Jewelry Photo Editing Tips – Things Should Know Before Jewelry Editing

Your ecommerce website includes many jewelry products and if those aren’t shot properly and lack details from various angles, your visitors will lose interest and instantly change their minds to browse another website. In this case, the photos require proper editing.

The fact is, jewelry photography is quite intriguing and post-processing requires technical process to maintain. The main issue that occurs when observing photos such as inappropriate coloring, pale background, dust on jewelry or spots on jewelry that needs to be removed.

So, if you want to handle unwanted reflections and lighting and want to remove some coloring areas, visible dust, or incorrect background, there are jewelry photo editing services and a handful of methods there. Read more in the following section.

What is jewelry photo editing?

Jewelry is delicate stuff, and when you use jewelry images for an ecommerce platform, the image should be properly sized, shaped, and cleaned up for photo clarity. Customers are prone to view the jewelry images from various angles, so you need to have clear-cut photos.

Jewelry photo editing enhances the overall look of your photos and represents the subjects in the best possible light. With the color correction and uses of light and effects tool makes the jewelry editing brighter and tempting to the visitors and eventually this attracts more customers.

What is jewelry photo retouching?

Another term in photo editing is retouching. Jewelry retouching requires complex software and post-production process where jewelry images are edited. The retouching process helps to maintain and improve the quality of the images and it represents the simple visual into appealing presentation.

The expert recommends using retouching process on the website to survive in the business of jewelry. Jewelry retouching includes alteration of brightness, details, tone to make the images look stunning. Moreover, the editing helps removing dust and fingerprints to make the pictures look majestic.

Details on Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Difference between jewelry editing vs jewelry retouching

Difference between jewelry editing vs jewelry retouching

Most images photographed by professionals are somehow edited. As cameras don’t process the image and provide true color temperature, photos don’t usually look the way you take the photos. So, editing and retouching are the only solutions to give your photos a proper look.

Basic Jewelry editing includes increasing or decresing brightness of images and takes less time to finish, and the whole process depends on the desired effect.

Conversely, jewelry retouching requires complex software and post-production process where the distinct details of an image is edited.

Moreover, basic jewelry Image editing consists of different color corrections such as white balance, highlights, and contrast. White balance is the warmth or coolness setting, and the correction process includes removing unrealistic colors from your photos. These are all included in the basic image editing process.

On the other hand, photo retouching is another term for a final touch to the images. The retouching process includes changing the brtighness, detailed view of the image, color tone, cropping, resizing and reshape, removing dust, unwanted marks or spots and fingertips to make stunning images.

Why is jewelry photo retouching important?

Jewelry photography covers some distinct parts to successfully complete the whole photoshoot. Moreover, jewelry photography is one of the trickiest tasks to accomplish.

The primary concern is the post-processing work of the image. The post-processing of the jewelry photography should be done in a way that your image stands out perfect in the eyes of your visitors.

The different editing tasks such as image background remove, reflection, adjustments of shadow, contrast, and lighting, resizing all are effective and removes the flaws of an image.

The main concern behind editing images is to lift up your website’s professional look. The success of your ecommerce business relies on quality photo editing. Additionally, as the customers can’t touch the product you’re showcasing, you need to perfect the photo retouching works to maintain the color balance.

Visitors and customers look for the sophisticated look of your website and when images of your website produces vibrant colors, it adds flavor to the sophisticated look. So, jewelry image retouching is a great way to improve the customers shopping experience.

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The Basic Jewelry Photo Retouching Processes

The Basic Jewelry Photo Retouching Processes

The whole process to edit jewelry photos is quite a complicated and time-consuming task. After shooting and maintaining all the procedures, there are some areas that need to develop to get the improved quality.

The photo retouching process simply follows the best techniques and tools to maintain the overall quality. Most uses Adobe Photoshop, which is widely-used and unmatched software for the retouching process. Follow some of the mandatory retouching processes in the later section.

Dust and Scratch Cleaning

Capturing the photo, you can see unwanted objects such as dust or scratches visible on the image. Moreover, the images containing unwanted objects thoroughly disrupt the purpose of jewelry photography.

For the restoration of the clean jewelry image, professional jewelry photo cleaning is required. The expert photo jewelry retoucher works on removing redundant and unwanted objects using software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

Jewelry Polishing

After a photoshoot, there are different areas of jewelry that needs top-notch photo retouching. The professionals use image-enhancing technology to give the image a professional touch. The experts use the latest retouching tools to adjust shape, texture, and size for a flawless and perfect image.

The end result of the images looks appealing to the customers and they opt to get the product more spontaneously.

Jewelry Metal smoothing

The different appearances such as jewelry stones and metals or camera lenses, produce the reflections in the image. Ultimately, the customer loses interest in the product for inappropriate shadows.

Professionals use the ‘unsharp mask’ tool to soften the sharp edges of the metal and make the jewelry more eye-catching. Go to the filter section of Photoshop and use the sharpen tool to adjust the sharp edges of the jewelry metal.

Jewelry Reflection Removal

The different appearances such as jewelry stones and metals or camera lenses produce the reflections in the image. Ultimately, the customer loses interest in the product for inappropriate shadows.

The task to remove the reflections from the photo is a quite complex task. So, experts use different software to remove the reflections. Use the ‘Clone’ tool to replace the reflection areas.

Jewelry Color Correction & Recoloring

It is quite a common scenario that even after a prolific photography session, jewelry photography requires more accuracy. The images that need readjustment of their coloring follow color correction methods to rectify the jewelry images.

The experts and professionals use software and various tools to accomplish the task. Most of them use Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom and later they balance the whitening and maintain image exposure to change to the desired output.

