How To Fix Blurry Photos? Best Ways To Fix Blurry Photos

In photography, capturing a sharp image needs lots of hard work. But an unwanted blur ruins a good composition and hard work instantly. Then you may think about how to fix your blurry pictures. Thankfully, there are many ways to sharpen your images by using photo editing tools, software, and apps.

But when you need to virtually “clean up” a messy photo and background details, you need a professional touch. Well, the choice is yours! To know the facts about fixing blurry photos, different effects, and the importance of hiring experts, go through this article.

What is a Blur in Photography?

Blur in photography is simply an area of an image that is lacking detail, where the image is too out of focus to see what it should be showing. It is when the image does not have a sharp focus or it’s out of focus.

If a blur seems to have more of an effect on an object, it will seem to be moving fast. If it has less of an effect, then it will seem to move slowly. For example, if you look at a blurred picture from a cell phone camera, the streaks of light that you see are likely too far apart for the human eye to notice.

A blurry photo can make your subject look unprofessional, and that could send the wrong message to your audience.

What is the Blur Effect in a Photo?

Blur is the effect of the soft-out-of-focus background when shooting a subject. So, the blur effect is when someone or something is slightly out of focus.

The blur effect can be produced with a slower shutter speed, although this can have the unwanted effect of motion blur resulting in an unsharp image. But, in most of them incorrect shutter speed is responsible for blurry photos. Also, You need to focus on different terms like ISO, DOF, etc. And a blurry image is caused when you miss balancing these criteria perfectly.

Sometimes this effect can make things look more dramatic and interesting, especially when you are looking at abstract photos. Blur can also bring attention to the subject you want people to look at and act as a separation between your subject and the rest of the photo.

What are the Types of Blur Effects?

When talking about blur effects, you quickly run into different kinds of blur effects. Some are meant to create a fake out of focus effect, some are used for artistic reasons, and others are used for specific visual design purposes. In this article, we are going to cover the most common types of blur effects.

Let’s get started to take your photo editing to creative and new depths.

Focus Blur

Focus Blur

The focus blur is the most popular effect in photography because it makes photographs visually appealing and focuses on the particular area of the image. That means the main objective of focus blur is to separate the subject from the background. The blur is created by applying shallow DOF and blurring the background.

When you shoot a portrait, try to focus on your subject by using longer focal lengths.

Motion Blur

Motion Blur

The motion blur occurs when an object moves too quickly, and the camera won’t be able to capture a clear image. That means a slow shutter speed is also responsible for these blurry effects.

Using this effect, you can capture speed or some movement because it gives an illusion of movement to a subject in your image. Moreover, you can select the angle of the filters to run and give a static look.

However, the effect is used in sports or street photography or shooting nature scenes to give a different and unique look every time.

Want to capture the beauty of busy city life? The motion blur effect is the best pick for your photography.

Gaussian Blur

Gaussian Blur

The gaussian blur reduces image noise and detail by adding an artistic effect. If you want to take a photo in low light, in the resulting image, you may experience noise. And the effect can mute this noise and give a natural look.

However, the blur effect is known for smoothing out surfaces and images. Suppose, you want to take a landscape photo of faraway apple trees against a light-blue sky. You may experience red or white lines along the edges of the apple fronds.

After using the gaussian blur effect, you will be able to reduce the extremely bright pixels around the edges.

Selective Blur

Selective Blur

Whenever you want to highlight a portion of your image by blurring out the background/foreground, the resulted effect is called selective blur. Using a shallow depth of field, you can create this effect. Before applying selective blur, you need to choose a focal point.

Suppose, in landscape photography, photographers capture an entire scene. But when capturing a subject like a shell on the beach, you don’t need details. Here, you can use selective blur in your photography to highlight your subject without losing focus.

Pixelate Blur

Pixelate Blur

Pixelation helps to know how pixels form a digital image. Pixel is the smallest square of HSL. That means pixelation happens when you want to resize an image that is too large for its resolution. Also, you can create a cool effect by pixelating an image.

