How to Crop and Straighten Images in Photoshop

If you are trying to learn how to edit images with Adobe Photoshop and do not know where to start and where to finish then you are at the right place now. I started writing about every detail of Photoshop tutorials on the website of Offshore Clipping and today is the day to learn how to crop and straighten images.

From my learnings in the photoshop clipping path industry for years, I have been sharing different techniques and tutorials through Adobe Photoshop. On that note, today, I will share a tutorial on how to crop and straighten your images with Photoshop.

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If you work in the photography industry, you must know that all images will never be perfectly captured for the first time and most of them have some flaws. Having extra edges than necessary is a very common issue.

To avoid these sorts of issues, you need to take the help of the Photoshop Cropping Tool.

Now, how does it work?

Tutorial: How to Crop and Straighten an Image in Photoshop

Follow the steps below if you want to learn how to crop and straighten an image in photoshop

Step 1: Open Your Image File With Adobe Photoshop

Open the image in Photoshop by clicking > File from the menu bar. Then click > Open.

Crop and Straighten Images

Step 2: Select the Crop Tool

Select the Crop Tool From the toolbar in photoshop or (press C)

Crop tool and Straighten Images

*** Keep the “Delete Cropped Pixels” deactivated if you want to go back to your image

Delete Cropped Pixels

Step 3: Select Cropping Area

Mark the area you want to crop in from the image. The edges of the square box (which will occur after selecting the Crop Tool) are flexible and can be fixed. To keep the ratio the same, move the mouse pointer pressing the Shift button

Select Cropping Area

Step 4: Adjust the Cropping Aria if needed

Adjust the edges of the box to the right size. To skip the ratio you can move the mouse pointer from anywhere avoiding the corners

Adjust the Cropping Aria

Step 5: Drag the Box

After selection, if needed you can drag the box in the right direction to get the maximum perfection

Drag the Box

Step 6: Rotated the Selection Aria

Place the mouse pointer at the outer corner of the box and you will find a mouse pointer with two-faced aros. Now move the pointer to any direction to rotate the box and straighten the image. Also, align the image with the boxes you see while cropping. You can use this feature to make any image horizontally perfect.

Rotated the Selection Aria

Step 7: Crop the Image

Once you are satisfied with your selection press the enter button and crop the file and save it.

Crop the Image

The technique can be applied to Adobe Photoshop PS6.

However, at times cropping will not be as easy as this one. Sometimes you will have images where you cannot apply the technique and will have to take alternative techniques to get your works successfully done.

Apply Another Technique [ Best Applicable for Photoshop CC]

Here I will share another technique that you can apply with Adobe Photoshop CC to crop and adjust your images.

Step 1: Open your image file with Adobe Photoshop CC

Like previously, open the image in Photoshop by clicking > File from the menu bar. Then click > Open.

Open your image file with Adobe Photoshop CC

Step 2: Select the Crop Tool and Use the Straighten Tool

After selecting the crop tool you will see an option (Straighten) in the menu bar. To make the image properly horizontal, place the tool on the image and drag it into the direction you want it to get fixed.

Select the Crop Tool and Use the Straighten Tool

Step 3: Drag the Box for Maximum Perfection

Then drag the cropping box to the extra zone where you want to fill the image for a clearer view

Drag the Box for Maximum Perfection

Step 4: Use Content-Aware for Fixing Pixels Gape

After selecting the image with extra pixels, simply click on the “Content-Aware” option on the top menu bar. Then press the Enter button to crop the marked area [N.B: You will find the option only in Adobe Photoshop CC]. Photoshop will automatically fill up the extra pixels of your image and make it a complete fresh looking image

To get a different crop ratio than default one follows the steps mentioned below:

Fixing Pixels Gape

Step 5: Fix Image Ratio

Click on the “Ratio” option on the top left corner and select the ratio you want with your image

Crop ratio and Straighten Images

Step 6: Change Ratio if Needed

At this stage, you can change the ratio of your cropping tool with the mouse pointer only. No need to press the Shift button along

Cropping tool and Straighten Images

Step 7: Fix Horizontal or Vertical

To change the position (from horizontal to vertical), click on the aero button (red marked) at the top toolbar

Crop toolbar and Straighten Images

Step 8: Save the image

If you are finally satisfied with Straighten and cropping, press enter button. Then save your image and you are good to go …

Crop and Straighten save Images

I hope the article will help you to understand the right way of cropping and straightening your images with Adobe Photoshop. If you have any queries on professional photo editing, please leave a comment below and I would love to answer them as soon as possible.

Also, do not forget to share the article if it is helpful to you.

Happy learning, people!

Ruzel Hasan
Ruzel Hasan

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