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Time management is one of the difficulties you are having while handling an online business. And you will get some added tasks as a bonus, for example, post-production! But you know what, you can choose to save time.

Outsourcing image editing services from a professional photo editing services company is your good-to-go option. So, why will you struggle alone when the collaboration option is affordable.

In this article, we’ll discuss why we, Offshore Clipping, are one of the best companies, which services we offer, and why we are your best choice.

Let’s dig in.

Photo Editing Near Me: The Best Company in NYC, USA

Offshore Clipping is one of the most popular and trustable photo editing company located in New York city. The company mainly provide ecommerce photo editing & retouching, clipping path, old photo restoration and more.

Being a professional, your time is invested in different types of major projects, and your undivided attention should remain there. But you need to make viewers satisfy or clients happy.

So, you can hand over your photo projects to us and get the edited version when it’s finalized.

Offshore Clipping is one of the top-rated Photoshop expert in the USA, offering personalized commercial photo editing solutions in various categories. A great photoshop service platform for global professionals.

best photo editing services company in the usa

If you are looking for 24 hours photo editing service company in New York City, Offshore Clipping will be the first choice for the professional.

Types of photo editing services that provide Offshore Clipping

Finding a good photo editing company is a difficult and time consuming task. And businesses have no spare time!

Good editing company are hard to find, and when they’re too expensive, they’re not worth the cost anyway. All of your competitors can afford to buy from the top tier companies, so why can’t you?

Use our service. Get high quality images for a fraction of the price charged by those other guys. Change the way your business looks instantly at an affordable cost and save yourself hours of searching for that special company. Here’s a peek at the photo editing services our company offers.

1. Clipping path

Clipping Path

Clipping path is an editing technique. It is a closed vector path with which a particular object from a photo can be separated, or the background can be removed. The purpose of the photo clipping path is to isolate the subject image.

Clipping path is mainly required on eCommerce platforms and advertising agencies. They need the object in focus to be separated from the background so that the digital image is free to use on any background.

Generally, professionals don’t manually create clipping paths in Photoshop; they need images for different purposes every now and then. And every time sitting before the pc and getting the job done isn’t the solution. Thus, they outsource photo clipping path services from the best companies.

And, even if you find a solid clipping path company, how do you know they’re going to be affordable and won’t overcharge?

Offshore Clipping is one of the most reputed clipping path service providers in the USA. Our customer support team works round-the-clock to make sure that every customer receives the right clipping path solution and all within budget.

2. Photo retouching

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching services uplift an image’s appearance, look & vibe whole by removing imperfections and editing as needed. For commercial photography, high-end photo retouching services are the real deal.

Professional photo retouching services include photo retouching types, examples, techniques, and more. Model retouching, product photo retouching, or portrait retouching- these are difficult to learn and take time to finish. Hence, many professionals hand it over to available online photo retouching sites and services instead of doing it by themselves.

If you are looking for commercial photo retouching services, Offshore Clipping is one of the best photo retouching company that offer price-worthy services! Such as high-end retouching, jewelry photo retouching, portrait retouching, ecommerce product photo retouching, photoshop skin retouching, Fashion & beauty retouching, headshot retouching, and many more.

3. Image Background removing & replacing

Background Removing & Replacing

Not matching background is such a buzzkill for any business. It’s severe if you are an ecommerce seller. Most ecommerce platforms’ requirement, for example, Amazon product image requirements, has a specification about the background.

Also, online shop owners need image backgrounds changed, transparent, replaced, merged, or objects or watermarks removed from the image background for different purposes like promotion, marketing, and advertising.

Offshore Clipping company offers image background remover services to e-commerce businesses, online stores, media companies, and creative agencies. So far, we have ensured their platform-specific needs and helped yield the maximum possible results.

4. Photo restoration

Photo Restoration

The digital photo restoration process is sensitive work. Such images carry a sentiment or a memory that is undoubtedly precious to our clients. So, we take great care of such images.

Want to retrieve your ‘old is gold’ memories. Our services will restore the photos like it was never damaged. We balance the charm of the old photos. So, when the editing is finally done, the images will glow and look realistic and new.

There are companies that restore old photos. In fact, there’s a whole service industry out there built around repairing your precious memories – but how to find those companies, and are they trustable?

Our specialists know how to restore your photo so that it looks just as good as new! We use professional equipment and proven techniques to restore your photos like magic!

Under our photo restoration services, your images are missing, and the torn part gets adjusted, scratches & marks are removed, and images are sharpened using the updated color tone.

