Top 15 Ecommerce Product Photo Editing Trends – What Type of Photography Is in Demand

When it comes to product photography, the main thing is that you need to engage your potential customers and make them consider buying your product. This doesn’t happen by itself, so there is a lot of work ahead of you before you can start to sell something.

One particular topic that has gained quite a bit of popularity recently is professional product photo editing services — simply because everyone wants the best possible image for their products and companies, even if they don’t know exactly what it looks like yet.

This article will show you 15 trendy product photo editing techniques that will help you make a positive impression on online shoppers.

Without further ado, let’s start.

What is Product Image Editing?

As the name suggests, it is photo editing for products.

To elaborate, when a product photo goes through an extensive level of editing to make it look eye-catchy, realistic, and glamorous, that is called product image editing. The work is done by photo editing software or online platforms or apps.

Photo editing covers a wide range of works like photo retouching, manipulation, color correction, shadow creation, etc.

How Important is Product Photo Editing for Ecommerce Business?

How Important is Photo Editing for Ecommerce Business?

Ecommerce product photography is all about creating quality photos for ecommerce businesses. Photography post-production work exists to make that happen.

Quality images make the product appear confident, encourage viewers to buy, and help increase online sales.

For the eCommerce store, content is important but product photography is the most important to convert viewers to customers. According to online shoppers in the USA, 75% of viewers convert to customers through clear product images.

The importance of product image editing is immense; here’s an overview of it-

Raw photos are messed up! Editing gives you a second chance to get things right.

Raw images are always neither perfect nor suitable to publish. Photo editing allows ecommerce businesses to eliminate those unwanted objects, flaws, and distractions, resize images without losing quality, and overall improve the image.

Any images arent’ optimizable for any platforms, but the edited ones are.

Professional photo editors work on necessary corrections and adjustments. Thus they help ecommerce businesses get high-quality images. Even though a quality improvement, such images can be optimized on any platform and load fast.

Want to be recognizable as a brand? Get enhanced images to do the job for you.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Editing helps ecommerce products to be obvious and deliver the right message. Clear images help elevate brands’ reputations that they care about the viewers and thus build credibility.

Don’t products look clear? Editing highlights products and their features.

To buy something, consumers like to check directly. But it’s not possible online. Hence, they cannot but help rely on images. Editing points up and clarifies products in images. Thus it fulfills the viewers’ desire to check in another way.

Professionally edited photos catch visitors’ attention and reduce product return rates.

Viewers tend to stick to ordering products that match the images. To do that, editing works like magic, making the product look real and natural. This results in an increasing number of loyal customers and product sales.

Ecommerce Product Photo Statistics by Product Category

Ecommerce Product Photo Statistics

When photo editing comes, it brings the importance of photos with it. Online shoppers mostly rely on the product image. If your product pops up before them, they will click or not depending on the images there.

Here’s some statistics to show how high-quality product photos impact a business’s selling-

  • Photo helps brands get a 65% increase in engagement.
  • While deciding, 75% of online shoppers prioritize product photos.
  • 22% of products are returned due to looking different from the images.
  • 360-degree photos can increase online visitor duration by up to 32%. Adding it to the product detail page can increase the 22% conversion rate.

Discover Top 15 eCommerce Product Photo Editing Is in Demand

Every year 30,000 new products get launched. The competition is unimaginable. To show products in their best light, professional photo editing has joined forces with photoshoots. But, there are many photo editing options available; which photo editing works the best, and which type of product photo editing is most in demand? Here, these 15 have always been demanded by every eCommerce store.

#1. Product Photo Manipulation: Convinces potential customers

Product Photo Manipulation

It is the process of combining reality with imagination to create a surreal look of a subject. Manipulation has a deep impact on viewers’ minds. It intrigues them until they find the answer.


  • Psychologically influences the viewers
  • Makes the subject charming and strong
  • Gains a positive impression from viewers
  • Convert viewers to purchase the products
  • Has a long-lasting impact than regular images
  • A creative way to describe any idea through pictures

Pro-tips: Have a plan. Also, to get a different perspective, add complementary images.

