How to Outsource Photo Editing for Your Ecommerce Business?

Around 75% of people depend on product photos when buying online. But raw pictures from the camera aren’t enough to win over the customers. Proper editing is necessary to make the product images more appealing. 

However, image editing requires a long time, and adjusting to your busy schedule takes a lot of work. Outsourcing the photo editing is the only way to save you from this hassle. 

But how to outsource photo editing for your ecommerce business? What things to consider when choosing authentic retouching services? Is it safe to send the product images to external services? 

We know many questions come to your mind. Here, you’ll get the answers to all of your queries. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Outsourced Photo Editing?

What is outsourced photo editing

Outsourcing photo editing means sending your photos to a third-party service provider to edit them. Professional photographers mostly hire external editing services as they don’t have enough time to edit the images. 

It has become a widespread practice in the photography sector. Photographers, celebrities, social media influencers, and e-commerce business owners are outsourcing photo editing services. 

For example, If you are an ecommerce business owner, it is important to showcase flawless product photos to attract customers.  No matter how wonderful the photoshoot is, still, it needs retouching to make it more beautiful. 

So, outsourcing photo editing services can be beneficial for your business. In the next section, we’ll explain why you need to outsource product photo retouching services instead of doing it alone. 

Why Do You Outsource Product Photo Editing?

According to a survey by Deloitte, one of the major reasons to outsource the product photo editing services is cost-effectiveness. Along with that, there are more reasons to hire product photo retouching services, as given below. 

  • Cost-effective 

Hiring an in-house team to edit the product photos can be expensive for the business. But, hiring external or freelancer photo editing services can save some of your costs because they come up with affordable budget packages. 

  • Time-saving

It’s quite time-consuming to edit product photos when you’re not an expert in Photoshop and other photo retouching tools. In that case, you delay the important business tasks. 

You can save your time by outsourcing third-party image editing services. For this reason, around 80% of small businesses outsource product photo editing to save time. 

  • Improving Image Quality 

When it comes to product photos, it’s tough to click perfect ones. Even if the raw images are good, you need to edit them to make them more approachable to the audience. Professional and skilled photo editors can add creativity to make the images lively and attractive. 

  • Scalability 

As an ecommerce business owner, you need to edit product images in bulk due to the peak season. In those circumstances, it can be hard for you to edit the pictures by yourself. At the same time, you can send your photos to the professionals and get the edited versions within a short time. 

  • Use of Advanced Retouching Software 

Professional image editing services use advanced and paid software for different types of retouching, such as color correction, color grading, ghost mannequins, shading, clipping path, and background removal. So, hiring them is good for the growth of your business. 

These are the reasons for hiring external image editing services. But what are the benefits you’ll get after taking their services? Now, we’ll delve into the advantages. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

Product images are the first key to getting customers on digital platforms for businesses. If you artistically portray the pictures, it will attract more customers than the regular raw images. Here are the benefits of outsourcing photo editing services. 

  • Generating More Revenues To Reinvest 

Most online buyers rely on product images while buying from digital shops. If you take image editing services, they’ll make the product pictures flawless and visible online. It’ll boost your sales and help you earn profits for reinvesting more. 

  • Helping to Focus on The Growth of Business 

Photo retouching is a skill, not something that you can learn overnight. If you’re busy editing the product photos, focusing on other important things in the business might be hard. But when investing in skilled editors, you can look into the business growth plans and customer service. 

  • Thinking More Creative Ideas 

Editing product photos in Photoshop is one of many things you need for the ecommerce business. You must think of more innovative ideas for promoting the business on local and global platforms. Adding photo editing companies will help you generate creative ideas for the business. 

  • Reducing Your Workload 

One of the significant issues of digital business is managing photos for posting online. When you hand over your pictures to third-party services, you just have to explain what you want in the product images, and they’ll work on them. You quickly post the photos online after receiving them from the editors. 

So, collaborating with the external photo editing companies is a good idea. But the question is, are all the services authentic? And how do you find reliable Photoshop editing companies for online business? Let’s dig into the next section to find out the answers! 

How Do You Outsource Photoshop Editing for Ecommerce?

Outsourcing a trustworthy Photoshop editing company for ecommerce takes a lot of work. You must consider some factors while choosing a photo editing service for the e-commerce business. 

1. Know What Level of Editing You Need

Before looking for image retouching services, you must understand the editing level you need for the product photos. For instance, if you own a clothing or women’s accessories business, you must hire outsourced fashion photo editing services. Choose the services depending on your product niches.

2. Find The Best On Google

In some cases, Google can be your best friend, and finding photo editing services is one of them. Search on Google by writing “best online photo editing services for product photos.” And you’ll discover many options for this service. You must pick the one that aligns with your product images and budget.

