How to Remove Watermark from Photo- Best Ways and Guide

Nowadays digital era is so visual-focused and the importance of images is increasing. So, intentionally everyone tries to keep their own images as their own property by using watermarks, isn’t true?

Often we have seen many website owners and publishers using copyright protected images by removing watermarks. We know that it’s not ethical. Using copyright protected images on the internet and modifying them (or even using them) without paying royalties is a BIG NO.

We think about users who are searching for watermarks, so as a researcher we can provide information about removing watermarks, but for those who do this, it’s their own responsibility.

If you have a watermark on your image, which is frustrating and inconvenient for you, then this article is showing you something great. You can remove watermarks from images with the help of several tools; however, the best way to erase watermarks from an image is using an online tool in just a few steps.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to remove watermark from photos.

Without further ado- let’s dive right in.

What is a watermark in the photo?

What is a watermark in the photo?
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Watermarks are translucent signs to signify a brand’s copyright. It can be text, logo, icon and be placed on papers, photographs, or documents to indicate the brand.

Generally, watermarks are used on original photos to prevent arbitrary usage. When a photo gets a watermark embedded on it, such photos are not easily usable here and there, require the permission of the concerned authority.

What is an image watermark removing?

As the name suggests, it is removing a watermark from an image. However, this is not only limited to watermarks. It can be any texts, logos, stamps, icons, or badges that are printed on digital images.

Types of watermarks in images

Nowadays, the type of watermark that is fixated on online images is called a digital watermark. Such watermarks have several types considering their purposes. Here those are-


As the name suggests, watermarks on photos are visible. It can be a logo, text, or any sign. Such a watermark can easily be spotted because of its high level of opacity.


It is steganography type watermarking. In bare eyes, such watermarking may not be visible, but they are kept subtly hidden in the image. This is achieved through algorithms or coding.


A type of watermark the content of which is detectable and can be modified by anyone through algorithms.


A more secure way for secure and authentic watermarking. Such markings can’t be duplicated, changed, or removed.


This is a sensitive type of watermark. It gets removed when the images are edited, resized, or changed. Fragile watermarking is used for detecting tampers and ensuring authenticity.


Semi-fragile can save the day from the complete disappearance of a watermark. Such markings ensure authenticity as well. Images that have semi-fragile watermarks don’t get tampered with easily.


Watermarks that don’t get destroyed under general editing or geometric working are called robust watermarks. Such watermarking is the perfect one for having full control of copyright.


It is also called a lossless or reversible watermark that works like encryption. Images having such a watermark can be deleted with access, just like a password.

Data Watermark

Sometimes, information can be embedded in the data by algorithms; these are known as data watermarks. This helps uncover the data source or tempers.

Are Removing Watermarks Legal?

Are Removing Watermarks Legal

Images with watermarks are like emblems of the owners. So, it is not legally allowed. In section 1202 (b) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), it is said-

“No person shall, without the authority of the copyright owner or the law—intentionally remove or alter any copyright management information.”

But under the following circumstances removing watermarking is allowed-

  • If you are the owner
  • If you have the permission
  • You have the legally justifiable reason
  • If watermarking an image is right/wrong seems vague

When should you use image watermarking?

Watermarking helps prevent images from unauthorized use. So when photographers want to protect their unique pieces- they need to watermark their photos.

There are different types of watermarks- with an imprinted watermark on images, photographers can track where their images are being used.

So, if anyone wants their images to stay protected, they should use watermarking.

Now the question is where to place watermarks in the image? Generally, a watermark is positioned at the right corner of the bottom part.

DISCLAIMER: This article is purely intended for providing information; by no means it should be interpreted as an acknowledgment of the illicit use of removing watermarks. Infringement of the DMCA law may cost a fine of $2500 to $25000.

Best ways to remove watermarks from photos

Commercial images have to be free from distractions and unwanted elements, signs or texts. So, when you need to remove those, under the following ways, you can do so-

  • Online platforms
  • Software
  • Mobile application
  • Professional service

Remove watermark from photos online for free

These are some of the free watermark removers online that are worth giving a shot. There is no guarantee of doing the job precisely, but the watermark will be removed to a moderate extent. is a web application. It has a simple and user-friendly interface- easy for any user. Watermark or any other undesired objects- get those removed with this web-based platform. Within just a few seconds, you will be able to see the output.


  • Has a wide range of editing
  • Both paid and free versions are available
  • Allows importing any resolution image
  • Pro version allows the export of unlimited resolution and plugin integration
  • It doesn’t store any data; images get deleted right after the processing is done
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Smooth results for post-productionFree version image resolution limited to 720p
Unlimited image editing for freeWatermark removing isn’t accurate always

Pricing: Free

The pro version is available on a monthly and yearly basis. You can pay monthly $5 or yearly $48.



Another quick online watermark eraser is apowersoft, which can be addressed as a cross-platform editor. With a user-friendly interface, it has managed to help a lot of users to have distraction-free images according to their needs under a wide range of editing.