#2. High-end Retouching & Enhancing: Improves quality & keeps consistency

Photo retouching is an extensive level of photoshop work. Retouching enhances an image’s look and appeal. This is demandable work for commercial photo shoots, especially for model photoshoots.


  • Create an attractive look for the subject
  • Reduce the chance of products getting returned
  • Removes flaws to make models look professional
  • Eliminate distractions to make products look realistic
  • Encourage viewers to check up on the product and make a purchase

Pro-tip: Pay heed to the frequency separation, it allows editing in differently.

#3. Ghost mannequin: Essential in creating volume for apparel products

Ghost mannequin: Essential in creating volume for apparel products

This only applies to clothing products, creating a body-like appearance of clothing products through photoshop. It is really popular due to not making viewers compare, or the products look dull.


  • A time & cost-effective solution
  • Doesn’t distract the audience
  • Create volumes & realistic vibe
  • Offers clear, transparent body shape
  • Helps viewers visualize the cloth
  • Applicable for any type of apparel

Pro-tip: Start editing on solid color backgrounds, this will minimize distractions.

#4. Reflections & shadow: Produces visually appealing effects

Reflections & shadow: Produces visually appealing effects

Shadow creating is a non-destructive ecommerce photo edit technique. With this smart move, ecommerce product sellers make their products look real without any trouble.


  • Works as proof of realism
  • Offers realistic and creative touch
  • Turns average product photo into a lucrative one
  • Dominates the surrounding with a light shady effect
  • Highlights the product by shading or reflecting

Pro-tip: Consider the light source and refrain from overediting the product photos.

#5. Hero product image editing: Highlights important product attributes

Hero product image editing Highlights important product attributes

Hero image is the leading image for ecommerce stores. It is the first to introduce a product to the viewers. With ecommerce product image editing, you can make your hero image shine among your peers.


  • Helps position the subject accurately
  • Creates a long-lasting first impression
  • Makes the foreground appear eye-catchy
  • Follows the required image size and quality
  • Make images more appealing for viewers to click

Pro-tip: Go minimal while editing hero images, no need for excess show-off.

#6. Product package design: Helps tell your brand story

Product package design: Helps tell your brand story

Updating your product package is an interesting idea on occasion or targeting certain factor. Take Kitkat’s youtube break for example. Launching a new product or making some changes to existing on- taking ecommerce editing is perfect for getting the output.


  • Impresses customers at first glance
  • Helps attract customers’ attention
  • Shows products’ uniqueness that sparks interest
  • Extends brands’ reputation to a greater audience

Pro-tips: Stick to brand color, font, and tone while working on product packaging design.

#7. Complex clipping path: The desired object remains in focus

It’s applied to products that have complex and intricate shapes and designs, for example- chandeliers, furniture, group people, etc. By clipping, you can separate the product from its background.


  • Brings out the actual shape clean
  • Separates product image from the background
  • Makes product image available to use anywhere
  • Is available to fulfill the platform-specific requirements

Pro-tip: If you are on a commercial project, hiring ecommerce photo editing company is a better solution than DIY.

#8. Product catalog design: Adds powerful visuals to deliver a clear message

Product catalog design: Adds powerful visuals to deliver a clear message

For promotional purposes, your product image isn’t just enough. By outsourcing photo editing services for your ecommerce store, you can have a catalog to show your product feature and benefits in detail.


  • An omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Helps visually describe the products
  • Evokes viewers’ emotions to check the products
  • Encourages people to digitally communicate
  • Creates platform-specific brand awareness

Pro-tip: Depending on the campaign, purpose, and the product to be displayed, use different catalogs.

#9. Image masking: Aids to polish the product images

It’s a non-destructive graphical work to edit product photos, done through photo editing software, mainly required for images having hair, fur, or pointy edges. It allows users to control the image and how it will be shown.


  • A vital part of image manipulation
  • Allows control of editing portions
  • Isolate edges with complete precision
  • Separates images from the background
  • Selective hiding and revealing in image

Pro-tip: Keep your transparency level in check, as you can shift it from 0 to 100.

