Photo Cutout Services – The Best Place To Cut Out Object From A Picture

It’s about my niece.

Recently, she has become a die-hard fan of a pop band. She collects photo cards and other items with printed images of them. Her collection has figurines lookalike of that band, known as a cutout. Sounds interesting! (I mean the work cut out).

It’s about one industry; there are a lot of industries that require cutout work. Having a distinguished level of charm has led professionals of different fields to seek photo cutout services.

Let’s know what this work is from an industrial perspective.

What is Photo Cut Out?

Photo cutout (also known as deep etched) is a post-production technique that separates the main subject by cutting out the image from its background to enhance the image’s appearance. Also, offer a transparent and white background that fits well on different eCommerce platforms.

The perks of cutout images are –

However, photo cutout services are used for versatile contexts like fashion, advertising, and product promotion. A product can increase marketability and highlight its eye-catching and unique features with quality photos.

Now, it’s time to know the Photo cutout complexity level with relevant product items.

Types of Photo Cutout

All cutouts look the same, but the main difference lies in the substantive skill and photo editing difficulty level. So, we have divided photo cut out works into these 4 categories –

  • Simple Image Cutout
  • Medium Image Cutout
  • Complex Image Cutout
  • Super Complex Product Image Cutout

Let’s know in detail how they differ.

Simple Image Cutout

Simple Image Cutout

The simple image cutout process is when you deal with curvy products with a hole like shoes, ring, watch, headphones, sunglasses, wallets, isolated clothes or apparel (not worn), dress materials, etc.

In this photo editing process, the number of anchor points of the trail and path numbers is smaller than others. For this reason, images don’t require much time to edit.

Medium Image Cutout

Medium Image Cutout

Images of products with more curves and anchor factors require more effort and caution than simple ones, called medium image cutouts. Product images such as bags, bracelets, shoes, motor parts, models, fashion items like fabrics on a mannequin, etc., contain a few embedded transparencies.

However, medium complexity can also represent advanced background removal or subject selection tasks.

Complex Image Cutout

Complex Image Cutout

Some product images have complex curves, geometric shapes, and holes/embedded transparency inside. Working on these images like bicycles, jewelry, kitchenware & kitchen appliances, bouquet, etc, requires undivided attention and experts to complete these complex cutouts.

Sometimes, expert designers must deal with strange shape colors to mark and cut the subjects. For this reason, it requires time to deal with.

Super Complex Product Image Cutout

Super Complex Product Image Cutout

Some product images with intricate details and difficulties in shape or curves require carving from both inside and outside. Those are categorized as super complex cutouts, such as vertical and horizontal zigzag designs, bicycles, group photos with flying hair, decorative chair, etc.

However, cutting images of such double hole and fence products requires utmost precision with high-end photo editing ability.

Now the question is,

Who Needs to Cut Out Objects from Pictures?

Though most industries nowadays need professional image editing services, not all seek image cut-out services. These are the platforms where this service is mostly needed –

Ecommerce Businesses

Nowadays, every product is available online. And quality images are the first fighters in the online battle. For this reason, it is said that the clearer the message you deliver with your image, the more clients will reciprocate. And this is a must for eCommerce products photography.

However, full-fledged image processing support can help you achieve that because consumers do not get the chance to touch the products. Only the engaging item pictures are the way to reach and convince them.

So, great product details and tuned-up can convert the one-time buying situation into a permanent one by achieving their trust. And you can earn better revenue because clients will understand your product details, have their confusion cleared, and go for ordering.
Online Stores

Successful product sales on online stores mostly depend on images. There’s no option for us to know that store’s product other than their images. But that doesn’t mean a store must have piled-up photos on its website; that would be terrible.

Suppose you want to sell jewelry online and need an online store. Also, you need to upload good images of the product that shows every detail of the jewelry. Then, cut out the jewelry image from its main background so you can get a transparent or white one that allows you to upload flexibility on different online stores.

Also, to be a leader in your industry, a better brand image speaks a lot because it is presented after editing the flaws.