Google search best online photo editing services for product photos

3. Browse Social Media Platforms Worldwide

If you can’t find it with Google, social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Quora, or Instagram can help you get reliable services with user reviews. Read the reviews precisely and hire the one with the most positive reviews. You can also discuss with the users personally to get authentic insights. 

4. Find Local Business Directories & Listing Sites

For small businesses, it’s wise to get local image editing services. In that case, you can find them on the native business directories and listing sites.

Find photo editing service on the native business directories

You can easily reach their contact numbers and details for hiring them with the live demo of editing photos.

5. Ask Your Network for Trusted Recommendations

It’s better to consult your network to get trusted recommendations because sometimes online reviews can be confusing or mixed. But the people of your connections will suggest the best photo editing services to support your business. 

6. Ask Which Software They Use

Before outsourcing the image editing services,  look into the software they use to edit the pictures. Along with that, ask about the tools they use in Photoshop. It’s important because you shouldn’t pay for services that use ai-generated or free tools to edit product photos.

Adobe photoshop leading photo design software

7. Analyze Their Portfolio and Ratings

While taking the image retouching services, you should check their previous work samples, online portfolios, and ratings. That’s how you can better understand the quality of their editing skills.

Read customer service reviews trustpilot

8. Create & Share a Photo Editing Guideline

No matter how efficient the editing services are, they won’t work better if you can’t guide them with simple instructions. So, creating proper image editing guidelines is necessary to get the best service. You must include size requirements, file format, and editing types in your guide to the photo editing services. 

9. Compare The Best Prices

After shortlisting some photo editing outsourcing companies, you need to compare their service quality and prices. Analyze the prices and think if the service is worth it or not. It can help you to get the perfect service at the best price. 

Looking into these things can get you professional and reliable product image editing outsourcing services. The next thing you have to consider is when you should outsource the photo editing. 

5 Signs You Need to Outsource Photo Editing

5 Signs you need to outsource photo editing - Infographic

For newbie business owners, it’s too costly to hire photo editing experts. But the more your business will grow, the less time you will get to edit the product images.  In this section, we’ll guide you in understanding the signs you need to outsource professional photo editing. 

1. Difficulties in Balancing Work and Life 

We can understand it’s hard to maintain a work-life balance. While managing everything, you feel exhausted with the workload and urgent customer requests. 

Besides the post-production and photo editing, you couldn’t keep up with the new product launches or emergency deliveries. Outsourcing photo editing services can save you time and help you manage your workload better. 

2. During Fast Business Growth 

Small businesses can only manage product photo editing with professional support. But when the business grows and gets more customers, you’ll need external help to edit the photos and even post them online to concentrate on the business profit and investment properly.

3. Out of Creative Ideas 

It takes more time to generate creative ideas to edit the product images. As a full-time business owner, you’ve thousands of things to do to grow your business, and you can’t invest time thinking about innovative ideas. To make your work more comfortable, you can outsource photo editing.

4. Repetitive Editing Patterns 

Sometimes, you might use the same editing for all product images. Because of this reason, customers can lose interest in your products. If you need variety in the product photos, you must look for premium quality image editing services.

5. Lack of Confidence in Your Editing Skill

When you’ve no idea how to edit a photo in Photoshop, you can’t produce the best quality image editing. It can distract you from the other important tasks of your business. But if you outsource to an experienced image editor, they can do bulk images with a perfect editing touch. 

Besides the quality service, it’s necessary to note down the price range of the ecommerce product photo editing companies. Let’s look into the approximate cost of outsourcing image editing. 

How Much Does It Cost to Edit Ecommerce Product Photo?

The cost of editing depends on different factors, such as image size, quantity, editing patterns, and service package. Most ecommerce product photo editing services cost from $20 to $750. 

For instance, background removal or color correction costs less than advanced retouching and enhancements.

FAQs about Editing Product Photos in Photoshop

Is outsourcing photo editing good?

Outsourcing photo editing is a good decision for photographers and e-commerce business owners. It saves time and provides high-quality editing services quickly. Along with that, it helps them to scale up their digital landscape.

Why is outsourcing product photo editing cheaper?

Hiring a team for photo editing can require a large office area, and you need to pay their salaries even when they aren’t working. It can cost more than outsourcing product photo editing services, as you can get them cheaply.

How does outsourcing photo editing for photographers work?

Photographers find the best service provider for photo editing, send them the raw pictures from their photoshoot, provide the list of editing requirements, and receive the edited photos. They outsource external editing services when they want to focus on taking better pictures.


Finally, you have a complete idea about how to outsource photo editing for your e-commerce business. As product photos are the heart of your online business, you must outsource photo editing carefully.

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