Zoom Blur

Zoom Blur

Zoom blur is a creative photography effect where the shot appears to blur from the center outwards. Also, the technique is known as Zoom Burst Photography.

To create this zoom blur technique, you need to add motion along with an abstract feel by zooming in and out when the shutter is open.

However, the effect is perfect for capturing the beauty of the city’s nightlight, but you choose any time of the day. Bear in mind that the harsh midday sun can provide too much light that is not suitable for long exposure.

But to avoid this type of uncertain situation, you may use neutral density filters to prohibit a high amount of light from entering the camera.

Artificial Blur

Artificial Blur

The blur adds extra quality to images because it enhances focus and movement or gives a dreamy feel to your audience. Suppose, you want to grab the viewers’ attention onto the subject of an image by creating an ethereal bokeh effect or vintage appeal.

You need to use shallow DOF to create this blur to give a real and interesting look. It is all about care and attention to create an artful work and make it outstanding.

Channel Blur

Channel Blur

The blur is used for color mixing by increasing and decreasing color values. That means you can change the blur as per your color preferences. This effect is useful to avoid noise or artifacts from one color channel.

Want to blur the red, green, blue, or alpha channels of a layer individually? Then apply the channel blur effect in your photography because the effect allows you to create a customized glow view by retaining sharpness (selected channels) and smoothness (rest channels).

Blurring individual channels allows you to create customized glow effects by retaining sharpness in selected channels while softening others.

© Disclaimer – Image credit goes to the right owners. We have tried to present only examples.

How to Fix Blurry Pictures? Best Method to Clear Blur Image

To preserve a special moment or memory over time, photographing is an excellent way. For perfect shooting, photographers prefer perfect lighting with the right moment. But the blurry photos can destroy your all hard work within a second.

Then you may think about how to enhance a blurry photo. But the question is: what makes blurry photos, or why are your images blurry?

Well, you are not the one who suffers this problem. Blurry photos may cause by different factors when using the camera. Let’s find out some easy tips and tricks to make blurry photos clear.

Fix blurry photos using your camera settings

Fix blurry photos using your camera settings

When your camera isn’t focused properly, the resulting images are blurry. That means you need to identify how to fix blurry photos by camera settings.

Why delay? Let’s jump to the next section to explore exciting and effective tips to unblur images.

You may follow these tips for taking unblur images:

Hold the Camera/Phone Properly

The slightest movement of your hands can cause blur photos. You may use a tripod or monopod to steady your camera. To minimize shaking, hold your phone with 2 hands.

Also, you can hold your breath or exhale slowly because the motions can move your camera/phone unnecessarily. Make sure, you’re holding your device comfortably.

Image Stabilization

Sometimes capturing sharp images may not depend on better focusing. You may try the image stabilization technology that is offered by most digital cameras. The settings help you to reduce small motions that may occur when handholding your camera.

However, you may not hold the camera perfectly in some situations for a clean shot, so there slight blur happens. When you zoom the image, you can notice blur with a light source or clean line.

Shutter Speed

Slow shutter speeds may cause a slight camera shake. But when you shoot at a fast shutter speed, you probably don’t need to use image stabilization settings. Suppose, you shoot movement or a subject by zooming out to 100mm; the shutter speed should be 1/100s or faster to avoid camera shake.

But shooting in low light is more critical. However, a good and effective rule is to choose a larger shutter speed than your lens’s focal length with a denominator.

Note: Your subject also affects selecting the maximum shutter speed.


For capturing sharp photos, Depth of Field plays an important role because the focal length and aperture have a relation with DOF. A wider aperture (small f-numbers) is responsible for shallow DOF. On the other hand, a small aperture is just the opposite of a wider one.

For example, if you are photographing a subject in the shade, the wide aperture will help you to brighten things up.

