How to Find Professional Freelance Photo Editor? A Complete Guide

Running an e-commerce business? Proper budget allocation is one of your biggest concerns even though you have already a lot on your plate.

In the e-commerce business, a lion’s share of attracting customers depends on product photography and it is the trump card. To convert those potential customers into sales, you have to play your cards right.

No worries! Freelance photo editors got you covered! You get high-standard edited images that have been carried out by expert professionals. You do not have to worry about expertise, quality, experience, or instruction at all. Moreover, you get your extra expenses saved and your target achieved.

Lucrative images play a vital role to make customers believe that a certain product is the best solution for them. For this reason, high-quality edited images are in high demand in e-commerce platforms and online businesses.

– But how you can do it with the help of expert photo editors?
– Who are those freelance photo editors?
– How do they work?
– Which will benefit you in the long run?

Let’s dig in…

Who is a Freelance Photo Editor?

Freelance Photo Editor is a self-employed one, either a person or an agency, who offers professional photo editing services and handles multiple orders at a time. Such editors are generally highly skilled experienced professionals who have vast knowledge in photo editing and get the job done impressively.

They take proper care of the assigned task as if they are handling their own one. More importantly, they heed to clients’ demands and work accordingly to ensure both quality and client satisfaction. Thereby, you can rest assured that your job is handled by actual experts.

Why is Freelance Photo Editing Necessary?

In the business-oriented modern world, all kinds of businesses vie for becoming the best by offering the most. In such a situation, what can be the most effective way for them to do so?

Yes, convince the customers!!

Once you convince your customers and build credibility among them, it drives them to purchase your product. And thus, you fulfill a portion of the target. It is obviously an important step up for boosting your sale.

As a primary stage of convincing customers, almost all companies believe to showcase superior quality images of their product. Taken photos need enhancements, a slight final touch-up may make a 360-degree turn for increasing sales. That is when people search for photo editing companies.

However, in most cases, freelance editors for photos are the cost-effective solution. Your workload can be executed at an affordable cost in the shortest possible time which may consume several of your weeks to complete. Not to mention the cost!

So, as the easiest solution for every unprecedented situation, hiring a photo editor is the best option.

How can you find a good freelance photo editing expert

how can you find a good freelance photo editor

The era of digitalization has made everything way more attainable within just one click. Considering different perspectives, it is both suitable as well as formidable!

How to choose photo editor for hire?

A lot of photo editing service providers are out there promising to provide the best services. Therefore, the abundance of photo editors leaves no choice but to evaluate their skills; whether that is actually worthy of your cost, time and effort.

When you need photo editing services, understand their skills to ensure getting the job done flawlessly. The work you are going to assign holds grave importance. By no means it should be administered with the slightest negligence. Hence, consider the following factors while finding good and professional freelance services for photo editing.

Have a Clear Understanding

What assignment you are going to handover, decide it from the get-go. Plan ahead, what is the result you want to receive after a certain period of time and paying a certain amount of money.

Research Thoroughly

You have an inscribed goal in your mind, now be off to a running start. Research thoroughly among the variations out there, which one is the most appropriate option for you.

If you have a lot of photos to be edited, go for a trustworthy experienced agency. If the workload is relatively less, consider hiring a professional person instead of an agency.

Ask for a Recommendation

You wouldn’t buy ingredients for cooking without checking, would you? Same needs to be the case for hiring photo editors.

Don’t just randomly assign someone for the task, you may end up getting a ruined project! Ask about such sources to people in your industry.

Check Portfolio for Quality

After conducting some research, you might have some options in your hand. Check out their websites for their sample works. You can check out their social media accounts for further examples. Try out their free-trial option as well. You will have a whole comprehension of their working style and quality.

Take Notes of Their Business Ethics

Whom you are going to assign for your task, take a look at their website to know elaborately. Pay heed to their processing system. Try communicating with them to understand more about their

– business etiquette,
– reliability,
– how responsive they are,
– their privacy policy towards clients etc…

Take consideration of the reviews and testimonials as well. All these will help you find a better solution in the end.

Is it Budget-Friendly for You?

Generally, post-production services of photography vary depending on projects’ volume and complexity. Even so, freelancing services for photo editing is still affordable for most of the cases. Therefore, put in charge the one whose services comply with your budget.

Whom to Hire for Freelance Photo Editing?

That’s a question worth giving a thought. Amidst the alternatives, having some shortlisted options would be much more advantageous for you, won’t it?