5. Photo masking

Photo Masking

To get the desired results of an image, you might need to show some parts and hide other parts. Image masking is the absolute solution in such a situation. You might need to hide some vital information or resize the image. In a situation like this, image masking is your perfect shot.

Many people tend to mix clipping path vs image masking, both of which has a distinct difference. Masking is a type of editing that is used to separate particular objects. It is applied to images consisting of hair, fur, wool, or fuzzy edges and requires to be separated from the existing surroundings.

There’re various types of image masking. Sometimes, you can mask images in photoshop in quick and easy way. But, other times, you need to look for professionals who can do the job with precision.

6. Color match & correction

Color Match & Correction

This service is most sought after by photographers. When a raw camera can’t capture the images with accurate color, or you need the same subject image in different colors, the color correction under photoshop does the trick.

To do this work, photo editors need to have sound knowledge of color balance, color sensitivity, RGB & CMYK color sets, etc. So that, when they are assigned, they know the exact proportion to create the best-looking image.

You’ll find our digital color correction services like no other in the industry – quick turnaround, superior results and a wide color gamut that looks awesome on any screen.

Our expert photo editors work on light, exposure, saturation, tint, contrast, white balance, image sharpness etc.- retaining the natural look of the images.

Let us show you what we can do for your project today.

7. Drop shadowing

Drop Shadowing

Drop shadow is the process of creating a casting shadow methodically that falls on a certain spot and still looks natural. Depending on your requirement, you may need to add a realistic shadow or remove shadows from photos.

Here at OCP, a photo editing service provider, you will get photoshop to drop shadow services for different purposes. For example, natural shadow, floating shadow, mirror shadow, and more.

What we do after receiving your shadowless photo is- examine where and how the shadow should fall so that it would likely appear as natural as possible. What a shadow do is not only make your product look real and authentic but also make you professional in understanding the lighting setup of a photoshoot zone.

8. Ghost mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

In clothing product photography, products are displayed in 4 ways, 1. Model photoshoot, 2. Mannequin photoshoot, 3. Flat lay photoshoot, 4. Invisible mannequin effect.

Among them, the ghost mannequin effect is quite popular. Hiring a model is costly and not a suitable option for newly started clothing stores. Using a mannequin may appear fake and a Flat lay is simple but not a good choice for every attire.

As an enterprise-level photo editing services provider, we are offering photoshop ghost-mannequin services that will add volume to your clothing product and help attract and engage potential clients. It will help create a clean, fresh, distraction-free, but the actual human body-looking effect will remain. It will appear an invisible figure is wearing the dress.

9. Photo manipulation

Photo manipulation

Photo manipulation is a cool way to express creative thoughts by showcasing the subject. This editing technique makes the subject look lively & astonishing. Images that go through this editing manipulate the scene. That is, this technique brings the creative parts out.

Image manipulating skill requires a photo editor’s creative imagination along with experience and skill. We offer digital manipulation & AI manipulation services. Our editors work meticulously to ensure the manipulation appears mindblowing.

Why Offshore Clipping is the best image editing company for your business?

When choosing the best company, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Our clients find us reliable because our company has those factors incorporated. What are those?


Every business wants to make the best of its product or service. Many businesses use shortcuts which is not an appreciated way. This mainly depends on how you make your clients satisfied. Experience plays a vital role here.

Our agency has been working in this industry for more than 10 years. Professionals from many industries have reached us for services, and we are proud to say that we have been doing a good job & will continue to do so.


Images that are to use on commercial platforms should be perfect. So, businessmen want to ensure the editing works aren’t appearing amateurish. This tactfulness comes with experience as a package.

We have a large team of trained photo editors. They have skills, competence, and expertise up sleeves and are capable of providing our clients with standard work. Because they know what clients want and how to bring out the output.


You might be thinking the cost of editing may cross your wallet! Nope, not at all! Outsourcing professional photoshop services has become so widely popular that affordable costing is one of the reasons.

Our offered services cost much less than you think. For the bulk amount of orders, we offer surprising discounts as well. Feel free to go through our ‘Pricing Calculator’ to calculate your project expense.

Software version

There is a wide range of best photo editing software on the market, among which some are considered professional-grade editing software. Those are really handy and amazing features both in paid & unpaid versions.

Our team members have mastered Adobe Photoshop toolbar and tools. From ABC to the latest version, every feature is at their fingertips. Click the Gallery to check out our works.

Turnaround time

Sometimes, you might need your images edited asap! And every time it’s not possible to do it yourself. That’s where we can help you.