Portrait photography’s main objective is to highlight moods or styles by blurring the background using a wide aperture. But landscape photography needs more details. For this reason, check your lens’s small aperture first.


Without focusing correct part, the resulting image could be blurry. If you want to capture sharp images, using the correct focus mode on your camera is crucial. But setting your camera on multi-point focus is not a great idea.

However, when you take multiple pictures, use the back button focus technique because it is ideal for separating your camera’s focus and shutter functions. But the manual and autofocus are the best options to prevent blurring.

ISO Settings

Another reason for blurry images is incorrect ISO settings. It is responsible for brightening or darkening your photo. Also, ISO measures the light sensitivity of your camera. You can use higher ISO to shoot in darker situations.

But keep in mind that higher ISO also creates noise or blurry images. For this reason, keep your ISO as low as possible to take sharp photos. Suppose, you capture a portrait of someone at 6400 ISO (high range of ISO) will cause a blurred face.

How to Fix Blurry Photos on Mobile Devices?

Smartphones features are updated day by day, which makes our life easier. But that’s not to say that the pictures which are captured by phone are perfect and give an awesome look. You may experience blur or some noise in your photos.

Thankfully, there are plenty of AI-based mobile apps that make pictures clear by fixing blurry photos, free or paid. We know that high-quality AI fixes blurry photos perfectly.

Want to explore several worthy apps to download? Follow the next section!

Best apps to make blurry pictures clear:

When you use iOS or Android apps to fix blurry photos, you explore different editing tools. You may think, is editing critical by using apps, or how to make a blurry picture clear on Android or iPhone? Don’t get panic. The apps are easy to use.

Remini – AI Photo Enhancer

Remini - AI Photo Enhancer

Remini is an AI technology-based photo enhancements app that suits perfectly to fix blurry photos. The free version offers exciting features. But the premium one gives high-resolution deblurring and multiple choices. The app is pretty good with enhanced features and a sharper background.

Note: Using the free version, you can fix 5 blurry images per day.

Support Multi-languageIrritating Ads
Serve HD quality photosHave some bugs
Available on Android and iPhoneLack of facial enhancement features
Repair old, blurry, and scratched photos 
Enhancer features clear vintage and old camera photos 

Use this app from: Google Play, App Store

KallosSoft- AI Photo

KallosSoft- AI Photo EnhancerUnblurClear

Want to revisit your best memories by enhancing unblur photo quality free? The app is the best one for dealing with low-quality photos. With the online AI photo enhancer, you can remove noise and get top-quality sharp images within seconds.

However, you only need to upload the photo and select the portion that you want to enhance. Isn’t pretty cool?

Support Multi-languageIrritating Ads
Serve HD quality photosLack of enhancement tool
Reduce noise and unwanted pixelsNeed to connect internet
Enhancer features give fine details and texture 
Offer repair functionalities for old/blurry/scratched photo 
Suitable for internet photos, low-resolution, and blurry photos 

Use this app from: Google Play

EnhanceFox – AI Photo Enhancer

EnhanceFox - AI Photo Enhancer

EnahnceFox is the best free AI photo and AI video enhancer. The Advanced AI generation technology helps to repair blurred photos. Do you want to enhance your pixelated, damaged photos or videos? Use this real-time app that gives better quality images and gives life to your memories.

However, the exciting filters and color options add extra value to make a beautiful image. Also, you can enhance text quality.

Restore old photosHas bugs in video enhancement
Support Android and iPadOverpriced for the monthly subscription
Remove scratches from photosLack of brightness or exposure functionalities
AI photo editor retouch photos perfectly 
Has animate options that give avatar face 
AI photo sharper enhance photo and video 
AI photo smoother improves photo’s smoothness 
To make digital images, Photo Scanning Function is available 
AI recognition feature helps to blur the background and highlight high definition image 

Use this app from: Google Play, App Store

Enhance it – Fix Your Photos

Enhance it - Fix your photos

It is an Artificial Intelligence app that automatically fixes blur issues. By using this app, you explore awesome color enhancement options that fix photographic problems by adding intense, vibrant, and cool colors. Also, you can enlighten dark photos with a natural look freely.