Advertising Industry

The Advertising Industry knows the importance of cutout images to the core. Every company vies after the gradually soaring eCommerce platforms. As a result, there’s hardly any room for marketers who aren’t conscious of their images.

And the most crucial factor is: who doesn’t want higher leads? Random images are never suitable for advertising if you want to show sincerity.

For this, you require premium quality images for promotional activities. Properly crafted images represent brands’ professionalism alongside displaying the products. So, advertising companies pay heed to post-processing.

Fashion Business

Using photo cutout services is common in the apparel industry. Products like jewelry, shoes, etc., have different appeals, which may be visible with no background, plain background with or without a model, or daily life usage. These all depend on the purpose, though.

In most cases, clothing brands prefer to showcase their offers with models and where background removal comes in. Suppose you use a dummy to take photos; their Ghost mannequin is vital. Also, the cloth colors need editing because taking pictures of every possible situation is impossible.

Therefore, the fashion industry takes image cutout services to highlight the product’s focal point.

Benefits of Image Cutout

Cutting out product photos hones the features of your products that make them compatible with the eCommerce world. Without further ado, let’s explore the benefits below:

Offer a Visual Impact

Visuals deeply affect individuals where pixel-perfect product images can play a vital role. With the cutout services, you can show every detail like colors, texture, shape, etc., that suits your product. Also, these legitimate patterns and eye-catchy looks can increase your overall sales.

Builds Usability

Most of the images in raw form look unstructured or may have flaws or unwanted backgrounds. But these images can not meet the audience’s satisfaction or trustworthiness that convert them to buy. At this point, professional image Cut Out service is vital in giving an attractive look.

Reduce File Size

In the eCommerce marketplace, the smaller image file sizes ensure higher loading speed. That gives your online store websites a good SERP (Search engine ranking position). Cut-out pictures help you to isolate the main subject and provide a good customer care experience. Also, you can upload it over different platforms.

Highlight the Focal Point

When promoting your products or services, you must highlight the right message to your customer. In that way, you can easily grab their attention towards your services. And here, the cutout process helps you remove extensions from photos and express the actual goal.

Erect Unwanted Flaws

No matter how professional a photographer is, mistakes can happen without their concern. But these flawed images are unsuitable for online stores because viewers distract from these images. For this reason, you need cutout services that remove unwanted objects to enhance the quality of such images.

Transparent Background

You may notice that most eCommerce platforms prefer transparent background or a neutral one to showcase their products. The main purpose is to enhance the user experience without any distractions. And people rely on those products that represent clarity and remove visual obstacles or clutter.

Attractive & Fine-tunned Images

Quality and pixel-perfect product photos are crucial to the online marketplace. People won’t be able to touch the item. For this reason, you must represent your product’s core details via photos. With image cutout service, images get a professional and beautiful look.

Best ways to cut out an image

In general, taking services for photo cutout is quite common among professional photographers, eCommerce business owners, and e-business marketers. Because image cutout work isolates the object in focus and prepares it to use, thus, they can easily place their product images on different backgrounds as they need.

Check out the three best ways to cut out pictures below:

With the assistance of cut out photo editor?

You might hear that creative and uncluttered graphics have a greater power to influence individuals. You may be wondering why that makes sense? Well, a high-quality product photo emphasizes consumers and converts them into buying.

For this, Photoshop is one of the popular software that most of the
eCommerce image editing service providers prefer. It offers versatile features, from the picture’s size to the shape and removal of unwanted objects.

However, to highlight the core details of products and fulfill consumer demands, professionals pay attention to the look, texture, structure, etc. Not only that, you get your products’ perfect and enticing look within time.

Get Free Trial for Image Cutout Services

Using a photo cut out tool like Photoshop

There are several tools in photoshop that allow us to cut an object or particular part from an image. These tools are not that tough to use. The basics of the image cut out process is to make a selection. No matter what tool you’re using, you’ll have to mark the area that you want to cut, just like cutting subjects from the images in real life.

So, these tools will help you to select the subject of the image that you want to cut out. Here we go –

  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Object Selection Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool
  • Pen Tool

Have a look at how these tools work!