Researching the international market and online marketplace, we have some of the best freelance service providing agencies and marketplaces for photo editing. Here you go-

Freelance photo editing service from Agency

Agencies are a great source of reliable partnership for handling workload. However, before selecting an agency for freelance photo editing services, you require a transparent idea of their working style. For a great amount of work to complete, contacting them is the best solution.

Take a peek at the summary of hiring a photo editor, we provided for your better understanding.

1. Offshore Clipping

Offshore Clipping Path

Providing outsource photo editing services in post-production photography, the company excels in skill and strategy.

Using bleeding-edge technology and state of the photo editing software, they perform an impressive job at an affordable price.

The tech-savvy employees of the company help to retain a positive impression among clients around the world.

24×7 client supportServices are not available to Asia
Discount in bulk order 
Professional & reliable 
Unlimited free revisions 
100% money-back guarantee 

2. We Edit Photos

We Edit Photos

Being a high-end photo retoucher, the company outsources services in online portraits, weddings and stands out from the crowd.

The company is constantly developing and demonstrating strong expertise. Thus, it meets clients’ expectations and industry standards.

Ensure perfectionResponding to customers take times
24×7 client supportOnly way to communicate is through email
All file formats are accepted 
Discount system is quite flexible 

3. Tucia


Tucia is one of the popular photo enhancement service providers. With unique photo retouching services by using cutting-edge techniques, it offers 2 types of services to clients, one is basic editing and the other is extensive editing.

Safe & confidentialCredit system for calculating price
Professional & reliableOnly way to communicate is through email
Excellence in color correctionDiscount offer is available only for the business account holders

4. Color Expert BD

Color Expert BD

Color Expert BD is renowned photo manipulation and graphic design service provider. The company provides premium quality photo editing services blending, perfection, and skill at a competitive price.

On Time DeliveryConfusing pricing policy
Easy payment systemCharges applicable for the extras work
Satisfying professional work 

5. Clipping Path India

Clipping Path India

Clipping Path India is an offshore graphic design studio providing high-quality image editing services. Under competitive pricing, it offers both quality work and satisfactory results even within the tight schedule.

AffordableComplicated order system
Fast customer service 
Various services under clipping path 

Freelance Photo Editor from Marketplace

In this day and age, freelance job sites roar like a king. It has become a realm of skilled professionals. You can easily hire people with photo editing expertise from there. For relatively less workload, freelancers are practicable to work with.

However, before assigning tasks, evaluate properly. Nowadays, these sites are filled with candidates of mediocre skills claiming to be experts. Some sites have issues like scam reported. Being aware of these will cost you nothing, rather save you many things.

Yet, there are some well-known sites.

1. Upwork


Upwork is one of the trusted platforms for remote work. Having millions of posted jobs in 70 categories annually, the site is serving individuals with skills to find jobs and those searching for those skills.


  • User-friendly


  • Hiring is costly

2. Fiverr


By providing a lot of opportunities at a comparable price, this site has completed tasks up to the mark. It is an easy platform for finding professionals of any skills as you can see people’s expertise and rate in their published gig.


  • Has wide variety of alternatives


  • Some sellers are not qualified enough

3. Freelancer


Freelancer is a big crowdsourcing marketplace to connect with proficient people across the globe. The platform opportunates entrepreneurs to find professionals for specific jobs to complete as well as professionals to earn handsomely.


  • Provides some real opportunities


  • People reported not getting work done

4. People Per Hour


Having the ambition to connect business with expert freelancers has led this site to become one of the pricey yet time-efficient means of finding solutions. It is the easiest way to find outsourcers and skilled workers in the local area.


  • Works are completed on hourly or project basis


  • Monetary risk is reported

5. Guru


Guru is another platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and get the work done. Under more than 8 categories, users are listed as a group or individual to work so that employers can easily select a freelancer to complete their tasks.


  • Easy hiring


  • Transaction and other fees cost high rate

Agency vs Marketplace – Which One is Right Choice?

Freelance Photo Editor- Agency vs Marketplace Comparison

When you go searching for an agency or marketplace, you get never-ending options. Therefore, it is a tough decision to make which one is the most capable of providing satisfactory results for your requirement.

For your convenience, we have made a table differentiating a number of factors to assist you to decide your trusted partner.