#10. Object removal & replacement: Eliminates distraction and enhances photos

Object removal & replacement: Can enhance a photo

Online shoppers can’t stand images having distracting objects occupying or looking unclear or cluttered. Hence, e-businesses, online marketers, and ecommerce store owners take service from professional product image editing to adjust.


  • Replaces unwanted objects
  • Removes objects and fills up the gap
  • Makes images clean and distraction-free
  • Makes required editing to enhance images
  • Helps glow up the product images vibe and quality

Pro-tips: For single or a couple of images, you can use online object removal platform or mobile apps. However, for professional use or bulk editing, outsource service from an ecommerce photo editing company.

#11. Color correction & matching: Tones down any color problems

Color correction & matching: Tones down any color problems

Every image has a rhythm. To make it play accurately, accurate color correction is vital. Having retro colors can help you create a vintage vibe, but for ecommerce, that’s a no-no. Ecommerce photo editing helps professionals get images that look original.


  • Lighten up the image look
  • Fix up any images problems
  • Retains hue, tine, tone, and shade
  • Neutralize incorrect color formation
  • Shows color variations of a single product

Pro-tips: Take note of viewers’ viewpoints. While highlighting the product, make sure the colors are eye-soothing and give a sense of relaxation.

#12. Packshot photo editing: Reflects the product exactly the way it looks in real

Packshot photo editing: Reflects the product exactly the way it looks in real

It is the editing of product photos where the subject is made clear, obvious, and recognizable. Such editing helps the purpose of packshot to make viewers familiar with the brand.


  • Make the viewers know the product
  • Presents the details accurately
  • Allows reading the information
  • Helps answer people’s curiosity
  • Gives a lifestyle depiction of usage

Pro-tip: Take product shots from several angles along with paying heed to the light sources.

#13. Photo Enhancement: Improves image quality with HDR effect

Photo Enhancement

This trendy photo editing can make photos stunning. Enhancement includes both visual and elemental improvement. With the HDR effect, your product photos will be invincible. To pull that off, get professional ecommerce image editing services.


  • Help recognize brands’ style
  • Helps create brand credibility
  • Encourage viewers to check products
  • Appropriate to use for multi-platform
  • Actively impacts conversions and sales

Pro-tips: While enhancing, cross-check that the images are following the correct format and size and don’t get any issues when it’s being uploaded.

#14. Crop and resize: Changes dimensions without distorting the image

Ecommerce platforms askes ecommerce sellers to follow specific images, for example, Amazon product image requirement. To follow that, your images have to be resized/cropped. An ecommerce photo editing company can get you images as you need.


  • Reframes the subject in focus
  • Ensures platform-specific images
  • Cuts unnecessary visual information
  • Doesn’t distort image quality or appeal
  • Helps follow ecommerce requirements

Pro-tips: Have split-testing before you are going to put your images on ecommerce store.

#15. Reshaping, liquifying, and fixing symmetry: Keeps your product image in focus

At times product images may end up in bad shape, not symmetrical or the shape look longer or shorter than the original image. Then you need to reshape them. This way, product images don’t get damaged and the original size is restored without any impact.


  • Puts the original shape back
  • Allows no distortion or visual issues
  • Makes the product look original
  • Retains the product’s visual appeal

Pro-tip: To keep consistency, keep image purposes in check. Adjust product image size from every angle so that it doesn’t get deformed.

Top 5 Photo Editing Tips for Ecommerce: Keep Viewers Engaged

Top 5 Photo Editing Tips for Ecommerce Keep Viewers Engaged

Which images convert the client? High-quality, professionally edited images.

At present online is the biggest platform for the promotion and marketing of any product. To take full advantage of that, you need your equipment set. Images work as the 1st armor.

Photos speak for you and represent your brand. A well-edited image delivers a clear message, shows professionalism, and tempts customers to buy your products. Such product photos help convert clients and ultimately boost sales.

Photo editing covers numerous works. But there are some tips that will help draw viewers’ attention. Here’re 5 of those tips.

Tips 1: Enliven images with high-end retouching

This is one of the surefire ways to engage viewers, especially if a model represents your product. We subconsciously eye a model, what’s s/he wearing, how s/he smiles or looks. If your images are of high quality, viewers are bound to check your products.