1. Quick Selection:

Quick Selection is probably the fastest way to select an object. You just need to take the tool from the toolbar and click on Select Subject from the top menu. This will automatically select the subject in your image. After the selection you might need some basic corrections. That’s it!

Photoshop Quick Selection

2. Object Selection:

Object Selection tool can select objects automatically too. You don’t need to select the subject directly. Just draw a shape around the object, and it’ll select the object that’s inside the shape. Like the Quick Selection tool, you might need to do some minor corrections here too.

Object Selection

3. Magic Wand:

Magic Wand, which is also called a tragic tool, reads the color and tone of an image. So it’ll work best on the images which have different color tones on the subject and background. As it won’t even read the pixels, you’ll have to set the sensitivity of the tool so that the tool picks the right color and tone.

Magic Wand

4. Pen Tool:

Now Pen Tool is the manual one. You can draw lines around your subject. The benefit of this tool is that you don’t need to rely on the software. You can perfectly make the selection the way you want. Pen tool works by creating anchor points.

Pen Tool

Check the photo cut out the tutorial on how to cut out an object fAST in Adobe Photoshop

Try cutout photos online

Cutting out the images is a cool way to control the aesthetics of product photos. If you want to create one, you can try online photo cut-out tools like:

  • Online Background Eraser
  • Remove BG
  • Online Image Editor, etc.

Undoubtedly, these background remover online tools are more convenient to separate objects. Anyone can access these tools without having prior knowledge. But remember, edge-perfect solutions always require a professional touch.

Note: Free versions have some limitations on updated tools, file size, and many more.

Difference Between Automated and Professional Image Cutout

We know that quality photos alone can express the details that users like most. Some prefer photo cutout apps or automated cutout image background tools.

But in the competitive marketplace, you need creative and experienced solutions that fulfill users’ demands.

Want to explore which one would work best for you? Below we mention some key points about automated vs. professional cutout.


  • The process requires different AI platforms like photo cutout editors or apps to perform image cutout.
  • Take time to edit the bulk of images at a time and serve inaccurate results.
  • Don’t need prior experience to handle it.
  • Have some quality and tools features issues and cannot fulfill all requirements.
  • Sometimes offer clutter and low-quality images that need professional edits.


  • Experts & professionals are linked to the outline creation task.
  • Offer detailed & eCommerce-friendly images.
  • Require a professional and creative mind to fulfill consumer demands.
  • Carefully deal with a large number of images within the given time.
  • Offer realistic images with transparent, white background and media-friendly image file size.

Why is Professional Photo Cutout Important?

From startups to large enterprises, images’ significance is increasing daily. If you pay attention to social platforms like Instagram or eCommerce platforms like Amazon, you get examples of images’ popularity.

Let’s look at some important factors why you rely on professional photo cutting services below:

Realistic images without flaws – professionals highlight the business message in the best possible way by enhancing the main subject.

Flexible & sale-oriented solution – From product catalogs to billboards or brand recognization, everyone prefers professional touch to achieve their goal.

Expert in photo editing technology – professional cutout images require the latest photo editing tools like Photoshop to give an eye-catchy look.

However, over 63% of online shoppers value high-quality product images more than “product-specific information, descriptions, or even reviews.” That emphasizes the importance of professional photo editing, where the cutout process plays a vital role.

Outsource the best photo cut out service from Offshore Clipping

Everyone demands high-end outsourcing photo cutout services (i.e., small business owners to multinational companies) to get quality images. But it’s time-consuming to get a specialist outsourcing company that offers all types of photo editing solutions.

Offshore Clipping has been providing outstanding and transparent clipping path services along with cutout solutions globally. With our flexible photo retouching solutions and professional in-house team, we deal with every complexity level.

However, we have fame for working with photographers and businesses like online shops, advertising companies, art directors, studio owners, product marketing, etc. That means we have experience in what you need to build credibility in the competitive marketplace.

Let’s look at why do you rely on our clipping path and photo editing services!

Reasons for choosing us:

In Offshore Clipping, we take care of your requirements and assure you of quality market strategies with product images.

