What is Packshot Retouching: The Complete Guide to Packshot Product Retouching

If you are an ecommerce owner, you know about photo editing. But have you ever heard of packshot retouching? Like, what it is, and how effective it is to grow your online business.

Don’t panic! In this article, I provided complete guidance on packshot photo retouching, including its definition, benefits, and differences between packshot retouching and photo editing. Also, I portrayed the best tips for you to get the high-quality packshot photo retouching service.

So, take the tips and get your business to succeed.

What is Packshot Retouching?

What is Packshot Retouching

Packshot retouching precisely modifies a product image, especially its packaging and labeling, by some retouching activities like polishing the object’s skin, combining color and brightness, etc. In this process, the packshot image can be still or moving.

It’s a vast definition that requires some explanation. Let’s get it.

The phrase “Packshot Retouching” is a combination of two photographic words that bear certain meanings for themselves.

Packshot refers to a still or moving product photo, including its packaging and labeling, whereas retouching is a post-production service that develops the image quality by polishing skin tone, maintaining color and brightness, etc.

But the ultimate goal of both terms is a successful product advertisement. That means presenting the product in an attractive way that grabs the customers fast and persuades them to buy.

Packshot Retouching vs. Photo Editing: What is The Difference Between Them

The above discussion makes it very clear that Packshot Photo Retouching differentiates photo editing from many perspectives. Here I am explaining the major differences between them.

  • Packshot Photo Retouching conveys especially product images, whereas Photo Editing contains all types of images such as personal or business photos, ecommerce image editing, etc.
  • Packshot photo retouching mainly focuses on the packaging and labeling of a product image, whereas photo editing contains different types of product images like group shots, lifestyle shots, scale shots, detailed shots, etc.
  • Packshot retouching contains high image manipulation by polishing skin tones, removing blemishes, etc. It can make 3D or 360-degree packshots. On the other hand, photo editing covers each type of image manipulation service from basic to advanced levels, such as image cropping and resizing, background removal, color correction, etc.

How Does Packshot Retouching Useful to Grow Your Business?

Every ecommerce store must need Packshot Photo Retouching Service to increase its product sales and business growth. A retouched packshot photo represents the natural form and actual look of a product. There is not much scope to create an artistic look or unreal expression.

When you use packshots for your online store, it will highlight your product’s color, packaging, and labeling accurately. It also contains your brand logo, monogram, product features, etc. So there is no chance of getting the customers distracted from your product.

Moreover, packshots increase your brand credibility when the visitors get no difference between the product image and its real form. It will ensure your brand reputation and product sales.

Top 7 Benefits of Using Packshot Retouching for Your Business

Benefits of Using Packshot Retouching for Your Business

You already knew about the importance of a packshot and how it helps to grow your business. Now I have designed for you the top 7 benefits that you precisely get when using packshots photo retouching for your business.

1. Enhance Brand Credibility and Reputation

In the current world, every company has to maintain its authenticity and trustworthiness. A retouched packshot photo can increase your brand credibility and reputation. Because it represents your product’s real look, and it doesn’t mislead your customers.

Visitors scroll your website to view your product, and they always judge the product image with its genuine look. When finding that, they begin trusting your company. It enhances your brand credibility and reputation.

2. Focus on Core Expertise and High Consistency

When showcasing product images in ecommerce stores, the primary objective is to make the first impression on the visitors. Because it indicates the core expertise and high consistency of your business. A packshot image is the best for this purpose because it displays the real form and the right information about your product.

Moreover, it grabs the customers’ attention and holds them for a long time on your online store. When people show a well-manipulated product image that represents the real look, they get a positive view of your expertise and high consistency.

3. Increase Your Online Sale

You already knew that a retouched packshot could reflect the genuine look of your product. It’s essential to increase your online sale. Because customers always desire a better and more realistic image of the product, that is the goal of a packshot photo retouching.

A packshot highlights the product’s packaging and labeling where the visitors can notice important information about a product. Also, they can view the product in a 3d or 360-degree image or video mode that holds your customers’ attention for a long time. Hence, it increases your product sales.

4. Improve Efficiency and Cut Advertising Costs

Packshot photo retouching can portray your product in the exact form that fills up the core marketing goals. Because it puts a crucial impact to captivate customers purchasing the product.

For that reason, you won’t have to spend money on extra advertisements. Also, it’s an affordable service compared to any photo editing costs. That’s why it can improve your efficiency and cut advertising costs.

5. Get a High Return on Investment (ROI)

It’s a simple rule that when you invest money for your ecommerce business, you must target to get a good return on it. Because without enough profitability, you can’t run your business. But it’s not possible without perfect product advertising.

A retouched packshot photo can help you achieve that goal by enhancing your product selling rates. Because it accurately represents the products and seduces the consumers to buy them utilizing the right emotion. So, no doubt that you will get a high return on your business investment.

6. Convert Lead into Sales on Social Media

Nowadays, most business companies use social media as a business platform. Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin allow for a great product promotion that makes the product reach potential customers fast.

A packshot photo in this context can assist you in perfect marketing. Because its nature is to grab the consumers’ attention and highlight the product in its actual look. So you can easily convert leads into sales on social media using packshots.

7. Enables to Reuse Images for Different Purposes

If you are an ecommerce owner, you use various social media sites for marketing your business. And, when taking an ecommerce image editing service like background removal or ghost mannequin service, you try to use them on each site.

