post-production.

Being the only option for the check, images play a vital role in e-commerce. These images give people an idea of the services or products they’re selling, and they can set their expectations on what they’ll be getting when they purchase these. Therefore, you have to make sure your images are up-to-the-mark. To do that, edit your images or take photo editing services from clipping path companies.

Apart from that, there are some more considerations. Here are some product photography ideas and recommendations for accessories.

Note: These things are designed for products to be decorated on the table with a configuration that is small enough to stay towards the side of the room or the shelter.

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How to Setups eCommerce Product Photography – Detailed Guidelines

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DSLR Camera

In the case of web images that are shot in controlled lighting, you do not need a large part of the lights that accompany expensive cameras. Because you are taking photos very close, you only need a camera that will allow you to control the opening, and its goal is to achieve the whole product.

Any DSLR camera for product photography will give you that option. If you do not have a chance that you do not have a DSLR, I recommend an adapter such as the Nikon D3400.


Background for product photography

Buy white polystyrene paper from a print shop or specialty, use wood to make a DIY stand and arrange it as follows. Or you can get it again on Amazon.

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Reflectors help coordinate the light with the product. Eliminate white special boards and stand on them with clasps. This can be helpful depending on the type of product being photographed. In the case of intelligent things such as metal and glass, they are useful in minimizing reflections and controlling light.


camera Lenses

The basic 18-55 mm center point is suitable for general products. If you’re shooting a product that is not exactly the same width, think about getting a full-blown focus. For all others, 18-55 mm works well.

The image below was made with a focal point of 18-55 mm, and the pendant is about an inch wide. In the case of an online company or index, this level of detail and clarity is sufficient.



My general recommendation is to refrain from holding the tripod. When working with a product, you need to continue adjusting your height, so you need something that is difficult, but it is not difficult to use.

Another tripod contains a helpful, helpful flat arm. This will allow shooting from above – which is normal for photo shoots. If you buy a different one, I recommend it.

Building Your e-commerce Photography Portfolio

Building Your Product Photography Portfolio

To make a portfolio, do a few things around – books, clothes, accessories – on a white foundation. To get the perfect white background. You have three options: Set the lighting to get the white background. Straight from the camera.

To learn how to do this, read the 3 mistakes in the Rookie game that you should avoid when shooting against a white background or this; Tips for quickly and effectively shooting products in the studio. Export editing to a site, such as Pixels, which will remove foundations in Photoshop for a small fee.

Building reviews

Building reviews

Start by doing a few small tasks for free or with an extremely minimal effort. In return – ask the client to leave you an audit on Yelp. Try to get no less than three. These surveys will allow you to later make your services available to paying customers.

Where can you find companies that will try their administration? Start with Craigslist in the “Gigs> imaginative” area and scan for eCommerce photography, Craigslist – How to start a side business in product photography.

After getting audits, doing these checks if your procedure is working. Based on customer critique, repair and change everything as required and try again.

Create a simple portfolio website

Create a simple portfolio website

In the event that you have chosen to go ahead, the next step is to collect a simple portfolio site. There are many options, but I like the photographic formats in Squarespace, so look at them. Or, on the other hand, if you have no chance of becoming more specialized, try WordPress. Do not invest too much energy in the construction of the site. All you need is to look professional, so you need a

– website

– portfolio page and

– contact page.

In the beginning, there should be nothing more.



Marketing is usually the most difficult part of, Fashion Photographers for their business This is the reason why getting these reviews is crucial – for example, do you think twice about buying something on Amazon when there are no surveys?

Read the best-selling photo books or visit photo exhibitions to find out what your customers like and what work they would like to appreciate.

You also need to analyze packaging and photo processing to find out what is a hit among non-standard ones. Or you can think about starting a photography blog.

Identify your target customers


Google product type. For example, looking for something like jewelry from precious stones for, Fashion Photography, The people on the first page most likely have unusual photographs.

In any case, go to a third party or higher and click to find several stores that do not have professional-looking photos. Send them an e-mail with your administrative subtleties – put a link to your website and the Yelp pages together with reviews.

You can also break down into customers who have great pictures – maybe you can do better jobs or come at a lower cost.


Get inspired by the extraordinary product photography

Start by looking at the amazing models in your Fashion industry, If you want to move coffee, check how other Fashion retail store, deal with photography and photography post-production company.

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Pinterest can be an extraordinary source of inspiration and a similarly amazing place to store photos that you like. If you’re on Pinterest, start the game “shoot thoughts” to collect the best types.

Choose a style that suits your products

Product Photo

Product photography can vary in style and detail – but it should not be confused. Numerous unusual ecommerce stores, such as GhostBed, use simple photos of their products on a white foundation:

Talk to Local Retailers

The nearest companies are obliged to renew customers because they realize that you are close. At Google, when you join the query “close me”, the guide will display information about your company nearby.

So, search for slogans such as “animal stores close me” or “wineries I shut”, etc. You will receive contact information for the nearby places. Ignore the huge companies because they are most likely involved in photography at home. Focus on smaller companies. Additionally, you can scan nearby businesses on Yelp.


Assemble the contact list using the above procedure and send information about services via e-mail. Most retailers are already selling online or thinking about selling online. So these are great prospects to achieve the goal.

Recognize Target Customers

Now that you’ve honed your fixed areas and examined the stock market, it’s time to highlight your target customers. In truth, finding the perfect e-commerce and your wealth will bring half of this trip. Depending on the current design, your quality can be coordinated with potential customers who will show interest in your company … Give your business to potential customers.

Each company needs customers to survive. The most important need of every new company is to attract new customers not only to create a company but also to start generating profits for your company.

For a job, you must have a portfolio that displays your business. That’s why you have to take the time to choose the best job. Your portfolio should consist of the most powerful 11×14 photos; although most customers prefer printouts, others prefer to see their work online, which is why a simple, fast website is needed.

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