Balance the contrast or brightness

Sometimes the inappropriate contrast or brightness spoils the overall creativity of your jewelry photography. However, you can set the optimal contrast or brightness to enhance the look of your images.

Expert uses Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to brighten the photography image. Create a new layer in Photoshop while importing the image and set the brightness and contrast by the brightness/contrast option.

Jewelry Background Removal

The background removal of the jewelry photo editing is widely popular. As removing backgrounds easily bring the bright and colorful product to the front and removes any distractions, the process is quite popular.

The expert uses different tools and techniques to apply the white background. The specific jewelry products for example metal or stone needs to be set on the new layers to get the desired white background. The elements of the jewelry require to have their own paths and layers and need to be edited individually.

Jewelry Shadow Creation

The raw images from jewelry photography look unappealing. It’s because of the lack of lighting, natural shadow, or reflection. The captivating images create image shadow while applying their expertise in different photography software such as Adobe Photoshop.

The reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow, or retaining original shadows are the main shadow settings to make the appearance of your jewelry photography more captivating.

Final Adjustments

The final adjustments of jewelry retouching are resizing, removing blurry areas, shaping, and textures to follow. The whole process for either simple or high-end jewelry retouching requires a professional or expert to finish the editing task.

How to edit jewelry photos? 4 Methods one can follow

How to edit jewelry photos? 4 Methods one can follow

Jewelry photo editing is undoubtedly one of the stiff tasks to follow as it requires professional assistance. Moreover, you can use the best software out there to complete the task or use apps, online AI-based editors, and more.

Follow the different methods you can utilize to find your perfect photo editor for jewelry.

The assistance of a professional jewelry photo editing service provider

There are many professional jewelry photo editing services online. They provide productive service to the customers whether you need images edited for ecommerce or for your individual purpose. Some of them offer special prices and trial offers for their visitors.

The professional service provider provides all the basic editing and advanced tasks to give your image a new shape. Other than self-editing and using software or apps for jewelry photography editing, people tend to get these services and find this reliable.

Use the best photo editing software for jewelry editing

There are several photo editing software that can do simple photo editing tasks. But for the photo retouching process or advanced editing, you can find the jewelry photo editing software free, or in most cases, you need to purchase the software.

Some of the most used photo editing software for jewelry retouching works are:

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Skylum Luminar
  • Corel Paintshop Pro
  • ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

You need a professional’s assistance to use this software accurately, but in case you know the correct procedures to use it, or you are an advanced user, you can use this software efficiently.

Search jewelry photo editing app

If you want to use the jewelry photo editing app for your handheld or device, there are some. These apps support iOS and Android, both operating systems, and moreover, you can use these for free while serving ads. Use the following apps to fix the issue with your jewelry photo editing.

  • Snapseed
  • Lightroom
  • Prisma
  • Touchretouch
  • VSCO
  • Afterlight2

You can do some basic jewelry photo editing with these apps. So, if you need advanced editing, you should find a professional.

Try the online jewelry photo editing website or platform

You may think, that online jewelry photo editing services are plenty on the web. With simple AI-based or manual tools, you can easily edit the image online. But…

Have you ever tried an online jewelry photo editing website before? While it was a fun, yet unusual experience, you couldn’t help wondering whether they had a point.

While you may be tempted to think of the best online jewelry photo editing website as similar to those online photo editing apps that replaced your photos with kittens and other quirky things, there is actually a lot more to it than meets the eye. So you wouldn’t get any useful website to edit your jewelry online. So, professional service is the one-way solution for you.

What do we recommend?

You need adequate knowledge of self-editing when using Photoshop for jewelry photos. The jewelry photo editing in Photoshop requires advanced and professional hands that few can do. On the other hand, apps and online AI-based services don’t provide accurate service all the time.

These image editing online services are popular for editing images, but they don’t always provide better results as they use an automated system. So, we recommend getting a professional jewelry photo retouching service that would be a more prolific alternative to jewelry photo editing.

Get jewelry photo editing company help

If you have the bulk of images to edit and produce for your website, choosing a jewelry retouching company is a great recommendation. As the jewelry photo retouching company holds experienced and top-class jewelry retouchers, you can always rely on their service with no hesitation.

Unlike online photo editors and apps, jewelry photo editing company has special and experienced hands who can effortlessly run and operate the image editing works with no extra charge. As jewelry items need utmost editing and polishing to showcase your product in a professional way, you can rely on the jewelry image editing company.

A photo editing agency like Offshore Clipping holds a practical way of editing images, unlike any other agencies, apps, or software solutions.


How do you edit a necklace?

Using software or different editing techniques, you can edit a necklace. Use brightness, contrast, white balance, masking, spot healing, cropping, color correction, and clipping are the most used options for editing.

Which adobe software is best for jewelry photo editing?

Undoubtedly, Photoshop is the best jewelry photo editing software from Adobe. It has many filters, masking, shaping, resizing, and a variety of features for editing jewelry photos in Photoshop.

What filters are used to enhance jewelry editing?

Sharpening, shadow, smoothing, and glowing filters are the most used retouching filter to enhance jewelry photo editing.

How do you make jewelry pop in pictures?

Brightness or contrast level using Photoshop or any other tool, you can do pop jewelry in pictures. Using Photoshop you can easily do this.

  • Import all the images
  • Make a new adjustment layer
  • Select contrast or brightness
  • Modify the contrast or brightness
  • Click ok to finish the process

Final Word

There is plenty of apps and software for jewelry photo editing. Our comprehensive discussion defines the best photo editing solutions for you. But not many people can use the software or apps seamlessly, or this software requires professional help.

So, our recommendation would be to choose the best jewelry photo retouching services for your business for more accurate, clean, and fascinating images.

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