Denoise deals with sharpness and clarityIrritating ads
Motion Blur gives flexibility when capturing a special momentHas huge bugs
Auto Enhance helps to restore damaged and low-quality old photos 
Enlarge feature upscaling any image without losing detail and quality 

Use this app from: Google Play



The best and free mobile editing app that supports both Android and iPhone. Also, it offers pro-level features for giving an HDR look, including tonal curve and healing blemishes on the skin. However, you can add stylish or plain text. The double exposure is best to blend two photos.

Bokeh modeHas bugs
Automatic Face CorrectionNo batch processing
25+ unique filters and tools 
Work with JPG and RAW files 
Fast and sharp improvement 

Use this app from: Google Play, App Store



Do you want to unleash your creativity? Pixlr is an easy and free photo editor that helps you to fix blurry images uniquely. This app comes with exciting and effective effects, filters, and various editing tools.

Also, you can add the bokeh effect to give a classy look. However, the app is fully optimized and fulfills social media needs.

Instantly adjust the colorContains irrelevant ads
Awesome editing tools – filters, overlays, etcSubscription costs high
Crop and resizing functions are easy to use and effectiveMany functions won’t work perfectly
Double exposure helps to create layers and adjustable transparency 

Use this app from: Google Play, App Store



The app comes with numerous presets that allow the emulation of different cameras and films. Of course, VSCO is a free app but monthly or yearly premium membership costs. With the premium version, you get advanced editing tools of HSL and Split Tone.

VSCO is a multipurpose app with funny filters and supports Android and iOS devices.

200+ effectsPremium membership costs high
User-friendly interfaceHas error when zooming the image
10 Free VSCO presets 
Advanced enhance features 
Work with JPG and RAW files 

Use this app from: Google Play, App Store

PhotoAI: AI Photo Enhancer

PhotoAI- AI Photo Enhancer

PhotoAI is the best free photo enhancer app that handles low-resolution photos or blurred images efficiently. You do not need any editing knowledge when using this app. The AI image processing technology helps to refresh your old images by enhancing images as per your choice.

Retouch faceThe Pro version has no ads
Advanced photo editing toolsHas bugs in enhancement tools
Remove background automaticallyCosts high for a monthly and yearly subscription
Repair blurry and gives HD quality images 

Use this app from: Google Play

Fix Photo.s Blur.ry Cool Edit

Fix Photo.s Blur.ry Cool Edit

The iOS app is an all-in-one photo editor pack and is completely free. It is popular for its amazing beautification tools and advanced ToneCurve feature. Also, you can add text, colors, or filters as per your choice. To give a photographic feel, the app is the best one.

Erase unwanted partSo many irritating ads
An advanced photo editing toolHas issue fixing blurry photo
Make darker photos brighter 
Resize photos that can share on Social Media 
The color splash feature makes photos fabulous 

Use this app from: App Store



Afterlight is an iOS app that helps to enhance the quality of the images. The app has a fame for its outstanding photo editing tools. However, by using this app, you can create double exposures along with creative editing solutions.

Do you want to sharpen your images with detailed options for free? With Afterlight manual controls, you can remove blur from an image.

Multipurpose appOnly work on iOS devices
Frames & BordersDoesn’t offer landscape mode
130+ Unique FiltersCan not fix super-blurry images
120+ hand-picked fontsAdvanced features need premium access
60+ Textures and Overlays 
20+ Advanced Enhanced Tools 
Layer customization options like drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking, etc. 

Use this app from: App Store



BeFunky is the best iOS and Android app that offers 2 ways image sharpening options – “Sharpness” and “Smart Sharpness”. You can experience different and effective photo editing tools, a collage maker, fonts, frames, etc.