Tips 2: Show the product completely with 360-degree Editing

This is a creative way of showing products. Photo editors for products combine several images to create one single rotating picture. This one image shows the product from a different angle. Such photos are reported to reduce product return rates up to 50% and bring online visitors over 30%!

Tips 3: Edit out the unwanted objects from the images

You may need to remove watermarks, unnecessary objects, and cluttered backgrounds from images. These distract viewers & they will scroll down. From a professional ecommerce photo editing services provider, you get clean, clear, and distraction-free images that hook viewers.

Tips 4: Show details with infographic image editing

Do you know people love infographic images? Being easy and fast to understand, it has become one of the most popular forms of images. This single image combines data and information together to form a story. As a result, it brings out the products’ features.

Tips 5: Resize images when needed

Ecommerce platforms have specific file size limitations. You might need to resize your image in that situation, which will change the dimension of the image. In addition, cropping your image is a simple solution if you ever need to remove extra pixels from it.

Aesthetically Appealing Images From The Best Ecommerce Product Image Editing Company

Offshore Clipping is a field-proven product photo editing service company. Since its establishment in 2010, we have happily served clients from different industries. Now with a large team of 350+ Adobe Photoshop experts, our services are extended to a wide range of professionals.

So far, commercial photographers, art and studio directors, clients from e-commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), online shop owners (Bigcommerce, Shopify, etc.), and online marketers have expressed satisfaction that they chose us.

Our Product Image Editing Services

Here’s a peek at the services we offer. Need to mention that every service includes additional and relevant works that your images necessitate (but we don’t charge for that).

  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Retouching
  • Color correction
  • Ghost Mannequin
  • Drop Shadow
  • Photo Masking
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Cutout & more.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to providing the best service. To ensure that, our work ethics to policy- everything is aimed at fulfilling your purpose and keeping your smile.

Here’re the reasons why we can be the perfect product photo editor for your brand.

High-Quality Service

We offer high-quality & creative product image editing services. We understand industry needs, your requirement, and how to make things work. It’s not just working; it’s about our passion and commitment to you. We enjoy our work and love to see you are satisfied.

Affordable Pricing

Worried that editing product photos would cost you the earth? No, not at all. We’ve got a fair, affordable, and transparent pricing structure. With our interactive pricing calculator, check your project cost. Also, you get a discount for bulk orders depending on your project complexity and volume.

Fast Turnaround

Working for clients of Amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, and online marketers- we get the toughest deadlines at times. Orders are sudden, and the deadline is fast- but we don’t want to lose any deal. We challenge ourselves, and so far, we’ve pulled it off!

Access to Experts

Our product image editor team is expert and experienced. They have a proven skillset, and also we train them to ensure they can stay on the right track. They are skilled enough to offer picture-perfect images to impress viewers at first glance. They can do the same for you.

Attention to Details

With 3-step quality control, we heed every tiny detail both digitally and manually. We thoroughly check if everything’s okay, if the image looks attractive yet natural, and so on. So, when you finally receive the edited product photo, it will fit right in your purpose.

Easy to Hire

It’s simple. Feel free to contact us for any queries. We will be glad to answer. Or, if you want to check how we edit product photos for ecommerce, get hands-on experience with ‘Free Trial’ within 1 hour.


Q: What is a product photo editing service?

It’s a commercial way of offering photo editing services by professionals. This category is intended for product manufacturers, sellers, and online marketers.

Q: How long does it take to edit product photos?

Photo editing may take a couple of hours to a few days depending on the number of images and complexity.

Q: How much does photo editing cost?

Our product photo pricing starts at 0.29$. Need to mention that the type of editing your product photo requires will define the cost.

Q: Where can I edit product photos?

We welcome you to check our services. We can assure to provide you industry-grade ecommerce photo editing solution.

Bottom Line

That’s all about ecommerce product photo editing trends. Hope this article has cleared up your confusion and helped you figure out which ones should go with your product.

If you have any further queries about editing, feel free to Contact Us, we will be glad to answer.

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