We gain popularity all over the world as the best photo retouching service provider because –

We are an Experienced Image Cut Out Agency:

Our well-experienced and updated tech team can handle all types of photo editing services. We maintain efficiency and perfection regardless of the quantity or complex task you offer.

Transparent Pricing and Discount

Do you start your business with a fixed budget? We deal with small to big companies with flexible pricing and ensure a good ROI. Make your dream true together!

Your Privacy is Secured

Trust and assurance are the key things that we follow. And our host system protects all our client photo files using stringent protocols for data security. We are fully committed to serving you 100% data secure and confidential service.

Get Top-notch Cut Out Service

Our professional graphic designers always use the newest processing tech and image editing tools to fulfill all eCommerce requirements. Our revision flexibilities and expertise meet your expectation at any cost.

Fast Delivery and Turnaround

Outsourcing photo cutout services with high-end professionals always save your time and money. We ensure a quick turnaround time without compromising image quality and offer high-end photo retouching services and editing solutions (background removal, drop shadow, etc.).

Easy communication with us

Unsure how to represent your product that earns successful sales and more online visibility? With our 24/7 client support service, you can sort out all your doubt and curiosity.

Also, we offer a no-obligation Free Quote so that you can experience our working procedure before choosing our services.


Let’s quest the most demanding and common question related to photo cutout tasks below:

What is a photo cut out service?

Photo cutout service removes unwanted objects and backgrounds to make meaningful and engaging photos. The service is related to Background Removal Services.

Is It Important to Cut Out Photos For eCommerce?

Yes. Cut-out photos are important for eCommerce to highlight every edge of your products. Also, you can reduce image size and upload images on several online marketplaces.

How to Cut Out Images in Bulk Formation?

If you want to showcase your product on different eCommerce platforms, you can use photo editing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. But bulk formation takes much time, and online editors won’t be able to meet your desire level.

How much does it cost to have someone for cutting out photos?

The charging cost depends on professional and expertise levels like:

Basic Level – Some newbie graphic designers may demand $30 to $60 or more, depending on your requirements and the number of photos you need to retouch.

Advanced Level – If you hire an expert or outsource from a professional photo editing company, better to contact them to know their range depending on the complexity level.

How can I cut something out of a picture for free?

You can use the free cut-out app like YouCam Perfect, piZap, etc., which lets you easily cut a person or an object. And need no expertise to handle it.

How do I cut a shape out of a picture?

The process is pretty easy and fun when you use online shape or photo cut out tools or a free photo shape editor like Lunapic editing tools, Tuxpi shape cutout editor, etc.

What are product cut-outs?

In the eCommerce marketplace, you may notice different categories of products. A product cutout is a process of separating the subject digitally from the original photo or the background by placing it on a transparent and white background.

How do you crop an irregular shape?

You can use free online image cropper editors to crop the irregular shape. But for professional purposes, it is wise to use Photoshop.

Otherwise, you can hire a professional who can offer you advanced photo editing solutions.

How do I cut out an image?

You can use cutout tools like Photoshop to get edge-perfect solutions. Or you can hire a professional & outsourcing company to perform your work within the estimated time by fulfilling your requirements.

How do you cut out images online?

You can use automated and free cut-out image editors or apps like, Clipping Magic, Photoscissors, etc.

Final Words

In this tech civilization, digital photo editing offers market-oriented solutions per your will. From isolating the subjects to a user-experience view, every editing gets life if handover to expert hands.

With the Offshore Clipping, you can make the presentation better and more appealing along with Photoshop aesthetic editing solutions. Any business like E-commerce, photographers, publishing firms, online portals, etc., relies on our high-end service that takes care of every pixel.

Not only photo cutout services, contact us for any photo editing work. Whether for promotion, advertising, or online business- our dab hands can get your desired output, ensuring international standards.

Ruzel Hasan
Ruzel Hasan

Ruzel Hasan is a genuine polymath. He has versatile skills and is adept in post-production work, graphic designing, photo editing, file formatting, and mastering various related applications and software. In addition, he has a knack for writing, so he shares his knowledge, tips, and ideas through content within his busy schedule.

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