However, the app supports a vast collection of overlays libraries and funny stickers. Anyone can use this app and can convert blur photos to clear photos creatively.

100+ fontsHas bugs in Collage Maker
30+ free effectsCan not fix multiple images at once
Unique and creative photo overlaysSome functions are closed automatically
Different social media sharing options are available. 
Advanced editing features like fill light, exposure, and saturation 
Touch up edits options like eye reduction, blemish fixer, teeth whitener, etc 

Use this app from: Google Play, App Store

Best Computer Software to Fix Blurry Photos

Photo sharpening software offers different image enhancements, editing tools, and many other features. In the digital marketplace, you can explore a vast range of software. But the question is: Do you rely on that software to get the best outcome?

Maybe No. The professionals are experts in different photo editing software, and they know what is best for you. However, if you use AI technology to fix blurry photos, you can get satisfactory results. For this reason, we mentioned some software that creatively fixes blurry photos and gives a unique look.


PhotoWorks is a powerful and easy-to-use AI-powered software for PC. The app offers an auto-correction tool that manages to remove digital noise, sharpen images, optimize exposure, and many more. You can create awesome and striking landscapes with just a view click.

Also, you can beautify your images by applying different effects. Want to remove scratches, stains, rips, and battered edges? With PhotoWorks, you can do these edits easily. However, the app offers multiple backgrounds with effects.

Retouch portraitsOffer free trial
Batch ProcessingSubscription fees are costly
Restore old photosHas some bugs to handle features
Enhance images quicklyIn some tools, the app won’t respond timely
Perspective Correction 
Captions and Watermarks 
Offer multiple backgrounds 
Remove unwanted subjects 
Creative layers and stylish effects 

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a multi-functional and easy-to-use mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop software. The app is the best choice for all levels of photo editors. To learn the basics about Highlights, Hue, and Saturation functions, Adobe Lr is the best choice.

Do you want to apply a filter or manually adjust coloring? The application can handle every detail to sharpen blurry images. For this reason, it is the best software to fix blurry photos.

Portrait presetsOrganizational tools have some errors
Super ResolutionExpensive software for removing blur than other programs
Lightroom presets 
Advanced Photo Editing tools 
Select subject automatically 
Creative control and editing precision with masking 

Adobe Photoshop – Fix Blurry Pictures in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best and pro-level image manipulation software that fixes blurry photos professionally. The application works perfectly on Windows, Mac, and iPad. The software has a fame for its industry-based image sharpening solution.

If you are an advanced or intermediate user, the software is the best choice for you. You can achieve your resulting images without any difficulties because it has numerous effective tools. Want to create an artistic image using various raster graphics? With Photoshop, you can do this easily and perfectly.

Neural FiltersNot for beginners
Sharpening ToolsComplicated interface
Advanced Retouching ToolsCosts high for a monthly subscription
Support all file formats 
Content-Aware Fill 
Sky Replacement 
Creative Photo Effects 
Advanced and creative photo editing tools 
Access creative cloud assets 

Fix Blurry Photos in GIMP

GIMP is an open-source and complete set of sharpening tools that offers basic image editing and color correction functions. The application is suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, GIMP is a free-to-use program with amazing image composition and editing solutions.

When you use masks and layers, you can get the same feel as using Adobe Photoshop. From basic image editing to complex, GIMP supports you with different editing solutions along with fixing the blurred details.

90+ pluginsWeak performance than other programs
Customizable InterfaceA complex interface requires time to learn
Offer Photo Enhancement 
Offer different animations 
Creative Digital Retouching 
Offer different painting tools 
Support different file formats 
Support advanced Manipulation 
Powerful Gradient editor and blend tool 

How to Fix Blurry Pictures Online?

Many photographers don’t have an idea how to fix blurry pictures online. And they sometimes delete their unique images. But using the best online software, you can solve these issues easily.

Do you want to make a blurry picture clear online for free? Follow the next section, where we highlight awesome online photo applications.



