Photo Retouching Techniques for Beginning Photographers

No matter how much we criticize Photoshop, this is quite a fact in the recent era no photography professional would ever want to publish his/her raw images without having a little touch of post-production work. The reason? Well, undoubtedly the very idea of producing the best possible product applying the knowledge of photo retouching techniques in the market works as the reason.

As the demand of professionals for these post-production works is growing high, many people are considering photo editing as the key source of earning their wages. When the situation is like this, among hundreds of techniques of Photoshop, photo retouching is a very important lesson to learn for each photoshop.

May you be an amateur photo editor or may you be a professional one if you are new to photo retouching then here are a few amazing tricks that should learn in the basic stage of learning photo retouching. These will help you a lot to retouch your images better.

Retouching Techniques – How to Retouch Photographs


Even though many believe that Photoshop has become a tool as important as a camera, we should remember that the tool is only used for enhancing or manipulating photographs, not changing them. Changes in the basics of any photograph should never be appreciated as it kills the intellectuality of the photograph in itself.

Photo Retouching Techniques Sample

To select the right image among thousands, Culling is very important. However, culling does not have any particular technique. To get the right culling open adobe bridge, navigate to the folder with images, hit the spacebar and use the arrow keys to navigate. Then hit any number between one and five to rate the image. Now hit the spacebar again and then press enter.

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Spot Healing:

Spot healing is a very basic tool for the photo editors and you cannot even imagine retouching images without this tool. For example, if you are retouching a model then s/he may have some spot or blemishes on his/her face or body. The spot removal tool is used to avoid or remove those spots.

Photo Retouching - offshore clipping path
Spot Healing Brush Tool

The very simple option of Photoshop, spot healing tool, would help you to get the spots removed from your images. Every photo editor should learn to use this tool as early as possible. Here, how to use the healing brush tool in photoshop

Frequency adjustment:

With this option, you can actually adjust the skin texture of your images. In a few images, the skin texture of your model/s may be too sharpened or too blurrish. You can fix this issue with this simple option of Photoshop.

Frequency adjustment

Frequency adjustment filter actually helps you to get either blurrish or sharper layers on Photoshop. When you merge the filters together, you get a perfectly adjusted skin tone of your images without losing skin tone or actual skin condition.

Dodge and burn:

Dodge and burn is an easy technique of playing with brightness and darkness. You can simply increase and decrease the amount of brightness and darkness with the tool. Even though it sounds very simple but the technique can really contribute a lot to enhance your images and to make it look way better.

You should be very careful when you add this effect on your images because it can ruin your images if you overdo it by any chance.

Dodge and burn

Eye retouching:

It is quite impossible to have images without models when you are working in the photography industry. In the case of model retouching, eye retouching is a must in most of the cases.

Eye bag removal, playing with eye color and shadow are some of the skills that you may miss at times but these skills can improve your images a lot. Even, this technique will be required in almost every image that needs beauty retouching.


Toning will definitely not add mentionable changes to your images. However, this is a very important skill to learn as this can make a lot of changes in how audiences feel about the image.

With toning, you can change the color of your images. This would help you to get a color filter on your images. It may sound very easy but trust me this skill is required to turn any image into a great one.


After watching the headline you may be thinking that what is in resizing an image? You might think this is a very basic skill and every photographer or photo editor knows it. However, the fact is that knowing this skill is as important as knowing the color changing or any other option of Photoshop and you cannot undermine this part. With this option, you can simply get what you want in your image and drop the other excessive parts. It is essential for any image to have what it needs in it and to leave other things.

Resizing Example

I hope the article was helpful to you. It has been written with the motive of giving you a basic idea of the things you should focus on when you start learning photo retouching. Photo retouching is a massive sector and learner-editors mostly get lost in what to learn initially and what to leave for the future. After reading the article, you should understand what to look forward to.

I believe knowledge is about sharing. If the article was helpful for you then please share this with your fellow photography professionals so that they can help too. Keep an eye on to read further.

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