A retouched packshot photo is the most helpful to reuse for different purposes. You can utilize the same photo on multiple sites. Because professional photo retouchers use various photo editing tools to make the image perfect to use on several websites.

How Do You Choose The Packshot Photo Retouching Company?

How Do You Choose The Packshot Photo Retouching Company

Studies found that every professional and successful ecommerce owner uses packshot photo retouching for its product marketing. Because it provides a quick run to their business.

You may also need packshot photo retouching services but have no idea how to choose a professional packshot photo retouching company?

Cheer up. Here are the best 6 tips and tricks to keep you on the right path.

1. Analyzing the Efficiency and the Experience

When taking a packshot photo retouching service, you will not hire an unprofessional and inexperienced company, right?

Because it matters to your business growth and product sales, that’s why a professional retouching agency is important. So, to choose the best packshot photo retouching company, first, you have to analyze the efficiency and experience of that company.

You can check it easily by browsing their websites and getting the right information about their efficiency and experience history, such as the company age, their professional workers, and also the consumers’ reviews.

2. Creative Work Samples and Testimonials

As a packshot image retouching service will cost you money, you shouldn’t risk getting false or low-quality service. It will decrease your brand credibility. That’s why you must check out the creative work samples and testimonials of a company when you want to hire it.

When you visit a company’s website and view its work samples and testimonials, you can easily decide whether you will hire it or not. Because it represents the company’s retouching quality and expertise.

3. Take a Decision at the End of a Trial

Every photo retouching company has a free trial option for its customers to give the right ideas about its retouching quality. Before hiring a photo retouching agency, you should take a free trial.

Submit your product image to their trial page and get a free work sample. At the end of the trial, when you confirm that they can provide you high-quality packshot retouching service, decide to hire them.

4. Faster in Service Delivery

To grow your ecommerce business properly, you need to hire a company that can deliver its retouching service faster. Because it helps to promote your product and rapidly reach potential customers. And the faster you can reach your customers, the faster you can sell your products and outrun your competitors.

When you decide to choose a company for the packshot photo retouching service, you should check out their turnaround time. It will help you to know how faster they can deliver their service.

5. Review on Client Satisfaction

Don’t forget to check out clients’ reviews on the website of a photo retouching agency when you try to hire it for your packshot image retouching service. It will give you a clear idea of how much the clients are satisfied after getting the service.

If you see that most clients provided positive reviews of the company, you can choose it for your service. Because clients’ reviews are all the time true and they never give wrong information.

6. Providing 24/7 Logistics Customer Support

The last thing you can consider before hiring a company is whether it provides 24/7 Logistics Customer Support or not. A well-established company is always customer-friendly. They usually provide 24/7 Logistics Customer Support.

During browsing websites, if you find a company that gives this type of client Support, you can select it for your ecommerce photo retouching service. Because you can anytime get help and important information from them about your ordered service.

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If you need a packshot product retouching service, Offshore Clipping will be the best option. You’ll get high-quality service at a reasonable cost that makes your product packshot photos eye-catching and customer-convincing.

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How Much Does Packshot Retouching Cost in The USA

How Much Does Packshot Retouching Cost in The USA

Does it depend on the retouching levels of your packshot photos? Because there are mainly 3 retouching levels of a packshot: basic, advanced, and complex, that different charge amounts.

Here I am articulating the average retouching cost of packshot based on its levels.

Packshot Retouching LevelPrice per image
Basic Retouching$0.60 to $1.00
Advanced Retouching$1.0 to $1.5
Complex Retouching$1.5 to $2.0

Basic Retouching Cost:

If you want to take a simple retouching service for your packshot, you will pay between $0.60 and $1.00 per image.

Advanced Retouching Cost:

If you want to take an advanced retouching service for your packshot photos, it will averagely cost from $1.0 to $ 1.5 per image.

Complex Retouching Cost:

If you want to take a complex and high-end retouching service, it will cost between $1.5 and $2.0 per image.

It’s a per-image retouching cost. However, your packshot image quantity can affect this pricing. For Instance, if you take a project service like 200/300 or more packshot image retouching, you can get it at a lower price.

Because the photo retouching agencies frequently consider charges for project works. So, the bigger your project, the less your cost.

FAQ on Process of Choosing Photo Packshot Retouching

Q 1: Who is Suitable for Packshot Retouching?

Choosing a photo editing/retouching agency will be best and suitable for your packshot photo retouching. Because they have professional photo retouchers, who can provide you with the best service.

Q 2: What Does Packshot Retouching Include?

Packshot image retouching includes product image modification, especially its packaging and labeling, to represent the product in its real form and to give the right information.

Q 3: How Fast Can You Turnaround Images?

Photo retouching companies are conscious of their deadlines. That’s why they try to complete the projects faster. You can get your retouching service within 24-48 hours according to image quantity.

Q 4: Do Professional Photographers Retouch Photos?

Yes, several professional photographers retouch their photos because they know well that without post-production, a picture is not fit for presentation.

Q 5: Is a 3D/360° Packshot photo Retouching Available?

Yes. You can get a 3D/360° Packshot photo Retouching for your ecommerce product. This type of packshot displays your product’s details in a charming way that can increase your product purchasing rates.

Final Word

Packshot photo retouching is crucial for growing your online business. It provides an eye-catching look to your product photos that induce consumers to buy your products.

This content provided you with crystal-clear knowledge about the beneficial usages of packshots. I hope you got the best tips for choosing the right photo retouching company. So, win big time.

Ruzel Hasan
Ruzel Hasan

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