Lunapic is a free photo editor that fixes blurry photos online. The editor is suitable for the newbie or social media fans. With Lunapic you can create a beautiful collage.

You can access this software on different devices including macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Simple interfaceTime-consuming
Creative animation effectsNot for professional use
Offer different editing toolsHas issues when dealing with multiple images
Offer awesome filters and effects 
Supportive file format JPG, PNG, PSD image format, and PDF 



Fotor is the best online photo enhancer that helps to increase photo quality instantly and easily. You can enhance colors, reduce blur and increase sharpness by highlighting your subject’s focus. Also, you need no prior editing knowledge to handle this online editor.

However, the software can automatically detect and correct lighting and improve every detail that is essential to fix blurry photos.

Portrait Touch-upNot a pro-level photo editor
Advanced beauty featuresHas PC’s speed loading issue
Offer 1000+ design templatesGreat for photos not for design
Advanced HDR Tech is available 
Exclusive photo effects with adjustments 



It is an AI-based image enhancer that offers exciting editing features. If you want to create stunning images for your project, you can use this tool. Vanceai is best for fixing motion blur when you want to restore real details.

However, to unblur an image with Vanceai, you just need to drag and drop your images. Isn’t pretty cool? Also, it corrects missing focus and polishes the images perfectly.

Fix motion blurHas restrictions on the free version
Best for image restoration 
Offer background remover option 
Highly functional AI-based technology 



The best photo sharper online tool with amazing image editing functions. You can easily change saturation, invert colors, and brighten your images. The simple user interface is suitable for all users. Also, you can set the strength of the sharper to get the preferable one.

Repair old, blurry, and scratched photosNot for professional purposes
Enhancer features clear vintage and old camera photosHas image sharper features lackings
Enlarge feature upscaling any image without losing detail and qualityNot suitable for getting quality images



AVCLabs is the AI image enhancer that increases the resolution of your photos and enhances the quality. With this online editor, you can get awesome filters and effects. The “Face Refinement” feature helps to retouch portraits automatically.

However, to get a suitable background for your image, you can choose AVCLabs.

Simple InterfaceTime-consuming
Sharp improvementUpscale low-quality photos
No need any advanced knowledge to useLack of photo editing features
Remove unwanted objects and blur 
Colorize old, black and white photos 

Hire professionals to enhance your photos

A sharp and quality picture is the most powerful tool for communication by grabbing viewers’ attention. But a blurry image can destroy the actual meaning of your photos. And you may think about how to enhance a blurry photo.

Good thing we live in a digital age. To make blurry photos clear, you can use different apps or software. But we know that sharpening blurry images and giving a real look need a professional touch.

Do you want to retouch or enhance your photos for eCommerce stores/ digital marketing platforms/ personal uses? Then hire a professional who gives you perfect pixel solutions in time. Also, you get plenty of options because they value your requirements.

Experts edit images without losing details and increase the sharpness. Their editing photos focus on the object and highlight your point of view so that you will get a quality one.

Get Free Trial for Image Enhance Services


What are well-known blur effects in a photo?

The bokeh effect is known for its aesthetic quality and magical-mysterious-wonder light effect. But the effects priority depends on images objectives or photography styles.

What is the best app to fix blurry pictures?

Every app has some bugs. For this reason, the app selection depends on your photo’s blurry level and complexity.

When is blur good in photography?

Blurred photography or lack of sharpness may be a good thing in some factors like

  • To remove distractions
  • To create a mood
  • Abstract photography
  • To create a sense of motion


It is crucial to accept your failures because it gives you proper reasons for your success. When you want to fix your blurry photos, try to examine the actual lackings or logic behind them.

Capturing sharp images results from practicing and knowing the details of camera settings. If you don’t know which settings you need to use, you often miss capturing beautiful moments, or the resulting image may become blurry.

We try our best by mentioning different blurry effects and tips to remove blur from photos so that you can overcome these difficulties.

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