  • A professional-grade web tool
  • Privacy ensured platform
  • No need to download
  • Removes watermark from images, videos
  • Highlights the necessary parts
  • Pro-version has a handful of features enabled
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Can eliminate logos, icons, signs, etcWorking process isn’t smooth
Ensures image and video qualityWatermarks don’t go away completely
 Requires users login access to do the job

Pricing: Free

Apowersofter unlimited costs $59.95/year.



Inpaint is the name of another watermark remover online. It, too, works fast on extracting watermarks or unwanted objects from the images. It allows almost every type of post-production work, from repairing old images to retouching new images.


  • Available on Windows and Mac
  • Digital retouching, flaws removal
  • Erase watermarks, logos, texts
  • Repair old photos
  • Allows batch processing
  • Allows any size files
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Perfect for those who have minimum technical skillsObjects get distorted
It does a pretty good job on everything other than the subject in focus.High-quality images download requires purchasing

Pricing: Free

Inpaing has a “Pay as you go” option available. Apart from that, the desktop version will cost $19.99.



Imagekits is an intelligent online platform. It provides a complete and fresh look of images. If you want to remove any unwanted objects, defects, scratches, or delete watermarks, texts, stamps- it can be your way to go tool.


  • AI-powered smart features
  • Photo editing and retouching
  • Background Removal, Image cutout
  • Change or replace color
  • Unwanted objects, watermark removal
  • Photo repair and restore
  • Image sharpen, defogging
  • Cartoon, painting, and sketch creation
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Easy to useVital objects in images get erased
Online upload and work 
Allows various editing 

Pricing: Imagekits monthly charges $8.99. However, it has another pricing structure per image at $0.5.

Best software to remove watermarks from photos

There is no separate software that will only remove watermarks, but the existing photo editing software on the market is pretty good enough to do the job.

Here’s a list of premium & free software to remove watermark from photos-

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop watermark

This is a widely-used professional standard and industry-grade photo editing software. Creating posts, banners, websites, editing images, deleting flaws, removing watermarks, or making transformations- it got you covered.


  • AI-powered features
  • Neural filters
  • Sky replacements
  • Version History
  • Live shapes
  • Retouch and remix
  • Photo effects
What we loveWhat we don’t love
A all-purpose softwareNot a comfortable choice for beginners or busy businessmen
Unmatched editing feature 
Every update brings something new 

Pricing: Per month pricing starts at $20.99.

GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program

GIMP is an open-source and powerful software for different editing including watermark removal. Its workings are similar to photoshop. With a wide range of tools, features, functionalities, and plug-ins, it allows advanced-level manipulation works.


  • Customizable user interface
  • Compatible with other software
  • Photo enhancement
  • Digital retouching options
  • Has graphic designing features
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Has an intuitive UILimitations in layers
Numerous features for no costDownloading time is slow
Allows different file formats 

Pricing: This is free software.

Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar remove watermarks

This is a stand-alone photo editing tool that can be used for removing watermarks from photos. Now with the new AI-powered features, it allows editing, manipulating, and bringing out creative results fantastically.


  • AI themed workings
  • Seamless editing with lightroom
  • User-friendly interface
  • Adjustable workflow
  • Plugin hosting
  • Batch processing
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Allows almost any type of editingSome features function slow
Supports different files 
Quick access to tools 
AI features work awesome 

Pricing: The price is $79; however, it’s often discounted.

iMyFone MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo

This is another AI featured watermark remover. This software automatically detects watermarks and works accordingly. So, you get to eliminate any undesired objects with simple clicks and get good results.


  • AI algorithmic technology
  • Auto watermark detection
  • Add/ remove mark, logo, sign
  • Recovers lost color
  • Batch removal process
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Easy to useBig sized objects removing process isn’t that much convincing
Allows bulk removingAI features need improvements
Removes objects, marks, stamps, signs, emojis, and so on 
Works both on images and videos 

Pricing: Free/Paid

It has both free and paid versions available. You can buy it on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis.

Wondershare Fotophire

Wondershare Fotophire

This is another software with multifaceted user-friendly features. Editing, removing background, adding texts, filters, images, deleting objects, or changing anything- this software can be your pick.


  • Editing, cluttering, erasing
  • Removing watermark, date, stamps
  • Restore old photos
  • Customized brush size
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Different types of editingTrial version images contain watermarks
Allows viewers to compare the edited and unedited versions 
Money back guarantee 


It allows a free trial version for 7 days. A yearly subscription costs $49.99, and a lifetime license costs $79.99.

Softorbits photo stamp remover

This software is an aid in your search for the best watermark removers. Starting from wires or stamps to people or buildings- it can remove anything. The process will fill up the removed space with surrounding pixels and thus make the image look natural.