Prioritizing your photo editing services requirement, we offer high-quality services for a digital photo under 3 timing categories (48 hours, 24 hours, and 12 hours) so that you don’t have to wait much longer for the high-end edited images to come out.

Video: What Offshore Clipping does as your partner

7 Reasons why professionals choose Offshore photoshop services to edit their photos

We have been working for more than 10 years in this industry. We asked our clients why they chose us to be their partners. Here we have summarized the answers we got from them.

1. Cost-effective and fast solution

We are regarded as one of the best photoshop companies in the USA, with the expertise of working with various professionals like pro-photographers, studio directors, and online marketers from a wide range of fields.

We have delivered fast results to their bulk amount of photos at an affordable price range. As our photoshop services helped them save time and focus more on their business, and collaboration with them led us to receive some heartfelt compliments.

2. Easy access to top-level expertise

Our offered services are backed by a big team of photo editors. To provide uniform and best editing services for all the images, they are working 24/7 in 3 separate shifts.

So, no matter how large your project is, and whenever you require it, you are getting access to our company’s aces. Following your requirements and demands, they will provide you with edited images that are perfectly fit for commercial uses and attract targeted viewers.

3. We work as their personal editors

Yes, we do. We are not just a photo editing services provider; we are your freelance photo editor, work as your virtual team, follow your requirements and provide a customized solution that is tailored only for your business.

When raw images aren’t lucrative enough, neither you have an in-house team, nor do you have time to go through photo editing, their types, software, basics, etc.- you got us. Our expertise is dedicated to expanding your efficiency.

4. A deal to help increase sales & grow business

Are you a businessman? To fulfill your high-quality image requirement, we have diversified services and offers that will benefit you in numerous ways. When you hire us, we ensure your images are speaking of your brand, delivering your message accurately.

So that, when you put those edited images into practice, these motivate visitors to check your products and encourage them to buy. This has brought positive results to a lot of e-commerce businesses.

5. Build a professional brand reputation

When you constantly post photos of good quality, your potential viewers get a message. And that is you care about them and post photos that are clear. Such images help fulfill your purpose effectively, as viewers can see the details.

Our services are dedicated to keeping up your brand reputation and maintaining its professionalism. No matter which platform you have picked for marketizing your product, you get images that follow platform-specific rules along with your requirements.

6. Get website-friendly images

You are aware of the virtual competition going on among businesses. Keeping priority on that, we make sure your images are the ones that propel you. We prioritize not only quality but also image size.

Our image editing services make sure your images are flawlessly edited. There won’t be any compromise in quality, yet they will load fast. So, when someone lands on your page, your images are on the spot. This will help you stay ahead of the competition.

7. Streamline your workflow

Collaborating with us will assist you in many ways. While you hand over the complex part of photography to us, your saved time can be utilized in building your skill or expanding your business. You get ample time to put more effort into the work you are better at.

Let’s say about professional photographers of apparel. Our fast turnaround time helps them save time planning on how to get more photography clients as an ecommerce photographer.


What is the difference between photo manipulation and photo editing?

Photography post-production is a vast area, and photo manipulation falls into it. The main difference is: photo editing means the adjustment works done with different software to beautify an image. Photo manipulation is the editing work that makes a dramatic transformation in an image.

How do photo editing services providers help businesses?

Such companies have designated experts to provide different photo editing services. They are capable of fulfilling clients’ instant and any demands. A lot of businesses take advantage of the skills and competence available at an affordable price.

Thus, collaborating with photo editing services provider helps businesses save time & expense, get access to expertise and free up schedules.

How do photos get professionally edited?

Most widely used applications are Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. It has been widely accepted among professional photographers because it has an endless capability for editing photographs.

What kind of services do these companies offer?

Professional editing companies offer a wide range of photography post-processing services, such as photo retouching services, color correction services, background removal services, drop shadow services, Amazon infographic services & more.

What should businesses look for in such a company?

To choose if the company is the best fit for your business, check out their experience, review & sample works. To get first-hand experience, you can also check the ‘Free Trial’ if it’s available.

How much do photo editing services cost?

The best editing companies won’t charge you much. They have per picture calculation, which is within your budget. As for us, our pricing starts from $0.29.


So, that’s it. With this article, we want to show you why you should pay to heed not only to photo editing work but also to the professional photo editing services company.

Good collaboration with a good company will result in good outputs, along with a reliable long-term relationship, so you don’t have to back to square one.

We can be your partner in need. For any photo editing services, feel free to contact us.

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Ruzel Hasan

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