Key point



Team of Professionals Has a team of experts Most photo editors work alone, some people may have a team
Experience Has prior experiences Has combination of newbie, mediocre, experienced
Expertise Handles workload by skilled professionals and ensures perfection with proper recheck and revision as much as possible Those who have enough skills provide client service properly within the scheduled time
Photoshop Skill Recruits people having vast knowledge in photoshop Not everyone has deep understanding of photoshop
Turnaround Time Follows turnaround time strictly to deliver work on time Maintains turnaround time
Pricing Structure Clients seal the deal under transparent pricing structure Have a payment system on an hourly and project basis
Available service Provides support 24/7 No people can serve 24/7
Workload Management Best suitable for editing piles of images Suitable for comparatively less amount of images
Client Support Handles a lot of clients on a regular basis Handling multiple clients is a bit difficult
Communication Reliable and responsive to clients Reliable and responsive to clients
Handling Complicated assignment Having a team has its perks which an agency can take advantage of while dealing with complications in an assignment The complicated task may take more time to finish

Many businesses tend to count more on agencies taking their ethics and crystal-clear service system into consideration.

Even professional photographers are pairing up with agencies that save enough of their time to utilize focusing on photography more, while the editor will make his photography more appealing with processing work.

Whatever your decision is, make sure you have a smooth journey, not just-high quality images.

When Do You Hire Freelance Photo Editor

When Do You Hire Freelance Photo Editor

There are undeniable situations that compel you to think of alternatives like hiring photo editing services in freelancing. So, when should you get your ball rolling?

Complete a certain project

Let’s exemplify this. Someone who has a fast-food business might require a photo editor only to fulfil a certain purpose. So, he/she doesn’t need to hire a full-time employee at all. Rather short time solution would be banking on a photo editor who is freelancing.

Short-term employment

Suppose, you require 5,000 images edited within a certain period of time. Chances are you may never have to deal with that part, or once in a year at best. What could be the better option other than handling the job to freelancing agencies or editors that deal with post-production photography? Tell us.

Long-term collaboration

To put it simply, when your business does not have the post-production department for photography but you are planning to have one sometime soon. So, it is difficult for you to hire someone to perform the job.

But you must run the show.

Think of collaboration to tackle these parts. Consider your work done when you are relying on freelancing photo editors.

In-house work quantity exceeds

Even if you have an in-house setup of post-production photography, you may end up having a tremendous amount of workload every once in a while. In that case, you have to rely on outside services next to your in-house.

For saving time and money

You need high-quality images that will stir the mind of your customers. The image alone can fulfill the purpose only when it is edited by the right hand.

You have neither time to explain everything nor enough budget to complete the task by professionals provided that you have a lot of many other projects to complete. Considering such situations, the easiest alternative is to appoint a freelance editor for photography.

Required specialized expertise

One of the biggest perks of photo editors or agencies that freelances are they have variations in skills. Whatever the service you may end up taking, they have gotten your back. So, you do not have to worry about anything.

Things to Consider Before Hire a Freelance Photo Editor

Things to Consider Before Hire a Freelance Photo Editor

There are several factors that you should look into before hiring a photo editor from the freelancing sector. Regardless of agency or person, these following factors are like paradigms for all photo editors. Those are-


Experiences do matter. Of course, you don’t want someone learning curves keeping you at the risk of ‘what will happen….’ An experienced one does not require much explanation and thus, you don’t have to jump through the hoops.

So, assign the task to an experienced one. Check their website for their experiences and year-on-year improvements. Photo editing is an important task that should not be transferred to someone without knowing their field of expertise much.

Software & Technology

In the modern era, lacking updates about current trendy software or technology may be viewed as ignorance! Ensure your trusted agency or person has spread his/ its net wide enough; so that you get the exact services you asked for.


How capable are they of handling workload? Under certain circumstances, you may require urgent work to be done. So, talk it out do they have enough manpower or capability to do this job?

Turnaround time

Don’t forget to know about their turnaround time. How fast can the process and deliver the work you asked them to complete? Having the one that has the quickest turnaround time will save your time exponentially.


Hope you have already come to a point. There are a lot of customers waiting for your services. Pay attention to them and decide wisely. Let the proficient experts handle their job to help you grow.

Good luck in choosing your photo editing partner!!!

Ruzel Hasan
Ruzel Hasan

Ruzel Hasan is a genuine polymath. He has versatile skills and is adept in post-production work, graphic designing, photo editing, file formatting, and mastering various related applications and software. In addition, he has a knack for writing, so he shares his knowledge, tips, and ideas through content within his busy schedule.

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