  • Has algorithm for watermarks removal
  • Has separate tools and brushes to remove tiny spots or objects
  • Enhance photo quality
  • Rids tattoos, shadows from images
  • Supports different file formats
What we loveWhat we don’t love
User-friendly interfaceRemoving watermarks isn’t flawless
Has several removing optionsCan’t work on layers
Allows batch processing 

Pricing: It has pricing options available in 3 categories- monthly, annual and lifetime.

Erase Watermarks from Images on Mobile Application

Erase Watermarks from Images on Mobile Application

These are the best watermark remover app free for mobile. Though, some have paid versions that allow more extensive features to access.

Superimpose Background Eraser

Though it’s a background removing app, it does a lot. Backgrounds having text, logos, or other marks can be deleted with this app for keeping it transparent or changed with the presets as well.


  • Erase or eliminate distractions
  • Restore the area you needed
  • Has auto removal tool
  • Has many effects to apply
  • Can reverse, crop, and do more
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Effective featuresSecurity issue is reported
Control over color, saturation, temperature etc 
Zoom to the tiniest detail 

Pricing: Pro version cost $9.99 per year.

Use this app: App Store

TAPUNIVERSE Watermark remover

This is another app that can be used to remove watermarks from images online. Not only watermarks or objects, but it can also remove blemishes from portrait images.


  • Eraser tool, Lasso tool to remove watermarks from pictures
  • Has magnifying feature to work in-depth
  • Flexible Zoom in and out around the photo
  • Edited images can be exported in iCloud, iMessage, email
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Watermark removal is easyEdited images come out blurry

Price: This app is free of cost, but the watermark remover is an in-app purchase system that costs $3.99.

Use this app: App Store

BG.Studio – Remove Unwanted Object

Erase object, person, sticker, or anything with this app within seconds. Once you select the object, it will be marked red, and you wait- the process will be done automatically.


  • Removes objects like wires, lines,
  • Restore breaks and scratches
  • Good to go for portrait edit
  • Removes stickers, texts, captions
What we loveWhat we don’t love
User-friendly featuresRemoves necessary parts
Easy to useParallel lines pop up out of nowhere
 Unwanted objects aren’t deleted completely

Price: This is a free-of-cost app.

Use this app: Google Play Store

Remove Watermark, Cast to tv studio

It’s a simple erasing tool that works for both photos and videos. You get clean pictures by removing any watermarks, logos through this app. Also, this app allows you to retouch images.


  • Has AI-powered recognition technology
  • Works fast; with a touch- the unwanted object will vanish instantly
  • Removes messy and distracting elements
  • Restores scratch, uneven spots
  • Zoom functionality
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Supports mp4 like familiar video formatsMark removing isn’t smooth
Brush size adjustmentsVideo support is limited to 2 minutes

Price: This is a free app as well with in-app purchases.

Use this app: Google Play Store

WATER INC Remove Watermark

This is another watermark remover tool that works both on images and videos. You can do vice-versa as well. What’s more- this app permits you to suppress your watermark, mostly convenient on alpha-blend watermarks.


  • Animate watermarks
  • Video quality improvement
  • Allows adding different fonts
  • Allows prefabricating logos
  • Mainly allows MP4 videos
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Easy navigationHaving ads during work is irritating
Unlike some apps, it works offlineMarks aren’t removed, just hidden

Price: This app has in-app purchases options.

Use this app: Google Play Store

Pixel Retouch Object Remover

This app is also useful to eliminate objects, stamps, signs and improve the pictures. It has a unique photo stamp remover tool for deleting date stamps.


  • Has a wide range of tools for fast processing
  • Face editing with Lunapic photo editor
  • Remove filters from pictures
  • Eliminates unwanted marks
  • Fix uneven spots and imperfections
What we loveWhat we don’t love
Works really fastPhone screen turns black at times
Removing the object doesn’t affect imagesApp instability is reported

Price: This is a free app.

Use this app: Google Play Store

Get Watermark Removal Service From Professionals

Removing watermarks is a complicated process. To have quality and distraction-free images, any marks need removal. At Offshore Clipping, our professionals remove watermarks through photoshop.

Our photo editing experts work in a way that removes any mark with pinpoint accuracy. They extract the exact pixel and replace it with necessary adjustments. The end results will look natural like there weren’t any marks in the first place.

Get a free trial to remove watermarks from photos


How to remove watermark from photos easily?

Using web-based platforms, software, apps are so far the best solution to remove any marks, signs, or logos from images.

Can you remove watermarks from photos for free?

There’s hardly any tool that will completely get you accurate results for free. But, they do a good job of eliminating some of the marks that images have.

Is removing the watermark possible?

Removing watermarks is possible. Deleting the correct pixels that contain the watermark, it can be done.

Are watermarks hard to remove?

Yes, it’s a sensitive and intriguing type of work. It requires practice or professional guidance to do the job effectively.


That concludes our journey of the best watermark remover process. Hope, you have found the solution you have been looking for by now.

If you are to test how the watermark removers work- you can try the free versions, but if there’s a commercial purpose involved, let professionals handle the work.

Ruzel Hasan
Ruzel Hasan

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